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Identify Software

Visual studio

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Identify Software

Company Overview: Identify is the leader in application problem resolution software, helping hundreds of enterprises and software vendors speed application delivery, increase application quality, performance, and availability, and reduce application support costs. The company's AppSight Application Problem Resolution System leverages unique, patented Black Box Application Flight Recorder technology to capture, communicate, and determine the root cause of application problems, thereby dramatically accelerating problem resolution processes across the application lifecycle. Founded in 1996, Identify is a global organization, with operational headquarters in Raleigh, N.C. and offices throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific.


Product Description

AppSight enhances Visual Studio Team System by automating and accelerating the tasks of application problem resolution - one of the most time-consuming and costly processes of lifecycle application management. AppSight's Black Box software monitors application execution and captures a synchronized, real time log of user actions, system events, performance metrics and code level trace across all tiers of a distributed application, By providing the basis for team collaboration and communication, and with role-specific analysis perspectives, AppSight has been proven to accelerate the end-to-end problem resolution process by 70%.

AppSight accelerates the problem resolution cycle between testers and developers

Records application execution, performance, and configuration data during tests

Tester can replay visual recording within VS Team Test to validate problem

Tester saves tedious, time consuming documentation effort

Developer can replay the visual recording in VS Team Developer for Tester context

Developer can analyze app behavior to pinpoint root cause without replicating problem

Deliver Higher Quality Apps on Time and in Budget

AppSight enables collaboration between operations and development on problems in deployed apps

Monitors and records application execution in live production environments

Sends alert to MOM 2005 Operator Console

Captured problem history can be linked to Work Item in Team Foundation Server

Developer can analyze user and app behavior to identify root cause without replicating problem

Avoid business interruption; Meet SLAs; Reduce Support Costs by 60%

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