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Working with Extras


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Using the Paths palette (Photoshop)
Setting options for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean type
Converting between Grayscale and Bitmap modes
About drawing and painting
Creating and managing patterns
About image size and resolution
Printing (Photoshop)
Converting to indexed color (Photoshop)
Call Of Duty 4 Skinning Tutorial For Photoshop
Adjusting pixel selections

Working with Extras

Guides grid target paths selection edges slices image maps text bounds text baselines, text selections and annotations are nonprinting Extras that help you select move or edit images and objects. You can turn on or off an Extra or any combination of Extras without affecting the image. You can also show or hide Extras by choosing the Extras command in the View menu.

For a description of using specific Extras see Using guides and the grid on section 45

Annotating images (Photoshop) on section 50 “Making pixel selections on section 157

Using the marquee tools on section 158 “Selecting paths (Photoshop) on section 211

“Entering paragraph type on section 343 Formatting characters on section 349 Creating and viewing slices on section 368 and “Creating and viewing image maps (ImageReady)” on section 383

To show Extras:

Choose View > Extras A check mark appears next to all shown Extras in the Show submenu.

Note: Choosing Extras also shows color samplers, even though color samplers are not an option in the Show submenu.

To hide Extras:

With Extras showing choose View > Extras A dot ( Windows) or a dash (Mac OS) appears next to all hidden Extras in the Show submenu.

Note: Hiding only suppresses the display of Extras. It does not turn off these options.

To show one Extra from a list of hidden Extras:

Choose View > Show and choose an Extra from the submenu Choosing one of the hidden

Extras will cause it to show and turn off all other Extras.

To turn on and off a group of Extras:

Choose View > Show > All to turn on and show all available Extras Choose View > Show > None to turn off all Extras.

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