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identd linux command


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in.identd [options] [kernelfile [kmemfile]]

TCP/IP command. Provide the name of the user whose process is running a specified TCP/IP connection. You may specify the kernel and its memory space.


-a ip_address

Bind to ip_address. Useful only with -b. By default, bind to the INADDR_ANY address.


Run standalone; not for use with inetd.


Allow debugging requests.


Attempt to run in the group gid. Useful only with -b.


Run as a daemon, one process per request.


Log via syslogd.


Allow multiple requests per session.


Return user IDs instead of usernames.


Do not provide a user's name or user ID if the file .noident exists in the user's home directory.


When queried for the type of operating system, always return OTHER.


Listen at port instead of the default, port 113.


Exit if no new requests have been received before seconds seconds have passed. Note that, with -i or -w, the next new request will result in identd being restarted. Default is infinity (never exit).


Attempt to run as uid. Useful only with -b.


Print version and exit.


Run as a daemon, one process for all requests.

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