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Writing a Covering Letters


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Writing a Covering Letters 

Průvodní dopis má za úkol přilákat k přečtení životopisu - has got to earn readership doslova: zasloužit si čtenářskou obec”. Mnozí zaměstnavatelé při čtení průvodního dopisu čekají na první příležitost, aby ho vyřadili:

John Courtis:  They are desperately important. The covering letter for the CV. If you don't send a covering letter that tempts people to turn over and read the next page you have failed. And many employers, many consultants, many employment agents read to reject - they only read till the point where they find something they can reject you for.

Jak tomu předejít? Jak zařídit, aby právě váš průvodní dopis zapůsobil a vyčlenil se z šedi ostatních dopisů? Je důležité vybrat a vypíchnnout relevantní schopnosti a je taky užitečné zmínit jeden konkrétní úspěch, něco, čeho jste dosáhli a čeho si nejvíce ceníte, jak říká John Courtis:

So you need to keep every document saying positive things, true things that you're proud of, and your excellencies your good points must come out, not necessarily by exaggerating them, but mentioning them. We didn't when I was young put languages into the CV - now it's very important that if you have fluency in any language you might forget what languages you're fluent in. A lot of people learn 2 or 3 languages and then think: 'Oh, everybody is going to be like that where I come from'. You might even get a new job just because you are fluent in some obscure dialect.

I styl a tón dopisu hraje roli. Měl by být tón průvodního dopisu sebejistý? Samozřejmě je potřeba udržet jistou rovnováhu:

Emma: So it's a kind of fine balance between actually communicating your

strongest points, but not actually sounding too confident and too cocky.

John C:  Yes. But if you can give them a little peg to hang the idea on - and

they can come back & talk to you about it. If you don't mention it,

because you think everybody has an understanding of Gujarati or

which particular dialect in a particular territory you understand -

it may be that they have a lot of customers who deal with that area

and they'd be very pleased.

Zásady při psaní průvodního dopisu:

Keep your letters one page long

Write to a named person - Dear Mr Smith or Dear Mrs Brown - and end the letter 'Yours sincerely'

If you don't know the name of the person you're writing to - write the letter to “Dear”

Sir or Madam' - and end it with 'Yours faithfully'

Quote any reference numbers

Under your signature, print or write your full name

Always keep a copy so you can check it before an interview 

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