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Gypsy Destiny - Instructions


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Gypsy Destiny

Game Description:

From the famous Tarot cards, together with the mystery of fortune teller, the precision from fortune telling has been widely accepted many hundred years ago. From now on, you can check your own destiny by simply using Gypsy Destiny. The mystery of fortune teller will now be available for you anytime, anywhere. You can now be a fortune teller for your friends and anyone around you.


Have your fortune told by six Gypsy cards in the areas of Destiny, Love, Finance, Journey, Career and Health.

Free your mind and relax.

Shuffle the cards. Use your non-dominant hand to select six cards from the deck in the areas of Destiny, Love, Finance, Journey, Career and Health.

Read your fortune.

Installation Methods:

Extract the file 'GypsyDestiny.SIS' from the Zip file.

Connect the P800 to your PC via the cradle and PC Suite.

Double Click on the SIS file on your PC to initiate the download/installation onto your phone. Follow the instructions on the PC screen.

After you have completed the installation, run the program. There will be a window for filling the Serial Number. Click at the combination and press ok.

At Sony Ericsson P800 display, there will be a set of combination which you need to enter into the URL:

After that, you will receive an Unlock Password for registration. From your Sony Ericsson P800, press the register button, the Unlocked Password window will appear, fill in the Unlock Password.

The process will be successful; you can play games limitless. If you did not follow register, you can only play the game for 30 days.

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