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Children’s Program Guidelines


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Children’s Program Guidelines

Each evangelism program must have something for the children.

Show a lot of enthusiasm and always a smile.

Use a gentle touch of the hand or a pat on the shoulder or head.

Find out about the customs of the area.

Be flexible with your program—have Plan B ready

Provide small gifts to the children each evening—this increases the attendance.

GIFT SUGGESTIONS: balloons, pencils, stickers, simple toys, small bounce balls, ribbons, crayons, toothbrushes, and pictures of Jesus. Keep in mind it should be small, lightweight, and inexpensive.

Take plenty of heavy baggies for such items.

Provide a special gift to those children who introduce their parents to you. This helps the adult attendance as well.

You may be invited to local schools and hospitals. When you go to visit the children, take stickers, inkpad, and stamps. Have a good Bible story in mind and lots of love to give. The children often ask about life in America. It’s best to play down the “good life.”

Include health talks to the children.

Use props and displays to help keep the attention of the children.

Children love to do crafts, but they should be kept simple.

A large three-year cycle felt set with all the backgrounds is an excellent tool. It should be left with the church so they can carry on with the child evangelism program after you leave.

After the meeting, you may wish to stamp the backs of the children’s hands with appropriate ink stamps. This provides the opportunity to make contact with each child individually.

Using an interpreter makes the program twice as long.

Children’s Program Guidelines

Page Two

A typical program

*  Songs (one in the native language; one in English).

*  Prayer.

*  Bible lessons using felts.

*  Stretching exercises.

*  A good story.

*  Action song.

*  A second lesson using felts.

*  Stretching exercises again.

*  A health presentation.

*      Closing prayer.

Temperance Poster Contest

The third or fourth night is a good time to present a temperance poster contest to the children. They can be given a few crayons held together with a rubber band and some paper purchased locally. Tell the children when to bring the posters back. On the final evening of the campaign, the children can present their Poster Parade. Creative pictures depicting the need for better health through right living are held high as the children march across the platform with their posters. The adults seem to enjoy the children’s program where they can see the posters and hear the children sing some songs. (See page 27 for a suggestion of health topics)


If there is a disruption, if you just stop talking and wait for them to notice your silence, that will often take care of the problem.

You must gain their respect.

Make it a point to make special friends and helpers out of your potential troublemakers.

If you can win their confidence and respect, they will do anything for you.

Have a helper with you who can deal with any problems so you don’t have to disrupt the program in order to administer discipline.

The Lord will bless your work. Allow Him to lead you, and pray for guidance every step of the way.


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