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SUBIECTUL I- 15 puncte

I.            Decide which answer (A,B,C or D) best fits each space.

Breakfast is one of those (1).. that varies from person to person, and country to country. For some (2).. it means a (3).. of toast and some coffee. In various places I've also been offered (4).. or fruit. (5).. executives might eat breakfast at the (6). while for many schoolchildren breakfast is a (7).. of milk at home, and then a long wait (8).. the first break of the morning , when they eat (9).. or (10).. chocolate bar. Some families sit down and eat together (11).. the morning, and listen to (12).. news on the radio or (13).. early morning television. For other people, the early morning is a rush (14) or school, and there just simply isn't (15).. .

1) A times B meals C foods D plates

2) A people B persons C breakfasts D us

3) A sheet B loaf C slice D sandwich

4) A a cheese B the cheese C cheese D cheeses

5) A Business B A business C Business's D Businessmen

6) A train B street C morning D office

7) A glass B piece C warm D box

8) A to B is C until D which

9) A sandwich B the sandwich C a sandwiches D sandwiches

10) A a B some C a piece D a glass of

11) A for B in C at D while

12) A a B what C some D the

13) A look B watch C see D regard

14) A to B from C at D and

15) A there B it C enough D time

SUBIECTUL II - 20 puncte

Find the unnecessary word in each line and write it in the space provided on the right. Some lines are correct. Indicate these lines with a tick (√ )


The London underground has been much in the news recently, first when 0.v

access to the line to the Millennium Dome was restricted at the opening 1..

ceremony to the Prime Minister and his entourage, and so afterwards when it 2..

became a bone of contention between candidates in an election that took the 3.

place for the post of Mayor. Despite of travellers' complaints, the fact remains 4..

that with road traffic in the city is hardly able to move, there is no better way of 5..

getting out from one place to another. The first line was opened in 1863 but the 6.

system soon grew up to be the second largest in the world, after the New York 7.

Metro. The trains ran along tunnels constructed by digging a deep trench, filling 8.

the sides with a brick and then covering it over. Perhaps the most exciting innovation 9...

10 on the underground, though, there was the first escalator, installed at Earls Court in 1911. 10.

SUBIECTUL III- 15 puncte

Use the words in capitals at the end of the lines to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.

1. Everybody that between Daisy and the Duke there was a mutual KNOW

2. feeling of . Now, Daisy could see that she had an opportunity ENEMY

3. to revenge herself by marrying off the Duke's son to the SMART

4. American . She now simply smiled at herself! How HEIR

5. if she could bring of Wokingham's son to the altar and SATISFY

6. marry him off to someone of her . It would be the equivalent CHOOSE

7. of winning the Gold Cup. Few could continue nowadays DUKE

8. without the influx of American money. The English had ARISTOCRAT

9.gone for American money in the hope of maintaining their ANCESTRY

10. homes. It was a fact that the of such large houses OWN

11. had become a worry rather than a comfort. Unless they INCREASE

12. were wilful and determined to marry off their sons to girls. WEALTH

13. Of course, some of these girls were English, fact which would DEAR

14. them to someone such as the Duke than any American girl MUCH

15. however charming and well up. BRING

SUBIECTUL IV- 20 puncte

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence using the word given. You must use between three and eight words, including the word given.

1. I don't see how the accident was anybody's fault really. BLAME

I don't really think that _____ _______ ______ ______________the accident.

2. It was only because of Sarah's quick reactions that we weren't injured. IT

If_____ _______ ______ ___________Sarah's quick reactions, we would have been injured.

3. I would prefer you not to come, if you don't mind. RATHER

I_____ _______ ______ ___________if you don't mind.

4. He's agreed to help the police as long as his name is not made public. CONDITION

He's agreed to help the police_____ _______ ______ __________not reveal his name.

5. Things have got worse since he started to interfere. MATTERS

He__________ ______ ____ ____for us by interfering.

6. The committee did not consider how we would feel about the proposal. ACCOUNT

Our views on the proposal_____ _______ ______ ______________by the committee.

7. The cream she recommended really improved my complexion. WONDERS

The cream she recommended_____ _______ ______ ________my complexion.

8. There seems to be hardly any similarity between our lives any more. COMMON

Our lives__________ ______ ____ __any more.

9. How fortunate that you were able to give me a lift! STROKE

What_____ _______ ______ ____________that you were able to give me a lift!

10. They haven't got used to the new system yet. TERMS

They haven't __________ ______ ____ the new system yet.

SUBIECTUL V- 10 puncte

For each of the sentences below, write a new sentence as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence, but using the word given. This word must not be altered in any way.

  1. I really don't know what you're talking about. faintest


  1. Could you watch my bag while I'm away, please? eye


  1. He is unlikely to carry out the plan. practice


  1. The people who used to do this kind of work have been replaced by machines. place


  1. You're far more practical than I am. nowhere


  1. Brian and his mother are very similar. after


  1. I don't have enough money for a new coat. afford


8. You should change your bad habit. high

9. I am certain I passed my exam this time. have


10 The police are examining the case carefully. into


SUBIECTUL VI- 10 puncte

Put the verbs in brackets in the right tense and voice:

As it happens, a few weeks ago, I (watch) an episode where Michelle-my favourite character-had just been shot in the leg. It was very dramatic and I ( glue) to the set. After it (finish) I was absolutely exhausted from the stress of it all. Nevertheless, I'd promised my friend Joe that I (go) out without her to see a movie that she (want) to see for ages.

It (pour) with rain and we splashed through the puddles until finally we (arrive) at the cinema. To our intense annoyance there was an extremely long queue and we (wait) in line for over 20 minutes. Finally, we got in , (buy) an enormous box of popcorn and stumbled through the darkness until we gratefully discovered two seats together.

After a minute though I suddenly thought that I was hallucinating. I could quite definitely hear Michelle talking. I listened harder. It was definitely her. Slowly I looked around and there she was, (sit) right behind me.


Read the following text and then choose from the list A-J the best phrase given below to fill each of the spaces. Each correct phrase may be used only once. Some of the suggested answers do not fit at all.

Some Amazing Facts About Lightning

Did you know that lightning travels up and down many times between the earth and the sky? It just looks as (0) ..J ..because it happens so fast. Travelling at the speed of light and carrying as much as one million volts, a stroke of lightning can do tremendous damage to buildings and often causes fires which lead to the destruction of thousands of trees. Lightning always seeks out the longest objects, especially if they are made of metal, so (1) get rid of golf clubs, ice-axes and similar objects.

The next time you are caught in a thunderstorm, (2)....., you should kneel on to the ground with your feet close together and your hands on your knees. With luck, the lightning 3).....,will roll over your back and into the ground. It is better (4)...but even being indoors may not protect you. In 1990, a family in a house in Lincolnshire, England were astonished when lightning came down their chimney, bounced off the fireplace across the living room and into the kitchen where it melted saucepans together and roasted instantaneously a leg of lamb they were going to have for dinner. They could have been killed (5).... Much more astonishing is the case of Edwin Robinson, a blind man struck by lightning and knocked unconscious. When he came to, he realized that he could see again.

A if you are in the open during a thunderstorm

B if you what you are doing

C if you can get to shelter

D if you are not prepared

E if they had been in the kitchen

F if there is no shelter

G if it hits you

H if care isn't taken

I if it hadn't been avoided

J if it is going down

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