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Quality Assurance Plan


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Quality Assurance Plan


The Agreement Documents represent the minimum level of quality to be incorporated into the Project by the Contractor and define standards and materials of construction, requirements for the execution of the Work, performance criteria and testing of equipment assemblies and systems, and the documentation necessary to demonstrate that Agreement requirements have been met.

Quality is achieved if the completed Work and the Project are conform with the stated requirements of the Agreement Documents while conforming with applicable codes and safety regulations.

The Contractor is responsible for formulating, implementing, and administering a Project specific Contractor Quality Control Plan (CQC Plan) according to the minimum guidelines below, including a Materials Testing and Inspection Plan, required to properly fulfill the Agreement requirements to achieve the specified quality. The Contractor's responsibilities include both on-site and off-site testing and inspection.

The Client reserves the right to reject any Quality Control procedures submitted by the Contractor that are not in compliance with the Agreement Documents, and to require the Contractor’s submission of new procedures and/or dictate procedures to be followed by the Contractor at no additional cost.

The Contractor shall have and work according to ISO 9001 quality management system.

The Contractor must attend all the meetinges convened by the Client’s Representative (Quality Assurance Manager - QAM or other person nominated by the Client).


2.1. The Contractor shall comply with the requirements of this section in order to satisfactorily handle stored material and equipment.

2.2. The Contractor shall protect Construction Materials and Construction Equipment used in his Work, and adjust his means of performing the Work to protect materials, ongoing and completed Work against climatic effects. Included are, without limit, special precautions to protect cast concrete during hot weather, protection of fresh concrete surfaces against rain and so on. All protection shall comply, at a minimum, with the provision stated in the Special Specifications and the General Specifications, and in the absence of any such provisions, as directed by the Client PM. Protection of ongoing and completed Work shall be considered included within the Contractor’s quoted price in the Bill of Quantities, and shall be performed at no additional cost to Client.


2.3.1. The Contractor, shall provide trailers or sheds on Site suitable for protecting its stored material and equipment from damage by weather or construction work. The location of the storage facilities shall be as approved on the Site Organization Plan or as indicated by the Client. The trailers and sheds are to be removed and/or relocated by the Contractor at no additional cost to the Client, as and when directed by the Client. The Contractor shall file for, obtain, and pay all fees required for such storage facilities

2.3.2. Any material or equipment stored in the building shall have sufficient protection provided to prevent damage by weather or construction activities.

2.3.3. The Contractor shall be responsible for the existence, protection, and, if necessary, replacement of the Construction Materials or Construction Equipment until execution of the Certificate of Final Completion for the Work.



Contract deliverables included in the approved CQC plan or requested during the construction

By the designer/Client will be submitted by the contractor for approval, submittal form will be Attached to each submittal.


The Contractor will prepare and submit deliverables in accordance with the CQC Plan Or any other requested items during the construction by the designer/Client, the contractor should submit the submittal in accordance to the project schedule taking

Into account proper time to answer(if required few revisions), order the material etc..

Submittal numbering will be comprised of a sequential Submittal number to be assigned by the Contractor.

The Contractor will submit 4 copies of the Submittal form(and attachments) to Client, the Client will provide the Contractor with stamped Submittal form with The date of the submission of the mentioned Submittal.

The Client is Required to provide the Contractor with an answer to the Submittal within 14 days from the day of the submission of the mentioned Submittal.

Response to the submittal shell be as follows:

Each Shop Drawing, Product Data or Sample submittal will be stamped by the Client  indicating the appropriate action as follows:

“APPROVED” means that the Designer takes no exception to the Submittal and that fabrication, manufacture, or construction may proceed providing the submittal complies with the Agreement Documents.

“APPROVED AS NOTED” - DO NOT RESUBMIT” means that fabrication, manufacture, or construction may proceed providing submittal complies with the Designer’s notations and the Agreement Documents.

“MAKE CORRECTIONS NOTED - RESUBMIT” means that a portion of the submittal does not comply with the design intent of the Agreement Documents. Final approval of the re-submission is required prior to incorporation of the materials in the Works.

“REJECTED - REVISE AND RESUBMIT” means that submittal does not comply with the design intent of the Agreement Documents. Submittals stamped “REJECTED - REVISE AND RESUBMIT” are not to be used to progress the Work. The Contractor shall make revisions and resubmit.

Contractor shall make any corrections required by Designer and shall resubmit corrected shop drawings or new samples until stamped “Approved” or “APPROVED AS NOTED - DO NOT RESUBMIT” by Designer/Engineer. Contractor shall direct specific attention in writing to all revisions other than the corrections requested by Designer.

No portion of the Work requiring a shop drawing or sample submission shall be commenced until the submission has been reviewed and stamped “Approved”, or “APPROVED AS NOTED - DO NOT RESUBMIT” by the Client. All such portions of the Work shall be in accordance with Designer reviewed shop drawings and samples.


The Contractor shall develop a Contractor's Quality Control Plan, according to the Quality Assurance Guidelines requirements. The Plan shall include the following:

The Contractor's Quality Control (CQC) Organization chart form showing the relationship to other elements of the firm and Sub-contractors.

Names and qualifications of personnel in the CQC Organization.

Area of responsibility and authority of each individual in the CQC Organization, including elements of the Work for which the individual is authorized to sign for the Contractor certifying that the particular element conforms to the Agreement Documents.

A listing of the outside organizations such as testing and inspection firms that will be employed, and a description of the services they will provide. Additionally, include the testing and inspection firm qualification data required elsewhere in this section.

Samples of all the inspections forms intended for the use in the Project, for the Client’s approval. The list and/or the forms may be changed by the Client, at this stage or at a later stage, according to the Client’s requirements, at no additional cost.

The Contractor shall review all contract documents and submit the Contractor’s Quality Contarol Plan to the Client approval, the above mentioned CQC Plan will include(but not limited to) data sheets, samples, shop drawings , mock ups to be submitted along the project duretion including schedule of submission to each submittal.

The Contractor's Quality Control Plan shall be submitted to the Client for review not later than 30 days after the signing of the contract.


Mock up list:

The Contractor shall submit, as part of the CQC Plan, the Mock up schedule (with time frame), and the Mock up list for each area, including all the items to be part of the mock-up for each of such areas. The Mock up schedule and the Mock up list shall be subject to the Client’s review, amendments and approval. The Client is reserving its rights to request from the Contractor for additional Mock ups during the construction, other than the ones included in the contractor approved mock up schedule and list.


the Contractor will submit a request for mock up review on site with a submittal form, the submittal should include the list of material’s/products to be presented on the mentioned mock up review and the submittal number that each of the mentioned material’s/products was approved/approved as noted by the Client . Only Approved/Approved as noted material’s/products Submittal’s shell be submitted as Mock up’s.

once the mock up will be submitted the Client will schedule the review of mock up meeting within the next 14 days (last day for submittal response)

review meeting on site: the Contractor will provide all relevant documents related to the mock up material’s/products including approved submittal’s,

The Contractor will provide a review of all mock up material’s/products ways and means of execution.

Following the mock up review meeting the Client will issue the minute of meeting (response to the submittal) indicting the comments/status for each of the mock up material/product .

Once the mock up is approved/approved as noted the contractor will be allowed to start the execution of the material/product presented on the mock up.

it is the contractor responsibility to supervise and make sure that all work’s required mock up’s are being carried according to the approved mock up/Client comments to the mock up.

The mock up shall be preserved and serve as bench mark for the approved quality of the similar works.


As part of the CQC Plan, the Contractor shall submit the list of tests to be performed by an independent laboratory, according to the specifications and to the applicable laws and regulations, for the Client’s review, amendment and approval.

Independent testing firms shall be retained by the Contractor as required to provide the unbiased quality control information necessary to protect the interests of the Client, and to furnish technical expertise and knowledge as may be of benefit to the Project. The Contractor will obtain and pay for the services of all independent testing firms to perform professional inspection and testing services related to his Work as specified in the Specification Sections, and/or as required by governmental agencies, both on-site and off-site.

The Client is entitled, without any additional costs, to request that a specific laboratory/testing firm will be nominated to perform part or all the tests.

The independent testing firm will:

Perform and report on all specified tests and inspection, and additional tests which are required or may be necessary.

Conduct tests and provide reports as soon as possible so as not to delay the Work.

The testing firm is not authorized to:

Release, revoke, alter or enlarge upon the requirements of the Agreement Documents.

Approve or accept any portion of the Work.

Perform any duties of the Contractor other than those involved in testing and inspection.

The Contractor shall at his expense, remove and replace all materials and workmanship not meeting the standards or performance obligations of the Agreement. Additionally, the Contractor shall provide additional testing and inspection to ensure that replacement materials and workmanship meet Agreement standards.

The requirements for testing and inspection include those described in the various sections of the Special Specifications and such other tests and inspections as might be required to certify that the Work conforms to the Agreement Documents.

Testing and inspection required by permits and applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations are included in the Work, and are considered to be included in the line item prices quoted in the Contractor’s Bill of Quantities.

Where no testing and inspection requirements are described in detail in the Agreement Documents, but the Client determines that testing and inspections are required, the Client may require such testing and inspection to be performed under current pertinent standards for testing and inspection at no additional cost.

In any case, prior to the appointment of any testing and/or inspections companies, the Contractor must submit for the Client’s approval at least:

a.       Functional description of the firm's organizational structure, operational departments, and support departments and services.

b.      Evidence of a license to operate a commercial testing and inspection firm, and certification by the relevant authority.

c.       Name, registration number and engineering discipline of the engineer in charge.

d.      Names and qualifications of individuals who will perform the testing and inspection. Changes in personnel subsequent to award of contracts by the Contractor will require the Client’s review.

e.       The tests and inspections to be performed by each such firm, if different firms are proposed, and the standards to be followed in executing the tests.

In no event shall the Client be held responsible for any delays or costs to the Project if the Contractor’s proposed testing and inspection firm(s) are held unqualified or are otherwise rejected by the Client. In such event, the Contractor shall submit the qualifications of another testing and inspection firm(s) for review by the Client. The Contractor shall only utilize the services of testing and inspection firms whose qualifications are acceptable to the Client.

The Contractor shall:

Perform all tests and inspections as identified in the Agreement Documents and the CQC Plan.

Provide reports of the results of all tests and inspections to the Client within twenty-four (24) hours of completion of the individual tests and/or inspections, referenced to the Specifications, Special Specifications and system, component and/or area of Works tested/inspected.


The Contractor shall provide such field engineering services as are required for the proper execution and completion of the Work, including, but not necessarily limited to the following:

Original ground survey.

Laying out the Work.

Design of shoring systems, shores, temporary earth retaining and water retaining structures, forms and similar items provided by the Contractor as part of its means and methods of construction.

Maintain the survey provided by the Designated Contractor. All additional survey work required shall be the responsibility of the Contractor.

Establish and maintain lines and levels.

The Contractor shall utilize a certified surveyor to document and certify, without limit, that the location of:

1. Work on the Site

2. Center lines of columns and perimeter of the column every 3 meters height;

3. Structural slabs and roof elevations – height indication points will be taken every 2 m for each direction;

4. All and each as built drawings for structural elements shall be submitted within maximum 48 hours from the casting of the elements.

5. Existing and installed Site utilities and sub-grade piping, structures, conduit and systems

6. Major building components

7. Site features and components such as roads, bridges, earthworks, etc.

8. All of the above shall comply with the Drawings and Specifications.

9. For all the as built drawings should be indicated the deviations from the execution drawings and should be marked all the the deviations which are non compliant with the allowed deviation according to the relevant codes and/or the specifications.

Upon request of the Client, each Contractor shall submit documentation verifying the accuracy of the work.

The Contractor shall maintain a complete and accurate log of all control and/or survey work as it progresses. Submit this log to the Client for review as requested.


SNCN- Substantial Non conformance notice

NCN-Non conformance notice

Should Client identify a quality non-compliance, the Client will issue to the contractor an NCN/SNCN

SNCN Procedure

a.       The Contractor must within 2 days from the receipt of the SNCN inform the Client of the possibility to immediately rectify the deficiency specified in the SNCN.

b. In case the Contractor would inform the Client that he would immediately rectify the deficiency, the following provisions shall apply:

i. The Remedial plan must be submitted by the Contractor to the Client within 2 days time frame for review and approval.

ii. In case the action plan was approved it will be submitted by Client to the Contractor for implementation.

iii. In the event that the action plan was rejected by the Client , the Client will choose to act according to one of the following actions:

1) Request from the contractor to provide a revised remedial plan within 2 days.

2) Provide the contractor with the required remedial plan.

3) Act according to item C below.

c.       In the event that the Contractor informs the Client that the deficiency will not immediately be rectify, the Client have the option to prepare a cost estimation for the repair and deduct it from the Contractor monthly account.

3.NCN Procedure

a.       Once the NCN was issued to the Contractor The Contractor must comply with all the specifications and requirements within the time frame indicated in the NCN. The compliance is subject to Client   inspection and approval.

b. In the event that the Contractor informs the Client that the deficiency will not immediately be rectify, the Client have the option to prepare a cost estimation for the repair and deduct it from the contractor monthly account


In the event that the material or component delivered to the project do not comply with the specification or approved submittal’s , or are damaged the Contractor shall not install the mentioned above on the project.


For the removal of doubt, it is hereby specifically stated, declared and acknowledged by the Contractor that the Client’s representative signature affixed on any of the forms and protocols related to the work on site, shall not be deemed under any circumstances to impose upon the Client any liability and/or responsibility whatsoever in respect of and/or pertaining to the works and/or the performance of any tasks by Contractor and/or by the sub-contractors in terms of the provisions of this Agreement, nor shall constitute a limitation of the Contractor’s liability in respect of the quality, quantity and/or schedule of any of the works.



The Contractor shall prepare an inspection procedure, keyed to the construction schedule and following the order of the Specifications and Special Specifications, indicating the inspections and testing that will be performed by the Contractor, for the Client’s approval, as part of the CQC Plan. The Contractor shall identify and include preparatory, initial, follow-up and other inspection phases in the schedule, and the procedures for documenting all quality control inspections and testing, with a copy of all forms and reports to be used for this purpose. In addition to the reports required to document the testing and inspection required in the Specifications and by regulatory bodies, the Contractor shall include such other inspections and reports as may be required to document the conformance of the Work with the Agreement Documents. These other inspections and reports include, but are not limited to:

Concrete placement inspection

Pre-concrete placement imbedded items inspection

Inspection of shoring

Slab on deck and Grade inspection

Structural concrete deck inspection

Precast concrete inspection

Masonry inspection

Structural steel inspection

Carpentry inspection

Joint sealant inspection

Membrane waterproofing inspection

Glass, glazing, curtain wall and skylights inspection

Metal doors and frames inspection (including hardware)

Painting inspection (including substrate and prime coats)

Drywall metal track and stud inspection

Drywall inspection

Flooring inspection (including substrate)

Ceramic tile inspection (including substrate)

Elevator machine room inspection

Underground piping inspection

Plumbing inspection

Electrical wiring and components inspection

Concealed systems and materials inspections

Toilet rooms inspection

Ceiling inspection

Stone work (walls, floors and ceiling) inspection

Metal panels and cladding inspection

Roofing inspection (including substrate)

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