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Built in the shape of an Arabian dhow sail and dominating the Dubai coastline,this is one of the world ’s most spectacular and luxurious hotels.It offers unparalleled standards of comfort and service in a unique lavish setting

Burj Al Arab is part of The Jumeirah Beach Resort complex, situated 15km south of Dubai. Soaring 321 meters, Burj Al Arab towers above the renowned Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Wild Wadi Water Park. This unique sail-shaped building stands proudly on a man-made island some 280 meters offshore, linked to the mainland by a slender, gently curving causeway.

Construction of this architectural and engineering marvel commenced in 1994. Piling goes 40 meters deep into the seabed.

At 321 meters high, Burj Al Arab is taller than the Eiffel Tower and only 60 meters shorter than the Empire State Building.

Burj Al Arab is the world's tallest hotel building. With its helipad on the 28th floor and a restaurant seemingly suspended in mid air, this hotel has already become a landmark and icon on the Dubai skyline.

The sail façade represented an astonishing technical challenge, featuring a double-skinned Teflon-coated woven glass fiber screen. It is the first time such technology has been used vertically in such form and extent in any building worldwide.

It is dazzling white by day and used as a canvas for a rainbow of spectacular light displays at night, providing a brilliant entrance to the marvels that await the guest inside.

Combining the latest technology with a long-standing reputation of Arabian hospitality, Burj Al Arab symbolizes the very essence of Dubai, embracing the best of the new alongside traditions of the past.

Within the luxurious fittings of each suite lies a hidden network of technological wizardry. Lighting, curtains and air-conditioning throughout the suite comes to life at the touch of a button. The multimedia system has up to 57 cable channels -the largest selection available in the Middle East.

Guests can take advantage of the video-on-demand system and can watch any film in the selection available even if other residents are enjoying the same movie. The real-time recording system enables guests to take a break from a programme - even a live broadcast and resume to the point at which they left the programme.These facilities can be enjoyed in surround-sound stereo on the 42-inch plasma television screens.

The television and its remote control manage numerous functions and services. It can record items for viewing later, while one channel is linked to a camera outside the suite allowing room guests to see who is at their door. Visitors can allow entry with the push of a button. All of these media functions are controlled from a single remote.

Every suite has its own laptop computer, scanner and printer which interface with the television. Guests can phone home from anywhere in their suite. A one-bedroom Deluxe suite has 10 telephones and each Royal Suite boasts no fewer than 17 handsets.

Accommodation Suites

An all-suite hotel standing 28 double-height storeys high, Burj Al Arab comprises 202 duplex suites. Convenience, luxury and a highly personalized service are available for every traveler, enhanced by private reception desks on every floor. In-suite check-in, a brigade of exclusive butlers that provides around the clock assistance to each and every guest, and unrivalled attention will charm the visitor.

Accommodation - 202 duplex suites:

142 Deluxe Suites (One Bedroom)

18 Panoramic Suites (One Bedroom)

4 Club Suites (One Bedroom)

28 Two-Bedroom Suites

6 Three-Bedroom Suites

2 Presidential Suites

2 Royal Suites

They all feature floor to ceiling windows, offering a breathtaking view of the sea, and range from 170 sq. m to 780 sq. m in floor area. All are equipped with the latest technology, laptop computers and Internet access.

The TV and its remote control manage numerous services and functions. The ability to view any visitor to the suite and give access without leaving the comfort of your armchair is only one of them!

Topping all other suites are the two Royal Suites spread over the 25th floor. Palatial surroundings reach unsurpassed peaks of luxury, including a private elevator, private cinema, rotating beds, majlis (Arabic meeting room) and even dressing rooms larger than the average hotel bedroom.

The finest materials have been sourced from around the globe, coming together in exquisitely designed and crafted interiors.

One Bedroom Deluxe Suite

The One-Bedroom Deluxe suites span 169 square metres and offer beautiful views over the Arabian Sea. The living room, located on the ground level, has a large lounge, a dining table for 4 guests, a private bar counter, a luxury guest washroom, and a complete Business Centre consisting of a work desk, laptop, printer, private fax/telephone service and data port.

The spiral staircase leads to the bedroom (with king-size bed), luxury bathroom with a Jacuzzi, dressing room and a large private safe. As with all our suites, the Deluxe Suite has excellent communication facilities, including a highly sophisticated multimedia system offering a video-on-demand and the largest selection of satellite channels available in the Middle East on a 42-inch plasma tv. screen. The system also offers Internet browsing and a host of interactive services including on-line shopping and extensive information services.

The Panoramic Suite

The One-Bedroom Panoramic Suites range in size from 225 to 315 square metres. These beautiful suites have floor to ceiling glass windows offering panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf from all angles. The spacious living room on the lower level has a lounge, dining table for 4 guests, a private bar counter , guest washroom, a storage closet and a complete office consisting of a desk, laptop, private fax, telephone service and data port.

As with all our suites, the Panoramic has excellent communication facilities, including a highly sophisticated multimedia system offering video-on-demand and the largest selection of satellite channels available in the Middle East, viewed on a 42-inch plasma television screen. The system also offers Internet browsing and a host of interactive service including on-line shopping and extensive information services.

A spiral staircase leads to the upper level bedroom, with its king-size bed, luxury bathroom with Jacuzzi and dressing area. As with the lower level, the bedroom has glass walls and magnificent views.

The Club Suite

Spanning 330 square metres, the One-Bedroom Club Suite, located on the 19th and 20th floors, is the perfect entertainment suite. Sporting a snooker table, cocktail bar and dining table for 6 people, this gorgeous suite has floor-to-ceiling glass walls, offering incredible views over the desert and sea.

As with all our suites, the Club Suite has excellent communication facilities, including a highly sophisticated multimedia system, offering video-on-demand and the largest selection of satellite channels available in the Middle East, viewed on a 42-inch plasma television screen. The system also offers Internet browsing and a host of interactive services including on-line shopping and extensive information services.

The spiral staircase leads up to an additional loft, complete sitting area and continuing into the bedroom, with its king-size bed, luxury bathroom with Jacuzzi and dressing area. As with the lower level, the bedroom has glass walls and magnificent views.

Two-Bedroom Duplex Suite

The Two-Bedroom Duplex Suite extends over 335 square metres with fantastic views over the Arabian Sea. On the lower floor, the Two-Bedroom Suite is separated into two main areas. The first is a spacious living area, with a large lounge, guest bathroom, an office with laptop computer, fax, printer and Internet data port, and a chess table. All our suites have excellent communication facilities, including a highly sophisticated multimedia system offering a video-on-demand and the largest selection of satellite channels available in the Middle East, viewed on a 42-inch plasma television screen. The system also offers Internet browsing and a host of interactive services including on-line shopping and extensive information services.

The second area is a separate dining room, with a table seating 6 guests, well-equipped kitchen with a separate butler entrance. The dining room leads into another salon, which overlooks the sea.

The upper level consists of a Master bedroom with a king-size bed and adjoining luxury bathroom with Jacuzzi and dressing room, plus a second bedroom with twin beds and its own private luxury bathroom with Jacuzzi.

Three-Bedroom Duplex Suite

The Three-Bedroom Duplex Suite extends over 670 square metres offering families the ultimate luxury. The twin bedroom is located on the ground level with an attached luxury bathroom, while the bedrooms upstairs each have king-size beds. Each bedroom has a luxury bathroom with Jacuzzi.

There are three living areas on the ground floor of the suite for the guest to relax and enjoy. A separate dining room for 8 guests, with well-equipped kitchen, and a separate butler entrance allows our guests to dine in luxury without leaving the suite. This suite also offers an additional study area and library, a private bar and a complete Business Centre (consisting of work desk, laptop, private fax and telephone service and data port), in addition to excellent communication facilities which include a highly sophisticated multimedia system offering a video-on-demand and the largest selection of satelite channels available in the Middle East, viewed on a 42-inch plasma television screen.The system also offers Internet browsing and a host of interactive services including on-line shopping and extensive information services.

The Presidential Suite

The two Presidential Suites located on the 24th level, certainly live up to their name.

Each has two bedrooms, an entrance reception room, dining room with adjacent kitchen, a lounge and an office on the lower floor.

Upstairs is the main bedroom - lavishly decorated in royal purple and gold with delicate, hand-embroidered wall panelling - a dressing room and bathroom, as well as a second bedroom with guest bathroom. An elevator joins the two floors.

The Royal Suite

Within each is a private cinema, featuring state-of-the-art audio visual equipment, while the daringly-decorated majlis area has leopard print seating that contrasts with the vibrancy of the bold colours in the cushions, carpet and drapes

There are two stunning bedrooms, decorated in tremendously bold fashion, one of which features a bed that can be set to gently revolve.

The En Suite bathrooms in themselves provide havens of tranquillity, with stunning marble and golden fittings, and luxuriant whirlpool baths. Even the dressing rooms are larger than the average hotel bedroom.

As might be expected in such opulent surroundings, the two floors are joined by elevator.

The two Royal Suites on the 25th level are without doubt, the most luxurious hotel rooms in the world and are sure to attract a great deal of international interest.


A feast for both the eyes and the palate awaits diners at Burj Al Arab.

From the highest point of the hotel right down to sea level, the restaurants locations are as impressive as their creative menus. Whether guests are looking for a healthy snack or the best in haute cuisine, Burj Al Arab has the perfect answer every time.

Al Mahara-Seafood Restaurant

This seafood paradise has an entrance that is truly unforgettable. A three minute submarine ride carries diners from the hotel lobby to the restaurant entrance. Upon disembarking they enter a marine wonderland, which leads to the restaurant entrance and an open cellar, stocked with a selection of the world's finest wines. Guests can enjoy a succulent selection of seafood either in the main restaurant area, surrounded by the varied sea-life of the Gulf, or choose the privacy of one of the three exclusive private dining rooms.

Dress code: The dress code at the Al Mahara restaurant is semi- formal. Gentleman are required to wear jackets. Furthermore, we request gentlemen to wear a shirt with a collar and long sleeves, trousers (no jeans) and closed shoes (no trainers) or national dress. Children below 12 years of age are welcome at lunch time only.

Al Muntaha-Skyview Restaurant

In Arabic, the 'ultimate' or 'highest', Al Muntaha instantly matches expectations. Suspended 200 metres above the Arabian Gulf, Al Muntaha offers unrivalled views of Dubai and the coastline shimmering in the distance.

Reached by an express panoramic lift travelling six metres per second, the restaurant features seating for about 140 guests who can enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine in a sophisticated setting with scenic windows to the world. The incorporated cocktail area is a stylish and exclusive venue for pre- and post-dinner drinks.

Al Iwan-Seaview Restaurant

In the heart of the world's tallest atrium, flanked by golden columns and adjacent to the main lobby, is Al Iwan, an oasis dedicated to feeding the senses in every respect. Guests can enjoy a taste of the finest Arabian hospitality, from lavish banquets to morning coffee, while enjoying a spectacular sea view.

Impressive interior decoration successfully mixed with traditional objects d'art make up the restaurant's ambience - ideal for a relaxed rendezvous.

Bab Al Yam (The Sea's Door)

With an outdoor pool and sundeck just a few feet away, this cafe restaurant is a popular venue for guests and visitors. Sea views, as well as beautifully landscaped gardens provide a tranquil, informal atmosphere to enjoy a meal or light refreshment

Majlis Al Bahar

A sophisticated, yet casual beach restaurant overlooking the enchanting waters of the Arabian Gulf, Majlis Al Bahar combines a special mix of Arabian ingenuity and modern conveniences complete with Burj Al Arab exclusiveness and luxury. The restaurant offers an open dining area, lounge and beach where guests can order their meals and beverages from a rich selection of light and fresh dishes comprising a good mix of Middle Eastern flavours with European based dishes.

Business Facilities

The Burj Al Arab offers guests their own business centre machine in each room, capable of printing, scanning, copying and a full facsimile.Three fully equipped conference rooms are situated on the 27th floor, as are two Arabic and Western decorated boardrooms with seating for twenty. The gold domed Al Falak Ballroom is multi-functional and can be configured for a 200-person lunch or dinner, or alternatively accommodate 400 people for cocktails.

Immediately across the Burj Al Arab causeway, in the same Jumeirah International complex, lies the purpose built Conference and Banqueting Centre which provides a spectacular setting for corporate and social events. A fully equipped 416-seat theatre, a video conferencing facility and 12 meeting rooms are available. The ballroom and banqueting area is capable of dividing into 4 exhibition areas and can accommodate 600 people. It is served by an underground car park with space for over 300 vehicles.

Conference: Burj Al Arab has a series of conference rooms located on the same 27th floor as the Al Falak ballroom. Each conference suite is named after one of the stars; Suheil, Suha and Athuraya. Both of the boardrooms have seating capacity for twenty, one decorated in true Arabic style and the other in a Western theme. The boardrooms are equipped with two translation booths, offering delegates the most sophisticated technical equipment. Burj Al Arab can offer smaller meeting rooms to delegates.

Sitting at the top of the Burj Al Arab is the Al Falak Ballroom with its stunning gold dome.This is complemented by an array of beautiful warm colours woven into a traditional Arabian patterned carpet. Holding up to 220 people for dinner or 400 people for cocktails, the Al Falak Ballroom has proven the ideal location for any function.

Sahn Eddar-Atrium Lounge is a perfect meeting area befitting the splendour of

Burj Al Arab, Sahn Eddar is located at the base of the world's tallest atrium. Warm and welcoming tones, mosaic and marble flooring and torch lighting provide the perfect backdrop for guests wishing to linger over morning coffee or afternoon tea while watching the 32 metre water column leap skyward towards the peak of the atrium.

Sports and Leisure Reservation Centre

External Sports Facilities

Three Swimming Pools (plus Children's pool as part of family pool) The adult pool features a floor mounted air jet, wall mounted counter flow jets, various spray jet nozzles and a number of partially submerged air beds. Adjacent to the pool is a walk in Jacuzzi and a chilled plunge pool. A pool bar is located at the shallow end of the pool. The family pool is surfaced in synthetic rubber material and the pool has a 'beach' at one end and a rock wall incorporating a water slide at the other. The colour of the pool base graduates from dark blue at the deep end to sand colour at the water's edge, creating a beach effect. Adjacent to the family pool is a shallow children's pool which is also rubber surfaced and shaded and contains water play equipment.

The third pool is a 25 metre Olympic-size training pool overlooked by a seating terrace on one side.

Other Outdoor Facilities include:

· Seven competition standard tennis courts which are floodlit· A putting green and golf driving range Three sandy beaches offering waiter drinks service. · A family adventure play area consisting of raised walkways with a variety of play features including swings, slides, climbing structures, tunnels and rope walkways. The equipment is padded for user safety

· Water sports facilities including sailing, water skiing, parasailing, snorkelling, wind surfing and scuba diving.

The Pavilion Marina and Sports Club

The Pavilion Marina and Sports Club is immediately adjacent with guest transport via frequent shuttle.

Sports Club Design

The Sports Club is a two storey building with a gross floor area of 2500 sq. m.

The centre is curved in plan and is built around a double height entrance foyer space.

Facilities: The 1500 sq. m. ground floor includes:

· Three squash courts.

· Waterfront café, which opens out onto the double height foyer.

· Changing rooms with some 200 lockers.

· Four retail outlets.

· The Dive Shop adjacent to the Marina slipway and mooring pontoons.

· First Aid suite.

The upper floor contains:

· The gymnasium features 70 pieces of Nautilus equipment.

· The gym occupies 400 square metres and has full height windows, giving views over the Resort and Marina.

· The Health Suite incorporates two saunas, three hot tubs, a steam room, Jacuzzi, plunge pool, two massage rooms and juice bar.

· The Aerobics Room covering 170 sq. m., fully equipped with ballet rails and mirrors.

· Fitness classes are regularly held namely; Power Pacing, Karate Classes, Circuit Training, Body Sculpting, etc

Assawan Spa and Health Club

Located on the 18th floor of Burj Al Arab is the Assawan Spa, a lavishly decorated, private health and fitness facility, named after the stone known for its purity and healing properties. Its unique location lets the guests enjoy a spectacular view from the pools, Jacuzzis, spas, massage, beauty and therapy rooms and even the aerobic room.

Separate ladies and gentlemen's facilities offer complete seclusion for guests seeking either relaxing or reviving treatments in the hands of the most highly trained professionals. The extravagant décor is reminiscent of bathing pools used by ancient Middle Eastern civilizations. Assawan's range of treatments and products are drawn from the far corners of the world, offering the ultimate care for all guests.

Family Facilities

Sinbad Children's Club at Jumeirah Beach Hotel is immediately adjacent, with transportation provided by frequent shuttles.

Kids from ages of 4 to 14 years will have the time of their lives at Sinbad's Club. They can enjoy an indoor play area, arts and crafts, games, a playground, children's pool, as well as special theme days and outdoor excursions, all under the supervision of qualified staff.

Located in Sahn Eddar, guests can unwind to the delicate sounds of King and Emperor who play traditional Arabic music daily. Likewise in Al Muntaha, guests are entertained by a live band, whilst dining or simply enjoying a drink and soaking up the spectacular view.


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