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During this course on Nutrition we will learn four primary dietary processes. These are the basic diet (eating for health), the cleansing diet, the low allergy diet and fasting. The last three are therapeutic processes fasting being the most powerful. These programmes can and should be modified slightly to suit each individual. In having these standardised options to choose from we are able to initiate healing at a level appropriate to each individuals need to change and their capacity to change. The two most commonly suggested options are likely to be the cleansing diet, for 5 to 10 days, followed by the basic eating for health standard wholefood guidelines.


Fasting is the most profound cleansing process one can undertake. The cleansing diet offers a gentle alternative to fasting and is the next most effective option. For most individuals, the calm and relaxed environment so necessary for effective fasting is just not available owing to their hectic lifestyle. As such, fasting does not present a safe and viable option for most people. The detoxifying and emotional upheaval can be too severe and the fast can become potentially more damaging than valuable. The cleansing diet provides a more practical and effective approach.

Cleansing Diets

When applied correctly, cleansing diets are very cleansing. As such, they create a marvellous foundation of good health which one can build upon. Sick and/or overweight people will usually be emotionally ready to tackle a 'cleanse' therefore such an opportunity should not be wasted. Cleansing programmes are always indicated for arthritis sufferers and for any toxic condition or condition of mucous congestion; in fact almost any disease state.

Fruits and vegetables, which form the basis of this diet, are alkalising foods and this is a highly alkalising programme. As such it is especially valuable to excessively acid constitutions. It will effectively strip away the build up of acid and ureas which are responsible for inflammation present in the joints of arthritis sufferers.

The Diet

This is very simple and involves eating only fruits and vegetables and drinking only distilled, or filtered water, herb teas and fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

There must be a set goal to work towards. Choose either 5, 7 or 10 days with the option of extending for a little longer when the target is achieved.


This dietary approach is not for people who are severely anaemic or severely nutritionally deficient or run down. In such cases it is always better to build them up first with a quality wholefoods regime and supplements. After 4 to 6 weeks, depending upon how they respond, you could then consider a 'cleanse'.

Remember that fasting and cleansing should never be applied during pregnancy and lactation. These diets are ideal to form a healthy foundation well before pregnancy, but they provide almost no protein and very few B Vitamins, Iron, Calcium or the other nutrients required in abundance during pregnancy.

You need to be extremely cautious with very old people. Experience has shown that major dietary upheaval is not in their best interest. Work more gently and carefully removing excessive fats, salt and sugar and changing shopping habits to choosing whole bread instead of white.

Your common sense must prevail. Don't fast or cleanse severely 'run down' people or pregnant women. Both of these conditions require maximum nutrition and 'building up'. Use fasting and cleansing for inflammation, congestion, toxicity and overweight.

Most people go really well on this cleansing regime. The majority will also lose weight. In most cases there will be a 1 pound weight loss for every day of the diet. When this does not occur, further consideration must be given to specific nutritional and metabolic requirements. Bowel cleansing should be considered as a priority.

A fruit, vegetable and juice cleansing diet is the most effective and is quite suitable and safe for most people. However experience has shown that a few extra food types can be added to the diet making the process much more comfortable without sacrificing any benefit.

For the last two years virtually all of my cleansing programmes have included brown rice, almonds and avocado in limited proportion.

Brown rice . up to one cooked cup per day

Almonds . up to twenty per day

Avocado . up to half a small avocado per day

Brown rice is neither acid forming or alkalising, it is neutral. Almonds are the only alkalising nuts. Avocados provide essential oils thus become a source of essential fatty acids which assist greatly with weight loss.

Cleansing Reactions

Be aware that this type of cleansing diet will do exactly that cleanse. Most people will experience symptoms of detoxifying by day 2, especially if having come off stimulants like coffee and tea. Remember the value of distilled or filtered water in minimising such reactions in addition to 1‑2 teaspoons of sodium ascorbate daily as a detoxifier.

Juice Fasts

Juice fasts are marvellously invigorating and cleansing and can be safely undertaken by most people. Before going on a juice fast, decide on the duration of the fast (usually between 3 and 10 days), and choose a suitable week or so that will allow for a minimum of pressure and commitment in your life. Remember that any fast is a healing time for the body, and the idea is that all energy should be made available for the processes of cleansing and renewal.

With juice fasting the rules are simple. Decide on the length of the fast and take only salads, juices and distilled water for the two days prior to the fast. On the morning of the fast take a small glass of either freshly squeezed fruit juice or vegetable juice, mixed 50/50 with distilled water, and sip it slowly. For the duration of the fast, take a glass of juice every two hours. You may alternate between fruit and vegetable juices, if you wish, but don't mix the two together.

You must not to take on too much during the period of the fast. This will only tax the body's resources and leave less energy for the job of cleansing. Break the fast gently with a simple salad, and continue to eat light vegetable, fruit and salad meals for the next two days before attempting anything more solid.


We have seen that this is part of the cleansing process. By fasting, you invite cleansing and detoxifying. Day two and three are usually the most difficult. As well as feeling hungry, you may experience nausea or headaches. These are normal signs, and show that your body is having a good clean out. It rarely lasts more than 48 hours. The next stage is great ‑ your hunger goes, you feel light and refreshed ‑ even a little euphoric, and your energy levels will be high.


Elimination from the bladder and bowel is usually minimal during a fast. Some people become quite concerned when they don't have their regular bowel movements. This is quite normal whilst fasting and that regularity will return when you break your fast.

Elimination is much more likely to occur from the other bodily orifices, like the nose, mouth and ears. Increased elimination may also be noticed from the skin. Skin brushing with a dry bristle brush is of great assistance in aiding elimination at this time. Remember that the skin is the largest eliminatory organ, and is often referred to as the third kidney.

When to break a Fast

When to 'break a fast' is really up to the individual. During a fast you will notice that your tongue becomes very 'furry'. This is further proof of the detoxifying taking place. Some people choose to break their fast when this furriness begins to disappear. Others believe that one should break a fast when the appetite returns. Note that after the first few days of fasting, there is almost no appetite for food at all. Whatever you decide, fasts of between 5 and 10 days, on juices, are perfectly safe, and can be undertaken by anybody who has knowledge or guidance with the process.

Enemas and Colonic irrigations will multiply the effectiveness of a cleanse. I recommend them wherever possible. The body cannot efficiently remove wastes if the channels of elimination are not clear. This practice will further reduce detoxifying symptoms. If there is any reason to suspect a toxic colon, or if constipation is present, then colonics become a must. For a seven day cleanse I recommend a colonic the day before starting and on two other days early in the cleanse. This would be enough to make a profound difference, more would be better. If possible, taken an enema on alternate days.

It can be quite a process convincing people about bowel cleansing, however, once the immense benefits are experienced there will be no looking back ‑ I assure you, they are one of the most powerful healing tools available.

Further Dietary Advice

During the cleanse a wide variety of fruits and vegetables should be consumed, with as few combinations as possible at each meal. We have not yet studied food combining, but one important rule must apply here: Don't mix fruit vegetables at the same meal. Fruit doesn't combine well with any other foods. The same rule applies to juices. Either drink fruit juice or vegetable juice, but don't mix the two together.

You will need a reliable source of distilled water or at very least purchase a water filter. This is a marvellous ongoing investment as clean water is a basic requirement for good health and 6 to 8 glasses must be taken during every day of the cleanse. Another good investment will be a juicer. Simple models are available cheaply. This will usually pay for itself with savings on the more exotic foods replaced during the cleansing week.


You must proceed cautiously if you are taking a lot of medical drugs. The body's metabolism will alter considerably during any dietary changes.

It is not the Natural Therapists' position to advise the discontinuance of prescribed medication. This is the task of the medical practitioner who is prescribing them. You should advise the doctor of their intentions and seek his or her help in monitoring their progress and their medication accordingly. This won't be a problem if the physician has a good understanding of nutrition because they will recognise the potential benefits of such dietary improvements. Few physicians, however, have any nutritional experience. In such cases I advise you to change to one who does and who will be sympathetic and supportive towards your efforts.

Reactions can occur during any cleansing programme as the body rids itself of drug residues that may have accumulated in the liver and tissues. This can be from prescribed or recreational drugs. These reactions are not usually a problem. Their severity will depend on each persons past history of use or abuse.

Never go off Cortesone abruptly. If there is a long history of previous use, as can be the case with severe asthmatics, they will be quite dependent on it. Abrupt cessation can result in death. They must wean off slowly.

In practice, many people will start to reduce their drug intake naturally. Most are also quite sensible about this. But I stress that you must speak to the doctor who was responsible for prescribing your medication.

Digestive Enzymes

It is often valuable to use digestive enzymes with a cleansing diet. We have studied the appropriate areas for the use of digestive enzymes and they become especially important when introducing a high fibre programme to a stomach that may have had only bacon and sausage for breakfast for the last 50 years. Enzymes will reduce flatulence and bloating and ensure that maximum nutrients are absorbed from the foods taken.

The Benefits

A cleansing diet leaves one feeling cleansed and refreshed. There is often great relief from pain and previous symptoms. The body is now well prepared for further therapies like vitamins, herbals or homoeopathics. The diet can now be relaxed to include a programme more in line with our basic diet, incorporating individual considerations.

Benefits of cleansing include .

People see their inappropriate eating habits

The burden of stimulants is eliminated

Toxins are eliminated

Weight is lost

The mind clears

The body is vitalised and refreshed

A quote from Illusions by Richard Bach 'There is no such thing as a problem without a gift in its hands'.

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