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Work Efficiently


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Work Efficiently

We'll keep this short so you can get back to work :-)

  • Keep your desk and your files organized to avoid wasting time shuffling through piles of paper.
  • Go through your inbox at the beginning of each work day. Either throw away, file or follow up on each item.
  • Prioritize a list of the tasks you need to accomplish that day.
  • Delegate tasks to co-workers and assistants if possible.
  • Finish one task before you go on to the next.
  • Have someone else answer your phone if possible. Give instructions about calls you wish to take and those that can be returned later.
  • Communicate effectively and plan carefully to make sure a job is done properly the first time around.
  • Schedule time when you'll be available, and let colleagues know, to avoid constant interruptions. Close the door if you need to.
  • Take breaks. A short walk or quick lunch away from the office will increase your overall productivity.
  • Before leaving for the day, tidy up your desk and make a short list of projects you will need to do the next day.
  • Try not to take work home. You need the break.
  • Determine when you have most energy in a day and tackle the most important or most difficult tasks at that time.
  • Recognize that certain days (usually Monday or Friday) are more hectic than others. Be realistic when scheduling those days.
  • Exercise and a healthy diet boost your energy level and increase your productivity.
  • If you get completely snowed under, hire an assistant from a temp agency to get you through the crunch.

Watch out!:

Avoid regularly going out for long lunches with colleagues or clients - large meals make for unproductive afternoons.

Beware of time-consuming habits such as procrastination and indecision.

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