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Using the tool options bar


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Using the tool options bar

Most tools have options that are displayed in the tool options bar. The options bar is context sensitive and changes as different tools are selected Some settings in the options bar are common to several tools (such as painting modes and opacity) and some are specific to one tool (such as the Auto Erase setting for the pencil tool).

You can move the options bar anywhere in the work area and dock it at the top or bottom of the screen.

To display the tool options bar:

Do one of the following:

Choose Window > Options.

Click a tool in the toolbox.

Lasso options bar

To return a tool or all tools to the default settings:

Do one of the following:

Click the tool icon on the options bar then choose Reset Tool or Reset All Tools from the context menu.

(ImageReady) In Windows or Mac OS 9.x choose Edit > Preferences > General then click

Reset All Tools.

(ImageReady) In Mac OS X choose ImageReady > Preferences > General then click

Reset All Tools.

To move the options bar:

Drag the options bar by the gripper bar at its left edge.

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