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Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Testing in Visual Studio 2005
Introduction: Understanding Application Life-Cycle Pain Points


Company Overview: Global Leader in Business Technology Optimization (BTO) Mercury Interactive is the global leader in Business Technology Optimization (BTO). Our BTO offerings provide the only integrated product portfolio for IT governance, application delivery, and application management. Our new Mercury Optimization Centers represent the industry's first BTO offerings that enable companies to implement BTO within key functional areas of IT, with the power to scale into an enterprise wide BTO approach over time. More than 30,000 customers worldwide rely on Mercury Interactive to govern, deliver, and manage the business of IT. Our strong industry position is built on a history of innovation and leadership, as well as long-standing relationships with leading technology and solution partners including Accenture, BEA Systems, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, and Siebel.


Mercury will offer integration with Visual Studio 2005 Team System to:

share testing assets such as unit tests, functional and load tests in both development and quality assurance through integrations with Mercury Quality Center™ and Mercury Performance Center™;

collaborate on the diagnosis and resolution of application defects, performance bottlenecks and scalability problems across the entire application lifecycle using Mercury Diagnostics™; and

provide full visibility of the application testing process through the Mercury Application Delivery Dashboard™.

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