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cam Direct for SolidWorks


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Mastercam Direct for SolidWorks a


Copy the SW-MCDirect.exe to your desktop and execute it to start the install. You will be prompted for the directory where Mastercam Version 9 installed.


Start SolidWorks. If the Mastercam menu is not on the menu bar at the startup, go to the Tools dropdown menu and select Add-ins. Scroll down through the list of available options and select SolidWorks Mastercam Direct option. This will add Mastercam to the SolidWorks menu bar. This is only required the first time you open SolidWorks.

Using Mastercam Direct for SolidWorks

Once your design is completed in SolidWorks select the Mastercam menu and a dropdown list will appear containing an option for each Mastercam program installed.

Once you have made your selection, the selected Mastercam product will open and the current SolidWorks part file will be transferred. At this point you will be prompted to select an existing Mastercam MC9 file containing operations (toolpaths) that you would like to use. The first time you run Mastercam Direct, you may need to navigate to the Mcam9 directories where your MC9 files are stored.

If toolpaths have been programmed on this part and you need to make revisions with SolidWorks, the same sequence of commands can be used. Select the previous revision when prompted for a file containing operations to import. If you choose not to import operations from a pre-existing MC9 file select Cancel from the dialog box. Due to differences in how views are defined between SolidWorks and Mastercam, users may choose to use the WCS capabilities in Version 9 to redefine the Top view as the part is received from SolidWorks.

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