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At the hotel

a)      Customer

to book a room by letter

- to reserve accommodation by phone

- to enter the hotel lounge

- to register at the reception desk

- to fill in the registration slip

- to take a single/ double room

- to have an extra bed put in

- to have a room with a view

- to have a room overlooking the street/ facing the park

- to get a nicely furnished room on the top floor

- to ask for full board

- to have a room with a shower/ with a private bath

- to tip the porter/ lift-boy/ chambermaid/ valet

- to deposit the valuables in the hotel safe

- to extend one’s stay

- to settle the bill

b)      Hotel

- to have a big parking site

- to provide comfortable accommodation

- to offer round-the-clock service

- to be equipped with modern comforts

- to be fully booked/ to have no vacancies

- to run special services

- to have a sauna/ swimming-pool/ jacuzzi

- to be in the five-star category

- to charge … for a room per night


In your opinion what should a businessman take into consideration when booking a room in a hotel?

What kind of hotel would you choose?

What facilities should a hotel offer for businessmen? What should a hotel be equipped with?


Conference Hotels Spain BYBLOS Hotel Costa Mijas


Hotel Byblos Andaluz in Costa Mijas is a five-star deluxe hotel located in Fuengirola 15 minutes from Marbella. With its magnificent blend of Arab and Western architectural styles, and its elegant and luxurious atmosphere, the Byblos Andaluz offers all of the amenities one expects of a grand hotel.

The bedrooms are spacious and warm.

The Hotel's three restaurants offer an array of gastronomic delights.

The activities on the premises are plentiful:

5 tennis courts,

a gymnasium and weight lifting rooms,

two outside fresh water swimming pools and an inside heated sea water swimming pool.

The renowned Louison Babet Institute of Thalassotherapy, equipped with saunas, massage rooms, and solarium offers enjoyment and relaxation.

Conference facilities for up to 250 people in 3 conference rooms.

Hotel Byblos Andaluz is located 29 km from Malaga airport.



Conference Hotels Spain Don Carlos Hotel Marbella

Hotel Don Carlos in Marbella is an oasis of tranquility. As one of the most popular 5 star Marbella Hotels, the Don Carlos is the perfect place to enjoy your business visit to Marbella. Set in sumptuous sub-tropical gardens, this privately owned resort feeds the senses and relaxes the mind.

Rooms in the Hotel Don Carlos in Marbella are fitted with air-conditioning, direct dial telephones, dataports, minibars, satellite TV, radio, Pay per View TV, individual safes, 24 hour a day room service.

Don Carlos Beach and Golf Resort Hotel offers the following facilities:

fax and secretary facilities,

groups & conferences

air tickets, car rentals and currency exchange.

doctor on call 24 hours a day

In addition to all its facilities, the Don Carlos proposes an extensive area dedicated exclusively to conferencing, with a total of 10 multi-use meeting rooms and one of the most spacious conference halls in Southern Spain, Los Condes, with a maximum capacity of 1300 persons.

Hotel Don Carlos Marbella is located 60 km from Malaga airport.



Conference Hotels Spain Puente Romano Hotel Marbella

Hotel Puente Romano's privileged location in southern Spain, in the heart of Marbella's Golden Mile, and between downtown and bustling Puerto Banus, makes it the perfect choice for business travel.

Hotel Puente Romano offers 232 rooms including: 55 suites with 1 room, 22 suites with 2 rooms, and 1 imperial suite. Suites are fitted with jacuzzis, saunas and climatized bathroom floors to provide a comfortable atmosphere.

Hotel Puente Romano Tennis Club (Club de Tenis Puente Romano) has 10 tennis courts (8 clay and 2 Quick) and 4 paddle tennis courts. Center court is designed for great competitions and has a capacity to seat 2.500 spectators.

Shopping arcade, bank, hairdresser and fashion boutiques

News stand, gift and drugstore
Car rental

In-house and region wide restaurant reservations

Sightseeing trips

24 hour room service

Laundry and dry cleaning

In house medical attention

Conference facilities for up to 160 people.

Puente Romano Hotel is located 45 km from Malaga airport.



Conference Hotels Spain Torrequebrada Benalmadena

Hotel Torrequebrada in Benalmadena Costa, is a 5 star hotel located between Malaga airport and Benalmadena.

350 rooms with a view of the sea. It is a fully-furnished luxury resort, right on the beach, offering:

2 restaurants,

a beach club for water sports,

3 swimming pools

small gym with 2 saunas

tennis court

The hotel has the largest meeting and convention facilities on the Costa del Sol, with 16 conference rooms for up to 1600 people. The largest meeting room can accommodate up to 500 people. The hotel offers a complete Business Centre with all necessary equipment.

Hotel Torrequebrada in Benalmadena's 1,500 acre estate extends from the beach to the mountains. Nearby there is the world-class 18-hole Torrequebrada golf course (not owned by the hotel) A complete entertainment complex includes the Casino, one of the largest in Europe, and Fortuna nightclub offering International and Flamenco shows year-round.

Hotel Torrequebrada is located 12 km from Malaga airport.



1. What general facilities do these hotels offer?

What special facilities does each hotel offer for businessmen?

Which of these conference hotels seems to you more appropriate for business purposes? Why do you think so?


Fill in the text below with the following words:

a)      receptionist

b)      a valet

c)      porter

d)      a registration slip

e)      full board

f)       check out

g)      vacancies

h)      laundry

i)        a letter of reservation

j)       luggage

k)      hotel register

l)        reception desk

You can book a hotel room on the phone or you might as well send 1. --------. If they have 2. -------- and they are not all booked up, they can usually offer you a choice of single rooms, rooms with/ without showers or private baths. While booking you have to make sure what room you want to take, whether you want one with a view overlooking the main street, one on the ground floor or any of the top floors and whether you just want breakfast or 3. --------.

When you have arrived at the hotel you go up to the 4. -------- and show your ID or passport to the 5. --------. He will fill in 6. -------- for you and write your name in the 7. --------. If you have not done it previously, it is good to ask him about the price of the room per night and what meals and facilities this price includes.

Then the reception clerk will give you your key and the 8. ------- will show you to your room and he will also take up your 9. --------. From then until the day you decide to leave the hotel 10. -------- will look after your personal needs. He will take your clothes to the 11. -------- or serve you meals if you wish.

When you decide to leave, you give your key to receptionist, 12. --------- and settle your bill.

(Adapted from Némethné Hock Ildikó: 1000 Questions 1000 Answers)

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