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The Gerund


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The Gerund

Exprima prohibitie, interdictie Ex: No parking!No smoking!

Dupa: to admit, to advise, to anticipate, to avoid, to begin, to consider, to continue, to delay, to deny, to detest, to dread, to dislike, to enjoy, to escape, to excuse, to fancy, to finish, to forget, to forgive, to hate, to imagine, to intend, to involve, to keep (on), to like, to love, to mind, to miss, to omit, to postpone, to practice, to recollect, to remember, to regret, to resist, to risk, to save, to start, to stop, to suggest, to try, to understand

Dupa: to accuse of, to aim at, to agree with, to approve, to consist of, to count on, to dissuade from(a schimba parerea), to excuse from, to insist on, to prevent from, to rely on, to result in, to succed in, to think of

Dupa: to be afraid of, to be agreeable to, to be annoyed at, to be averse to, to be capable of, to be intent on, to be interested in, to be responsible for, to be suitable for, to be surprised at, to be tired of, to be/get used to, to be/get accustomed to

Dupa: to go on, to keep on, to give up, to put off

Dupa: can't help, can't stand, it's no good/use, to be looking forward to, to be worth(while), to feel like

Substantive cu prepozitie: apology for, art of, change of, disappointment at, experience in, habit of, necessity of, objection to, apportunity of, preasure of, possibility of, process of, reason for, right of, skill in, surprise at, way of

to stop, to begin, to cease

+gerunziu=actiune deliberata

+infinitiv=incetarea unei actiuni pentru a incepe alta

She stops crying.She stoped to look at me.

to like

+infinitiv=to prefer

+gerunziu=to be fond of

to mean

+infinitiv=to intend

+gerunziu=to signify

To be good at english means working hard

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