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TERMENI importanti pentru acest document

Pay very close attention to SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT. In the grammar questions, always look for the SUBJECT first, if you are supposed to pick a verb to go with it.

John and Steve ___________ absent today.

a. is b. was c. am d. are

The police ________here to question you about the robbery.

a. are b. is c. was d. has been

The reason for his many absences and failures _______ easy to determine.

a. are b. is c. were d. have been

My father, who _____________ in Oklahoma, is a retired rancher.

a. live b. living c. is live d. lives

ECL tests ________ fun.

a. is b. are c. was d. are being

The books that we use at DLI _________ good.

a. is b. am c. are d. was

Eagles ___________ faster than chickens do.

a. flew b. flying c. fly d. were flying

Economics ______ a difficult subject.

a. are b. am c. is d. were

There _____________ some bad accidents on Loop 1604 in recent years.

a. are b. have been c. has been d. was

Dogs __________ to chase cats.

a. likes b. like c. liking d. are like

There _________ three students waiting to see the supervisor.

a. is b. was c. are d. has been

Dogs and cats ________________ each other.

a. dislikes b. disliking c. are dislike d. dislike

Several people ___________ that tomorrow is a holiday.

a. says b. saying c. are said d. say

There ____________ a big problem with computer #3.

a. were b. was c. have been d. are

What ___________ the ages of your children?

a. is b. was c. am d. are

The news __________ good about your X-Rays.

a. are b. were c. is d. have been

This exercise ________ to be easy.

a. seem b. seeming c. is seem d. seems

Five aircraft __________ parked near Hangar 436.

a. is b. was c. are d. does

Pay very close attention to TIME WORDS, such as



These words determine the TENSE of the VERB that goes in the blank.

I __________ to the airport tomorrow.

a. going b. went c. will go d. am go

I __________ a good movie last night.

a. see b. saw c. seeing d. seen

The children ___________ right now.

a. playing b. play c. are play d. are playing

My friend _______________ yesterday.

a. graduates b. is graduate c. graduated d. will graduate

Every afternoon I ____________ to play tennis.

a. like b. likes c. liked d. has liked

At this moment, the supervisor ________________ your record.

a. examines b. is examining c. examined d. will examining

I ____________ in the military for 6 years.

a. is b. am c. are d. have been

By the time you graduate next month, you _____________ at least 20 ECL tests.

a. will have taken b. will be take c. will have took c. are taking

He _____________ a long time ago.

a. graduates b. graduate c. is graduated d. graduated

My dog __________ cars all the time.

a. chases b. is chase c. chase d. chasing

Lt. Smith and his wife ____________ in Europe last year.

a. were b. was c. are d. has been

I __________ at DLI since Aug. 15.

a. am b. have been c. has been d. will be

Your father _____________ two hours ago.

a. call b. calls c. is call d. called

The privates ______________ lunch right now.

a. are eating. b. eats c. eating d. was eating

I _____________ to Paris next year.

a. went b. am going c. did go d. have gone

Yesterday, I _______________ to the movies.

a. go b. am go c. went d. will go

The next ECL ______________ two weeks from now.

a. are b. were to be c. will be d. was

I _________________ the Alamo.

a. has never visit b. have never visited c. never visiting d. no visit.

If you have TWO CLAUSES, pay close attention to the VERB TENSE of the completed clause because that will determine the tense of the verb you need to put in the blank.

While I was driving to work this morning, I _____ _______ ______ _______ about my briefing.

a. think b. was think c. will think d. was thinking

First, I went to the movie; then, I ____________ some pizza.

a. eat b. will eat c. ate d. am eating

Before the firemen could extinguish the flames, the house ___________________ .

a. will already burn down b. was already burn down c. is already burn down d. had already burned down

40. When I was a child, I always ________________ my homework.

a. did b. do c. will do d. have done

41. Before I went to bed last night, I ___________ my teeth.

a. brushed b. brush c. brushing d. was brush

42. Because it was raining, we ________________ the picnic.

a. cancel b. canceled c. are cancel d. cancels

43. I _______________ the taste of raw tomatoes ever since I was a little boy.

a. like b. am like c. liking d. have liked

44. I need to borrow some money because I _______________ to bring my wallet this morning.

a. forget b. am forget c. will forget d. forgot

While I was in college, I _____________ on most of my tests.

a. cheat b. have cheat c. cheated d. am cheating

46. You may leave now, unless you ______________ to hear the same lecture again.

a. wanted b. want c. are wanting d. will be wanted

47. Just as I was walking into the classroom, the bell ________________.

a. ring b. ringing c. rang d. did run

48. I will sit in the car and wait while you ____________________ in the store.

a. shops b. shopped c. will be shop d. shop

49. Before I could stomp on the brake, I _______________ the dog.

a. will hit b. was hit c. hit d. have hit

50. Because it ________________ so much last night, I was unable to play soccer.

a. rain b. rains c. rained d. raining

51. Just as I walked outside, it ______________ to rain.

a. started b. starts c. starting d. is start

52. Before I mail this letter tomorrow, I ______________ it.

a. am reread b. will reread c. did reread d. rereading

53. I was sitting in my car when _________________.

a. the storm start b. starts the storm c. the storm started d. the storm is start

54. While you are taking the ECL tomorrow, I __________________ your papers.

a. read b. am reading c. will be reading d. have read

55. The policeman shot the suspects before they _______________.

a. will surrender b. could surrender c. surrender d. are surrender

An extension of this Category will be the IF clauses, where the correct answer for one clause depends totally on the verb form of the other clause.

56. If it rains tomorrow, I ______________ home.

a. will stay b. stayed c. had stayed d. would have stayed

57. If I were you, I _________________ more.

a. will study b. would study c. studied d. would have studied

58. If I had seen you at the BX, I ____________________ you a ride back to the dorm.

a. will give b. would have given c. gave d. am giving

59. If a student cheats on a test, he ____________ a score of zero.

a. got b. would have gotten c. will have gotten d. gets

60. If you had been in the Lab on time, you ____________ the test with everyone else.

a. could take b. can has taken c. could be taken d. could have taken

61. I will wait for you if you _________________.

a. hurry b. hurried c. would have hurried d. hurries

62. They would have drowned if they___________________their life jackets.

a. had not worn b. will not wear c. do not wear d. didnít wear

63. You might get good scores if you _________ tomorrow.

a. study b. studied c. would have studied d. are study

64. I would resign immediately if I ________________ the president.

a. was b. were c. am d. have been

65. If you see Joe, _________________ him a message?

a. will you gave b. did you give c. have you given d. will you give

66. If you do well on the next ECL, Ms. Stuart ______________ happy.

a. is b. was c. were d. will be

67. If you memorize all of these rules, you _________________ well on the next ECL.

a. do b. should do c. would have done d. are doing

68. I will be happy if your ECL score _______________ next time.

a. go up b. went up c. goes up d. is gone up

69. If today __________ Sunday, I might be at the mall.

a. is b. are c. was d. were

70. I will be very happy when I ____________ home.

a. returned b. am returned c. return d. had returned

71. If it had rained yesterday, I ________________ my raincoat.

a. will wear b. would have worn c. am wearing d. wear

72. I never answer my telephone if it ____________ after midnight.

a. ring b. was ringing c. rings d. will ring

73. If I ___________ you, I would memorize my IF CLAUSE patterns.

a. were b. was c. had been d. am

You must learn how to create proper questions.

74. What _______________ last night?

a. you did b. do you did c. did you d. did you do

75. Where ____________ tomorrow after class?

a. are you going b. you are going c. you do d. does you go

76. When __________________?

a. starts the test b. does the test starts c. is going to start the test d. is the test going to start

77. Which is correct?

a. How old you are? b. How old is it are you? c. You how old are? d. How old are you?

78. What time ___________________ this morning?

a. you got up b. does you got up c. got you up d. did you get up

79. In what year _____ _______ ______ _______?

a. were you born b. you was born c. you born d. was you born

80. We are leaving now. __________________ with us?

a. You still go b. Are you still going c. Still you go d. You go still

81. Which is correct?

a. What rank he is? b. What rank is he? c. What do he have? d. What rank he has?

82. Why ________________ that?

a. he did b. do he did c. is he done d. did he do e. he done

83. When is the movie going to end?

a. At what time end movie? b. The movie end when?

c. At what time will the movie end? d. The movie going to end when?

84. I just saw ďTitanic.Ē _____ _______ ______ _____________

a. Has you seen it yet? b. You have saw it yet? c. Did you have seen it yet? d. Have you seen it yet?

85. Where _____ _______ ______ ______ that book?

a. did you bought b. you bought c. did you buy d. did was bought

86. I think Joe is stupid. _____ _______ ______ ______

a. You are agree with me? b. Do you agree with me?

c. Does you are agree with me? d. You does agree with me?

87. When __________ ______ ____ _?

a. you are graduate b. does you graduate c. are you graduating d. you will graduate

88. _____ _______ ______ ____________ a question correctly yet?

a. You can ask b. Do you can ask c. Can you ask d. Are you can ask

You must learn how to analyze TAG QUESTIONS.

89. The test will be difficult, _____ _______ ______ _______?

a. shouldnít it b. will it c. wonít it d. wasnít it

90. English is fun, ___________________?

a. isnít it b. canít it c. donít it d. will it

91. John has never been to Italy, _________________?

a. does he b. has he c. hasnít he d. canít he

92. Maria bought a new car yesterday, _________________?

a. doesnít she b. canít she c. will she d. didnít she

93. We should bring Mr. Williams some fudge brownies, _____ _______ ______ ______?

a. should we b. shouldnít we c. will we d. donít we

94. There is another ECL next week, _____ _______ ______ __________?

a. is it b. is there c. isnít it d. isnít there

95. It has never snowed in San Diego, ___________________?

a. does it b. hasnít it c. did they d. has it

96. Joe is not a Major, _____ _______ ______ _______?

a. is he b. does he c. do he d. isnít he

97. Your brother didnít do his homework last night, _____ _______ ______ _______?

a. didnít she b. does he c. did he d. didnít he

98. We will leave soon, _____ _______ ______ _______?

a. wonít we b. will we c. donít we d. canít we

99. You have never been arrested, ___________________?

a. are you b. havenít you c. arenít you d. have you

100. There is a bad storm approaching, _____ _______ ______ _______?

a. isnít it b. are there c. isnít there d. doesnít it

101. I am the best student in this class, _____ _______ ______ _________?

a. am I b. arenít I c. do I d. donít I

102. We must study more, _____ _______ ______ _______?

a. mustnít we b. should we c. canít we d. will we

103. Joe was studying all night, ____________________?

a. was he b. wasnít he c. did he d. has he

104. Mike has an interesting accent, _____ _______ ______ _____________?

a. doesnít he b. has he c. donít he d. have he

105. This exercise is easy, _____ _______ ______ _______?

a. doesnít it b. is it c. wonít they d. isnít it

106. You have never lived in Sweden, _____ _______ ______ ______?

a. are you b. arenít you c. have you d. havenít you

107. I am scheduled for another ECL next week, ____________________?

a. arenít I b. am I c. amnít I d. do I

108. It is cold outside, _____ _______ ______ _______?

a. is it b. does it c. does there d. isnít it

Is it ACTIVE or PASSIVE VOICE? Look for the word ďbyĒ to indicate who or what does the action in a passive voice sentence. Sometimes, however, the agent is missing.

109. Horses _______________ grass.

a. eats b. are eat c. eat d. are eaten

110. Presents _________________ at Christmas in the United States.

a. are given b. give c. gave d. are giving

111. This handout _____ _______ ______ _______ by Mr. Williams.

a. is write b. is writing c. was write d. was written

112. Japan _____ _______ ______ ______ good automobiles.

a. make b. is made c. makes d. was made

113. The best automobiles _________________ in Japan.

a. make b. is made c. are made d. is making

114. The money _____________ from the bank was found yesterday.

a. steal b. steals c. stolen d. stealing

115. This exercise, _____ _______ ______ ________ by Mr. Williams, might help you.

a. which is wrote b. which was written c. which is writing d. which writes

116. The earthquake _________________ the village.

a. destroy b. was destroyed c. destroying d. destroyed

117. President McKinley ____________________ in 1901.

a. assassinated b. was assassinated c. is assassinated d. will be assassinated

118. Susanna ___________________ a beautiful diamond ring by her fiancee.

a. is gave b. gave c. has given d. was given

119. Your car _____ _______ ______ ______ before closing time.

a. will fix b. did fixed c. will be fixed d. is fixing

120. Any test __________________ by Dr. Grinch will be difficult.

a. wrote b. writes c. writing d. written

121. Valentines ____________________ on February 14.

a. are exchanged b. exchanging c. exchange d. do exchange

122. The next ECL _____ _______ ______ _______ on a Wednesday because of the Monday holiday.

a. is gave b. gives c. will give d. will be given

123. You cannot drive here because this road ___________________ for the next few weeks.

a. is work on b. is going to be worked on c. was work on d. is working on

124. The car __________________ by my neighbor was found last night near Darwintown Lake.

a. steal b. which was steal c. stolen d. was stolen

125. The next ECL ___________________ in four weeks.

a. is gave b. will be gave c. will be given d. was gave

126. These techniques ____________________ before the next ECL.

a. must be learned b. must learn c. has to be learn d. have been learning

You have to learn all the MODALS and their equivalents.

127. You must learn about modals.

a. should b. ought to c. have to d. would rather

128. Joe is able to run 5 miles in 20 minutes.

a. will b. can c. must d. had better

129. You ought to memorize all of the irregular verbs.

a. must b. have to c. should d. shall

130. It might snow tomorrow night.

a. will b. may c. has to d. would

131. When I was a child, I was able to stay awake all night long.

a. can b. could c. should d. will

132. When I was a child, I used to stay awake all night.

a. would b. should c. had to d. ought to

133. You have my permission to leave early today.

a. would rather b. may c. would d. shall

134. We expect rain tonight. It _____________ rain.

a. would rather b. have to c. should d. wonít

135. The weatherman says it may rain tomorrow.

a. will b. did c. used to d. might

136. You should call your family tonight.

a. ought to b. must c. can d. have to

137. She must mail her packages today.

a. have to b. is to c. has to d. had to

138. When I was much younger, I was able to survive on just 3 or 4 hours of sleep.

a. could b. should c. have to d. must

139. I prefer to eat beef, not fish.

a. had better b. would rather c. ought to d. may

140. I was required to take another test last week.

a. ought to b. had to c. would d. need to

141. The British teacher says we will return tomorrow.

a. shall b. might c. could d. need to

142. You must study more.

a. has to b. had to c. ought to d. have to

143. You ought to see ďTitanicĒ tomorrow.

a. will b. can c. must d. should

144. You have my permission to go get a drink of water.

a. will b. might c. used to d. may

145. If I were you, I _______________ study these modals very carefully.

a. will b. am c. would d. shall

146. The next test is to be tomorrow.

a. will be b. might be c. could be d. may be

You have to learn which form of a verb (gerund? infinitive? simple form?)

I made the children GO to bed early.

I got the students TO DO their homework.

147. You should avoid ___________downtown alone after midnight.

a. go b. going c. to go d. gone

148. He volunteered __________ to Alaska for a three-year assignment.

a. to go b. go c. going d. for go

149. I got the dog _____________ barking.

a. stop b. stopped c. stopping d. to stop

150. I saw the man ___________ from the bridge into the river.

a. to jump b. jumped c. jumps d. jump

151. I had the maid ___________ my room again.

a. clean b. to clean c. cleaned d. cleans

152. He anticipates ________________.

a. graduating b. to graduate c. graduate d. graduated

153. I need ______________ this article.

a. read b. reading c. to read d. to be read

154. I let the children _____________ outside.

a. to play b. played c. playing d. play

155. He recommended ____________ to the zoo first.

a. going b. go c. to go d. goes

156. I remember _____________ my keys on the kitchen table. Where are they now?

a. to put b. put c. putting d. puts

157. Under what circumstances would you consider ______________ yourself?

a. killing b. to kill c. kill d. killed

158. This handout will help you ____________ on the ECL.

a. improving b. improve c. improves d. improved

159. I finally got the children ____________ napkins when they eat.

a. to use b. use c. using d. uses

160. When I was a kid, I used to ________________ my bike to school.

a. riding b. rode c. rides d. ride

161. I let the dog _____________ outside.

a. to go b. went c. go d. goes

162. I donít enjoy _________________ tests.

a. take b. taking c. to take d. taken

163. I finished _______________ my car at 0945.

a. washing b. to wash c. wash d. washed

PRACTICE: All of the above are mixed for maximum confusion.

164. Yesterday, three suspects _______________by the police.

a. are arresting b. was arrested c. were arrest d. were arrested

165. A child, hidden among the trees, ____________________.

a. was crying b. cry c. is cry d. will be cry

166. I am scheduled for another ECL next week, __________________?

a. am I b. arenít I c. canít I d. will I

167. Lt. Smith ____________ Lackland tomorrow night.

a. leave b. is left c. will be leaving d. was left

168. If I _____________ you, I would analyze these questions more carefully.

a. was b. were c. are d. have been

169. Because it rained yesterday, we _______________ the parade.

a. cancel b. canceling c. are cancel d. canceled

170. First, I bought some stamps at the post office. Then, I _______________ a letter.

a. write b. wrote c. written d. did writing

171. The men__________________by the police claimed to be innocent.

a. arresting b. arrested c. arrest d. arrests

172. I daydreamed about retirement as I_____________to work this morning.

a. drove b. drive c. driving d. was drive

173. Tomorrow, I______________the fudge brownies that the students owe me.

a. eat b. ate c. am eat d. will eat

174. He doesnít know what_________________.

a. he talking about b. is he talking about c. he talk about d. heís talking about

175. You really ought to bring some flowers to your teacher.

a. must b. have to c. shall d. should

176. If you study a lot, you _____________ better test scores.

a. got b. had gotten c. could have got d. will get

177. Because there was a lot of traffic this morning, I_________________late for work.

a. did b. made c. was d. had

178. First, I changed my clothes; then, I ____________ my mail.

a. read b. do read c. was read d. am reading

179. Next week, my friend________________.

a. graduate b. is graduate c. graduates d. will graduating

180. If I had been at the party, I ____________________you all the latest gossip.

a. will tell b. would have told c. tell d. was told

181. Because the movie had already started, we________________the first few minutes.

a. miss b. were miss c. missed d. would have missed


We have a few preposition rules, but a log of our preposition phrases are idiomatic. (We canít explain WHY we say it that way, only that we do it that way because thatís the way we do it).

182. My parents live _____________ Main Street.

a. at b. on c. in d. to

183. My parents live ____________ 457 Main Street.

a. at b. on c. in d. to

184. I was born _________ 1973.

a. of b. to c. in d. at

185. I was born ___________Aug. 12, 1973.

a. on b. to c. in d. at

186. I was born _______________New York City.

a. on b. at c. from d. in

187. The test will start _________ 0745.

a. in b. on c. at d. to

188. Give the pencil ________ me, please.

a. at b. to c. for d. with

189. This exercise was written ___________ Mr. Williams.

a. by b. at c. on d. of

190. I always take my vacation ________ the summer.

a. in b. at c. on d. to

191. I have been in the military ___________ 12 years.

a. since b. during c. at d. for

192. I am not afraid _________ cobras.

a. to b. of c. by d. with

193. I have been in this class __________ Sept. 25.

a. since b. for c. on d. at

194. It takes a long time to travel to Europe _________ ship.

a. by b. in c. to d. for

195. He has been married ___________ 1990.

a. for b. since c. at d. in

196. I would like another cup __________ coffee.

a. to b. in c. on d. of

197. Please give this book ____________ Joe.

a. for b. to c. at d. by

198. My son keeps drawing pictures _______ the walls of his bedroom.

a. in b. on c. to d. at

199. I want to sit __________ the shade of that big tree over there.

a. among b. in c. on d. to

You have to learn all the PRONOUNS.

We have personal pronouns (subjects and objects), possessive pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, relative pronouns, indefinite pronouns, interrogative pronouns, and reflexive pronouns. Unfortunately, you must learn all of them.

200. Give the books to _____________.

a. he and she b. Joe and she c. him and her d. I

201. My daughter fell down and hurt ________________.

a. herselves b. himself c. itself d. herself

202. My father took _____________ car to the repair shop.

a. her b. its c. those d. his

203. Where is ______________ book?

a. me b. an c. these d. my

204. I bought a new CD, but now I canít find __________.

a. them b. they c. it d. him

205. Please give the new books to _____________.

a. him and I b. he and I c. me and he d. him and me

206. The commanding officer _______________ will inspect the barracks.

a. themselves b. himself c. ourselves d. itself

207. My mother lost ___________ keys.

a. hers b. his c. itís d. her

208. Give me that book! Itís ____________.

a. mine b. my c. me d. no yours

209. I donít want to be in a class with _________ students who speak Spanish all the time.

a. others b. another c. other d. some others

210. My wife hurt ______________.

a. himself b. sheself c. ourself d. herself

211. The car________I bought was a bargain.

a. who b. which c. whom d. what

212. Mind your own business. This is an argument between________________.

a. Joe and I b. he and I c. him and I d. him and me.

213. He gave_______________bicycles for Christmas.

a. my brother and I b. my brother and me c. I and my brother d. me brother and I

214. That is ___________ car.

a. me b. my c. he d. him

215. My father took _____________car to the repair shop yesterday.

a. her b. his c. its d. me

216. The girls did this report all by _____ _______ ______ ____________.

a. herselves b. theyselves c. themselves d. theirselves

217. I want to thank you for inviting my wife and ___________ to dinner.

a. I b. me c. we d. he

You have to use DETERMINERS.

218. Most people want ____________________.

a. the freedom b. many freedom c. freedom d. lots freedom

219. I want to buy ___________ cigarettes.

a. a b. some c. an d. a few of

220. The teacher gives _________________ homework.

a. too much b. many c. lot d. a

221. May I please have ________________ coffee?

a. any b. both c. some d. much

222. I lost _______________ money.

a. all b. my all c. all of me d. all of my

223. I want a picture of __________________ elephants.

a. that three b. those three c. them three d. this three

224. I donít want to be in a class with _______________ students.

a. others b. other c. that d. them

225. There are ________________ cars in the parking lot.

a. too much b. some much c. too many d. some many

226. I bought ______________ book.

a. some old b. a old c. these old d. an old

227. The police said they captured______________ robbery suspects.

a. both of b. the both c. one d. both of the

228. To get 100 on the ECL and 3/3 on the OPI is extremely difficult. __________ students ever manage to do that.

a. Few b. A few c. Some d. Many

229. I bought_______________pies for the buffet.

a. a b. one c. an d. several

230. Tell ______________ students that they will take the test.

a. all of five b. the all five c. all five d. all the of five

231. The kids ate__________________ candy before supper.

a. too many b. some of c. lot d. too much

232. I bought __________________ roses for my mother.

a. severals red beautiful b. beautiful red several c. beautiful several red d. several beautiful red

233. I like studying ______________ kind of exercise.

a. this b. these c. those d. many

234. People in some countries do not have _____ _______ ______ _________.

a. same freedoms b. those freedom c. the freedom d. freedom

235. I donít like ________________ exercises.

a. this b. these c. those d. them

You have to learn all the CONNECTING WORDS---the conjunctions and the adverbial connectives.

236. It was raining, ____________I stayed inside and watched television.

a. but b. for c. so d. yet

237. I hate fish; ___________________, I ate two servings of it at my sisterís party.

a. and b. moreover c. so d. however

238. I had an accident. Thus, my insurance premium went up.

a. Therefore b. But c. Nevertheless d. Still

239. I went to the movies _____________ I returned home.

a. because b. since c. and then d. however

240. I want to go to the BX, ______________I donít have time.

a. but b. so c. because d. moreover

241. I like to drink tequila, _______________ does my brother.

a. but so b. and too c. and so d. while not

242. Brazil is a big country, ________________ Denmark is small.

a. so b. while c. when d. because

243. I like to learn English grammar, _______________ my classmates donít.

a. if b. when c. but d. moreover

244. He injured himself during the soccer game, _____________ we took him to the hospital.

a. but b. first c. so d. because

245. You should read the instructions ______________ you begin marking answers on the answer sheet.

a. after b. during c. if d. before

246. I was late for work ________________ an accident on Loop 410.

a. due to b. because c. since d. reason for

247. He won the race _______________ his injured leg.

a. inspite b. despite of c. in spite of d. because

248. __________________ it was raining, the children wanted to play outside.

a. Although b. So c. But d. However

249. I donít know if he will go or not.

a. why b. when c. where d. whether

250. I studied a lot; as a result, I got a good score on the test.

a. therefore b. however c. moreover d. furthermore

251. Neither Joe _________ Steve will be at the meeting.

a. and b. or c. but d. nor

252. First, you must learn about verb forms; ________________, you must learn prepositions.

a. before b. then c. while d. however

253. He went to the hospital________________he felt very ill.

a. but b. and c. however d. because

254. He got 100 on the ECL; ________________ his teachers are proud of him.

a. otherwise b. therefore c. furthermore d. moreover

A big problem will be VOCABULARY.

255. I feel depressed today because the weather is bad.

a. sad b. joyous c. healthy d. rich

256. I want you to choose whichever dessert you want.

a. pick off b. pick up c. pick away d. pick out

257. The top of the mountain is covered with snow.

a. base b. foothills c. peak d. side

258. When you are thirsty, you should drink ___________________.

a. gasoline b. water c. paint d. ink

259. I live in a very safe _____ _______ ______ ________.

a. neigh b. neighbor c. neighborly d. neighborhood

260. The test will be hard.

a. difficult b. easy c. short d. simple

261. They inspected the engine completely.

a. partially b. sporadically c. thoroughly d. superficially

262. It is risky to drive at night in an ice storm.

a. entertaining b. hazardous c. safe d. fun

263. He was murdered when he was 23 years old.

a. born b. graduated c. married d. killed

264. The doctors say he will recover and survive the operation.

a. pull over b. pull out c. pull off d. pull through


265. I ate a gargantuan piece of cake at lunch.

a. gigantic b. little c. small d. tiny

266. Steve is stupid.

a. smart b. intelligent c. dumb d. brainy

267. He comes from a poor family.

a. wealthy b. moneyless c. affluent d. rich

268. The test was horrible.

a. awful b. terrible c. hideous d. all of the above

269. The transformer is inoperative today.

a. good b. malfunctioning c. expensive d. working

270. I need new glasses. I canít see the __________ of that clock.

a. fingers b. arms c. legs d. hands

271. I feel weary today.

a. happy b. exhausted c. angry d. silly

One aspect of vocabulary is your knowledge of PREFIXES.

272. How many wheels does a tricycle have?

a. one b. two c. three d. four

273. This is unimportant

a. It is very important. b. It is not important. c. It is extremely important d. It is really important.

274. The mayor of my hometown is__________________because of some bad decisions he made last year.

a. impopular b. nonpopular c. inpopular d. unpopular

275. I want you to write your paragraph again. I want you to __________________it.

a. unwrite b. biwrite c. rewrite d. antiwrite

276. Draw half of a circle on your paper. Draw a ____________________.

a. circle b. hemicircle c. semicircle d. demicircle

277. Iím allergic to cigarette smoke, so I have to sit in the ______________section of the restaurant.

a. nonsmoking b. unsmoking c. antismoking d. imsmoking

278. This is not a little store. It is a huge_____ _______ ______ _________.

a. .supermarket b. intermarket c. contramarket d. minimarket

279. A navy vessel designed to function under the water is a_____ _______ ______ _______.

a. boat b. submarine c. aircraft carrier d. ferry

280. A piece of equipment designed to help you see things that are far away is a ____________________.

a. microscope b. stethoscope c. telescope d. horoscope

281. A fast boat that can move quickly across the surface of water is a _____________.

a. monoboat b. hydroplane c. submarine d. maximum

282. I cannot memorize all of the ____________________ verbs.

a. unregular b. imregular c. irregular d. ilregular

283. His answers were _____ _______ ______ _______.

a. incorrect b. uncorrect c. noncorrect d. imcorrect

284. He speaks many languages. He is _____ _______ ______ _______.

a. monolingual b. bilingual c. nonlingual d. multilingual

285. He is a _________________ person.

a. dishonest b. unhonest c. nonhonest d. mishonest

286. An octagon has __________________ sides.

a. six b. seven c. eight d. nine

287. That scale model is very small. It is a _____ _______ ______ ______.

a. miniature b. microture c. mesature d. sinecure

288. He wrote his own biography. It is _____ _______ ______ __________.

a. an autobiography b. a self-biography c. a unibiography d. an owner-biography

289. All of these questions are closely related to each other. They are_____________.

a. extrarelated. b. more related c. intrarelated. d. quasirelated

We learn hundreds of phrasal verbs at DLI. You have to learn as many of them as you can.

290. We will have to cancel the picnic.

a. call up b. call in c. call in d. call off

291. We will not put off the soccer game.

a. cancel b. postpone c. publicize d. attend

292. Can you lift that chair by yourself?

a. pick up b. pick out c. pick on d. pick off

293. The meeting will wind up at 0930.

a. start b. begin c. commence d. end

294. He has trouble explaining his ideas to his students.

a. getting out b. getting across c. getting up d. getting in

295. Can you make up a good question about German history?

a. create b. answer c. remember d. read

296. Iím saving a little money each month to buy a new color TV.

a. putting out b. putting off c. putting up d. putting aside

297. He was raised by his grandmother in Florida.

a. done over b. taken out c. brought up d. come to

298. He vomited after drinking too much warm Pepsi.

a. threw out b. threw up c. threw away d. threw in

299. Be careful!

a. Watch over! b. Watch out! c. Watch in! d. Watch through!

300. We had to summon an expert to solve our problem.

a. call in b. call out c. call down d. call back

301. The bomb exploded in the rear of the bus.

a. blew out b. blew up c. blew off d. blew away

302. Despite the heavy rain, the plane took off after only a short delay.

a. landed b. crashed c. arrived d. departed

303. I want you to hand in your papers now.

a. submit b. correct c. give out d. redo

304. Can you create a good sentence in the passive voice?

a. make out b. make over c. make up d. make through

305. Itís time to submit your papers to the teacher.

a. hand in b. hand out c. hand over d. hand around

306. The alarm bell sounded during the middle of the ECL.

a. came to b. went off c. did over d. took apart

307. The total bill ________________ $323.43.

a. came to b. took over c. picked through d. went out

You need to learn the different parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb), so that you can select CORRECT WORD FORMS to fill in the blanks.

308. I value your_____ _______ ______ ___________.

a. friendness b. friendly c. friendhood d. friendship

309. A lot of these numbers are___________________.

a. inaccuracy b. inaccurated c. inaccurate d. inaccuracies

310. I think Dr. Garfield is______professional.

a. un- b. im- c. in- d. mis-

311. This part of the country has a high level of ____________________.

a. unemploy b. unemploying c. unemploys d. unemployment

312. This magazine is about____________________.

a. entertainer b. entertain c. entertainment d. entertained

313. That was a(n)______________act which he committed.

a. legal b. legality c. legalness d. illegal

314. The safe _________________ of troops is that unitís #1 priority.

a. deployed b. deployment c. deploy d. deploition

315. I need to buy some additional car_____ _______ ______ ________.

a. insure b. insuring c. insurance d. insured

316. She has been a 911 radio___________________ for over 10 years.

a. dispatcher b. dispatch c. dispatching d. dispatchment

317. You need to____________________before you begin an important mission.

a. planify b. plan c. planet d. planning

318. This movie is for adults only. It is not for ____________________.

a. young b. youngsters c. youngs d. youngers

319. I hear you had a car accident. How much are the _______________ going to cost?

a. repairs b. repairment c. reparation d. repairing

320. There is a lot of _________________ in New York City.

a. criminality b. crimes c. crime d. criminal

321. Heís not in the military. Heís a ___________________.

a. civilian b. civil c. civilized d. civilization

322. You are not supposed to make __________________ calls from this telephone.

a. person b. personality c. personalize d. personal

323. That was the _________________ story I have ever heard.

a. saddest b. sadder c. sadness d. sad

324. I canít concentrate today. I am ___________________ with work.

a. preoccupated b. preoccupation c. preoccupy d. preoccupied

325. During the first week of school, we have to _________________ the students.

a. orient b. orientate c. oriental d. orationalize

326. I think Joe is wrong. I _________________ with him.

a. am no agree b. am disagree c. disagree d. no agree

You must learn to use ADJECTIVES and ADVERBS correctly.

327. He is a very _______________ driver.

a. quick b. quicker c. quickly d. quickness

328. She is a _______________ worker.

a. hard b. hardly c. hardness d. harden

329. That is a _____ _______ ______ _________horse.

a. beauty b. beautiful c. beautician d. beautify

330. He speaks_____ _______ ______ ______.

a. slow b. slowly c. slowness d. slowed

331. The students are _______________because the material is too easy for them.

a. bore b. boring c. boredom d. bored

332. Joe is a fast runner, but Tom is________________than Joe.

a. fast b. faster c. fastly d. more faster

333. I hope I can find an___________________banker to deal with.

a. honest b. honestly c. honestness d. honested

334. The__________________children ran toward the clown.

a. laugh b. laughing c. laughed d. laughter

335. The soccer game was very __________________.

a. excite b. exciting c. excited d. excitable

336. Mary is smart, but Susan is__________________student in the school.

a. the most intelligent b. the intelligentest c. most intelligent d. more intelligent

337. The police opened the door __________________.

a. careful b. carefully c. carfulled d. carefullness

338. She is this companyís most____________________worker.

a. capable b. capacity c. capability d. capsizing

339. What is your _________________job here at DLI?

a. exactly b. exact c. exactness d. exactitude

340. She sings_____ _______ ______ ______.

a. angelically b. angel c. angelic d. angelical

341. This weather has been absolutely____________________.

a. wonder b. wonderfully c. wonderful d. wondered

342. Think____________________before you answer.

a. careful b. care c. carefulness d. carefully

343. He answered the teacher very ____________________.

a. polite b. politely c. politeness d. politics

344. He guessed my ___________________ weight.

a. exact b. exactly c. exacting d. exacted

345. He answered the question_____ _______ ______ ________.

a. correctly b. correct c. correctedly d. correctionally

You have to learn proper SYNTAX (word order).

346. I bought _____ _______ ______ _________.

a. a white sports Italian car. b. a sports white Italian car.

c. a car white Italian sports c. a white Italian sports car

347. How often do you go to the movies?

a. I go almost never to the movies. b. I almost go never to the movies.

c. I almost never go to the movies. d. I to the movies almost never go.

348. Which sentence is correct?

a. I bought three big wool sweaters. b. I three wool big sweaters bought.

c. I bought three wool big sweaters. d. I bought wool three big sweaters.

349. Which sentence is correct?

a. I never have to the Alamo been. b. Never I been to the Alamo have.

c. I to the Alamo have been never. d. I have never been to the Alamo.

350. Which sentence is correct?

a. He always at the messhall fish eats. b. He always eats fish at the messhall.

c. At the messhall always eats he fish. d. Fish eats he at the messhall always.

351. I donít like Latoya Jackson and _____ _______ ______ ______________.

a. neither my brother do b. my brother do not either

c. my brother too d. neither does my brother

352. Joe asks, ďWhere is the library?Ē

a. Joe wants to know where is the library. b. Joe wants to know the library where is.

c. Joe wants to know where the library is. d. Joe is want to know where the library.

353. Which sentence is correct?

a. I saw a French white, ugly big poodle. b. I saw a white French big ugly poodle.

c. I saw an ugly, French white big poodle. d. I saw a big, ugly white French poodle.

354. Which sentence is correct?

a. I will go tomorrow to the airport. b. I to the airport will tomorrow go.

c. I will go to the tomorrow airport. d. I will go to the airport tomorrow.

355. Which sentence is correct?

a. We ordered a big sausage hot tasty pizza.

b. We ordered a sausage hot tasty big pizza.

c. We ordered a big hot tasty sausage pizza.

d. We ordered a big pizza sausage hot tasty.

We have thousands of common IDIOMS. You must learn as many as possible, so you can figure out what they mean in context.

356. Computer #5 is on the blink.

a. Itís on the desk. b. Itís on sale. c. Itís not working. d. It has been cleaned.

357. A million bucks is just chickenfeed to him.

a. Thatís a lot of money to him. b. That is more money than he will ever see or earn.

c. That is too much money to pay for anything. d. That amount of money is insignificant to him.

358. Heís still a little wet behind the ears.

a. He is still sleepy. b. He just got married.

c. He is starving. d. He doesnít have much experience.

359. Iím broke.

a. I donít have any money. b. My body really hurts.

c. I am very happy. d. I am very tired.

360. Donít count your chickens before they hatch.

a.        Donít try to order chicken in the restaurant.

b.       Donít assume you will have something until you actually have it.

c.        Donít tell people you did something if you didnít do it.

d.       Donít tell lies to your friends and relatives.

361. Donít cry over spilled milk.

a. Donít worry about things from the past. b. Donít argue with the teacher about grammar.

c. Donít punish your children when they do bad things. d. Donít purchase milk from the store if it is bad.

362. Thatís all just water under the bridge.

a. Forget about it. b. You need to revive an old argument.

c. Donít go swimming. d. You must finish all previous jobs.

363. The next ECL will be a piece of cake.

a. It will be very difficult. b. It will be very easy.

c. Dessert is more important than meat. d. The ECL is not important to us.

364. Heís gotten too big for his britches.

a. He needs some new clothes. b. He should take them to the tailor.

c. Someone should cut him down to size. d. We should congratulate him.

365. Mr. Williams has a short fuse today.

a. He doesnít have much money. b. He feels very sick. c. Heís extremely happy. d. He has a quick temper.

You need to learn how to READ PARAGRAPHS for the main idea (skimming) or for specific information (scanning). Always read the question(s) FIRST, so that you know what you are looking for when you actually start to read the paragraph.

There are many strange birds in the world, but by far the most interesting to many scientists is the kiwi, which is native to New Zealand. This bird is nocturnal, meaning it sleeps during the day and searches for food during the night. On the one hand, this is safe because most of its predators sleep during the night. However, being a nocturnal creature does have its disadvantages: namely, nighttime predators, such as owls, can easily detect and attack the tiny kiwis. Another interesting fact about the kiwi is that it cannot fly. It scurries around rapidly, so that owls, which are used to catching other nocturnal birds in midair, have problems locating kiwis that have dashed into a bush or clump of grass for safety.

What is the main idea of this reading?

a. Owls are the most famous birds of New Zealand.

b. The kiwi is a very strange and interesting bird.

c. Kiwis are predators that often attack and kill owls.

d. There are no nocturnal birds in New Zealand.

Which other bird is given as an example of a nocturnal animal?

a. a bush b. a fly c. a clump of grass d. an owl

Based on this reading, we can safely conclude that a predator would________________.

a. eat grass and seeds b. eat fruits and nuts

c. not be able to fly at night d. eat other creatures for food


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