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Rules of high employability

Have a personal vision, know exactly what you want for your future

know your capabilities

know your employers

reach for high performance standards

take action to have what you want in your future


Barriers that could inhibit you from accomplishing your goals


fear of failure

not knowing clearly what you want

poor health

lack of confidence

not knowing where to look

personal / family problems

not willing to take risks

limited experience

fear of change

not good at interviewing


Skills , qualities,  capabilities

Examples of capabilities

effectively communicate and provide interpersonal skills

manage details under pressure in complex environments

manage large groups of people with ease

analyse vast amounts of data

develop systems and procedures for all phases of a project

write reports ( using Microsoft Office and WordPerfect )

organize and maintain facilities

design manufacturing, construction and installation procedures

direct test programs to insure conformity of equipment and systems to customer requirements

conduct research and development including design, manufacture, and testing of electrical equipment


Your ideal future job will combine your skills and your personal interests

Examples of interests

operate my own business

work with machinery

do research

work alone

take care of people



do routine tasks


repair things

work on a team

do physical labour


learn new things

work in an office

work outdoors

dress casually

have regular hours

work for a small firm

work irregular hours

solve problems

organize events

invent and design

Personal motivations

financial rewards

professional advancement

be in a large organization

work as a consultant

have clearly defined duties

work in my home

work near my home

be paid on an incentive basis

be in charge

take on projects that havent been done before

start my own business

meet new people

be challenged

be acknowledged for what I accomplish

work in attractive surroundings

be able to leave the job behind when I go home

use my intelligence

make my own schedule

get feedback

TIP : personal marketability depends on knowing how to become known to a potential employer by effectively describing yourself, your skills, capabilities, achievements


  • well-structured, easy-to-read presentation of your work history, skills, results, designed to convince a potential employer
  • focused on a targeted job / things about you that are most relevant to the position or work assignment you seek

Power Language

Examples of powerful phrases

to move swiftly and capably from task to task, from one work environment to another, across national boundaries

to master new concepts, skills and practices

to learn quickly, adapt to change and engage innovatively in problem solving

to organize and reorganize new data, work systems, corporate processes according to evolving needs

to focus on customer needs

to work comfortably with diversity

to use computer technology

to engage with networks of people and information

to work on special task forces and project teams

to be quality/oriented

to think multinationally

Preparation Guidelines

always prepare your CV with a targeted job or assignment in mind

use short indented phrases where appropriate

choose the clearest, simplest language to say what you want to say

use specific quantities, percentages or valus

put the strongest statements at the top of each section or paragraph

do not include hobbies, social interests unless they clearly contribute to your ability to perform the targeted job

avoid gratuitious self-descriptions

do not use I, it is implied

describe results and achievemnts such as e.g. Completed three major research projects on time within budget.


keep your CV short and simple a one-page CV is frequently sufficient

dont include a photograph

dont list very personal data (gender, state of health etc.)


Note : decide on the CV format that will support your employment strategy.

Chronological - organizes work experience chronologically

Functional  - decsribes functions or areas of skill

Targeted aims at a specific job

Capabilities CV Internal focuses on actual need within an organization



staying in the same field as past jobs

job history shows real growth

past titles are highly impressive

name of last employer is important

want to emphasize employment history

Tips : -start with most recent position ; devote most space to most recent employment

detail only last 3 4 positions

for experience last years, not months

not necessary to list every change of position

do not repeat details common to several positions

for each position include major results that demonstrate your competency on that job

keep the language clear


- features skill areas grouped together according to their relationship to your targeted job


looking for your first job

changing career goals or work focus

skills are more impressive than work history

have been absent from the job market for a while

changed empowers too frequently

Tips : - use ( 2 4) separate sections to highlight a particular area of skills or results

list functional categories in order of importance to your targeted job

within each category, stress those results that most directly relate to your targeted work

formal education is listed at the bottom, unless you have earned a formal degree within the past two years and you have fewer than two years of work history

list your job history in the last third of the CV, giving dates, employers and job titles

keep length to one page whenever possible



want to make an impressive case for a specific job target

very clear about job direction or skill focus

willing to write a CV for each job target

have skils, but not long, impressive history in those skills

Tips : - describe your targeted job or work at the top of the CV

keep statements of capabilities and accomplishments short

skills or capabilities you list should asnwer the question What can you do for me (my company or work group)?

accomplishments or results you list should answer the question What have you done to demonstrate that you can do what you say?

work history and education are described on the bottom third of the CV

!!! Several drafts

!!! Final critique feedback

Contacts & Your Network

close family

work contacts colleagues, suppliers, consultants, managers, board members etc.


professionals lawyers, bankers, teachers, officials


social contacts people you meet at parties, conventions, class reunions, people on the Net

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