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Air Wellness™ Power5


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Air Wellness™ Power5

A breath of fresh air. The Nikken Power5 is the only indoor air filtering system that employs not just one or two but all major filtration technologies — including a prefilter, photocatalytic filter, carbon and nanocopper filtration, and finally, a HEPA filter like those used in laboratories and hospital operating rooms. More than a filter and deodorizer, the Power5 uses a patented process to create negative ions, like the air found in natural settings such as forests or near waterfalls. Walking through these surroundings feels soothing and relaxing — the Japanese call this shinrinyoku, “forest-air breathing.” And unlike other indoor air units, the Power5 operates without producing harmful ozone. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has classified ozone as a toxic gas. With the Power5, you don’t have to worry about increased exposure to this contaminant. Quiet and energy-efficient, the Power5 features an automatic mode that detects contaminants and activates the unit when certain levels are reached. Remote and manual control are included. A selectable aromatherapy system provides for even greater comfort and relaxation.

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