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Planning your CV


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Planning your CV 

Emma: What about language? Is it good to use active verbs like managing

and communicating?

Andreas: How about results? Mine are not brilliant, especially if I break down my

results. Do I need to put them in my C.V.?

Merry: What if I stretched the truth, if I exaggerated what I'm doing?

Kolik a kter daje zahrnout? A musm nezbytně řkat pravdu a nic ne pravdu?

Otzka jazyka ivotopisu je velmi důleit: do dobrho ivotopisu patř: positive verbs and active-sounding verbs - jako kupřkladu: managed and analysed.

Patrcice Wareov:

I think most people now when composing CVs think not just what theyre saying, but how they say it. So if you use positive verbs and positive, active-sounding verbsIf you have been in charge of something you say 'I've managed this' if you have done quite a lot of work that has involved details you can say 'I analysed this', 'I gave attention to detail'. You need to use words that express in a positive what you've done, in an achieving sort of way.

Kdy pouvte pozitivn a aktivn slovesa, vyvolte představu, e jste taky: positive and active! Dal aktivn sloveso je napřklad organised - I organised meetings.

Poteciln zaměstnavatel nekouk jenom na obsah ivotopisu, stejně tak důleit je angličtina, jak potvrzuje nborov konzultant John Courtis:

John Courtis: Its (also) very important you write something which isn't stilted. You really write something that is YOU. You want to tell potential employer and me that you understand the English language and you can use it. One of the things they're trying to assess is how well you can work in English and so the C.V. and covering letter are work samples. Its not generally known that the interview is a rotten predictor of work performance - it's a bad way of assessing people. The good employer will look for any examples of the way you communicate. Communication is more than half the job in most jobs.

John Courtis řk, e je nejlep: to write something which isnt stilted. Slovem stilted mysl, aby jazyk nebyl přli ředn a roubovan. Doporučuje přmočarou a jednoduchou angličtinu. Styl jazyka by měl odret to, co je va osobnosti vlastn.

Cvičen 3


1. Pořdal jsem schůze.

Zaměstnal jsem tři lidi.

Vedl jsem tm.

1. I organised meetings.

2. I recruited three people.

I supervised a team.

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