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Using the palette well (Photoshop)


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Using the palette well (Photoshop)
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Using the palette well (Photoshop)

The Photoshop options bar includes a palette well that helps you organize and manage palettes. The palette well is only available when using a screen resolution greater than

800 pixels x 600 pixels (a setting of at least 1024 x 768 is recommended).

Palettes are considered hidden when stored in the palette well Clicking on the title of a palette stored in the well shows the palette until you click outside the palette.

To store palettes in the palette well:

Drag the palette s tab into the palette well so that the palette well is highlighted.

Docking a palette in the tool options bar

To use a palette in the palette well:

Click the palette s tab. The palette remains open until you click outside it or click in the palette s tab.

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