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Deleting channels


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Working with brushes
Video filters
Using the paint bucket tool
Printing (Photoshop)
Managing channels (Photoshop)
Distort filters
Sketch filters
Using tool presets (Photoshop)
Using rulers, columns, the measure tool, guides, and the grid
Converting between Grayscale and Bitmap modes

Deleting channels

You may want to delete spot or alpha channels you no longer need before saving an image Complex alpha channels can substantially increase the disk space required for an image.

To delete a channel (Photoshop):

Select the channel in the Channels palette.

Do one of the following:

Alt-click ( Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS) the Trash button .

Drag the channel name in the palette to the Trash button.

Choose Delete Channel from the Channels palette menu.

Click the Trash button at the bottom of the palette. Then click Yes.

To delete a channel (ImageReady):

Choose Select > Delete Channel and choose the channel from the submenu.

Note: When deleting a channel from a file with layers, visible layers are flattened and hidden layers are discarded. This is done because removing a color channel converts the image to Multichannel mode which does not support layers.

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