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    The age of medical filth, dirt, and germ insanity is passing. Occasionally a medical neophyte evolves in his experience to the kissing-bug stage. He attracts the attention of a few who have not kept up with the procession, and thrills them by crying out against the immemorial habit of kissing the baby.

    There are still a lot of heathen mothers and doctors who prefer to put pure pus--vaccine, into a pure baby's blood to planting a kiss of love on their sweet little faces and mouths. It takes, not only ignorance, but a lot of stupidity, to warn mothers about the danger of kissing their babies, and in the same breath extol the saving graces of vaccination--vaccine being the product of a pustular infection scientifically cultivated on the belly of a calf. All kinds of immunization on the order of pure vaccine are recommended as vicarious atonement for the sins of man by the enemies of kissing babies.

    Inasmuch as kissing babies dates back to the origin of affinity--chemical attraction--and since our solar system is held together by the push and pull of love and hate, mothers will coddle, love, and kiss their babies. The cat, dog, cow--in fact, all animals--lick and love their babies. Because of this love of children, the race is perpetuated. The infinite number of human beings who have lived and passed away have been mother-loved. Not until the latter part of the nineteenth century did man denounce kissing.

    Has the pernicious teaching of kiss-nihilism had anything to do with domesticity in the past fifty years? Has there ever been such a state of incorrigibility in youth? Mothers would better kiss their babies into hospitals than withhold the kiss and send them to the gallows or prison. Think it over, you fellows who would stop kissing, shaking hands, etc., or do away with human fellowship by teaching everyone to believe that every other one is a perambulating infection. If science teaches this phobia, science be damned, along with science maniacs!

    The medical profession knows that parents kill their babies kissing them; but the superstition-macerated brain cannot see any harm that can come to babies by vaccinating, serumating, and overfeeding them.

    What is the rational meaning of 'kiss their babies into their graves'? It certainly does not mean planting bacteria, later to war on the leucocytes--white blood-corpuscles. One of the exploded theories is that consumption (tuberculosis) is caused by germs. If it were, no one would escape, even without the aid of a kiss.

    The rear ranks of the medical profession still teach that tuberculosis is contagious and infectious, and they still cling to the impossible theory that bovine tuberculosis is transmissible to human beings. As the human herd is still savage in its instincts, it must massacre something, and, in lieu of an excuse to kill human beings, it satisfies its blood-thirst on the farmer's stock.

    The foundation for tuberculosis, cancer, and other so-called chronic diseases is oftener than otherwise laid in babyhood--not from kissing, but from overfeeding, bringing on catarrh of the air passages, stomach, and bowels, marked by frequent crises or symptom-complexes named in a general way 'diseases peculiar to children.' And when the children are protein-poisoned, their catarrhal crises (disease) take on infection (putrescence), such as diphtheria, scarlet fever, and other putrid diseases. Those who do not die continue building various infections, local and general, many of which kill in early life. Those of strong vitality go down in middle life, and often with kidney, liver, intestinal, brain, and nervous diseases; more from lung diseases or tuberculosis.

    The proper management in babies and older children will make impossible the building of such tragic endings.

    Germ phobics have a lot of time to head off the effect of a kiss-planted germ, if there were any truth in their germ theory. Why, in the name of their gods, don't they immunize when they are so cock-sure that germs implanted in babies end in tuberculosis after maturity? You people who fall for such bunk should demand immunization instead of an outpouring of germophobic hot-air.

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