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Overview: Tolathta is a region to the west of Marishen and to the south of Breghild. Although the region is large and contains much farmland, the coastal regions have emerged as an economic powerhouse in the years since the Goblin Wars were concluded. Although Marishen is also a vital source for foreign goods, Tolathta’s control over the coastline of the southern peninsula of western Tirith gives it a virtual monopoly on trade with the fey-ruled island of Davalwyn. The political attitude in Tolathta can be described as “nervous,” as many of the ambitious rulers of Marishen would love nothing more than to conquer the vital areas of coastline that would allow them to monopolize the flow of trade goods to and from Davalwyn. Tolathta’s lands are controlled by several city-states run in a largely feudal fashion, which are prone to internal squabbling but consistently unite in the face of external threats. All of these states technically owe their allegiance to King Irmorn II, but aside from being able to rely on his subjects to pay their taxes, his control over the activities of the nobility is often nominal.

Land: Tolathta boasts a warm climate, much arable farmland, and fairly even terrain, although the mountain range which bisects the region horizontally provides some impediment to trade. Most of the region boasts none of the thick, dense forests which can be found in Breghild and Darganon, but the southernmost tip of its peninsula contains some of Tirith’s only equatorial forestland.

Culture: Tolathta’s status as the continent’s most open and profitable trading hub ensures a steady stream of travelers and foreigners across its length and breadth. Its racial and cultural makeup is the most heterogeneous of the nations of Tirith. Nonetheless, certain things remain constant among the region’s natives. The ideas of adventure, bravery, and heroism are very important to Tolathtan culture, and nearly most of the famous figures in its history are warriors. The country’s prosperity relies on not only feudal agricultural peasants, but also large numbers of fishermen, sailors, and traveling merchantmen. Some of the political tension in the region is thanks to the rising middle class of talented merchants, artisans, and talented entrepreneurs which the economic boom has expanded.

Language: Vanileshti is the most common language in Tolathta, with Darkoan a close second.

Races: The Tolathtan population is made up largely of Tyrvani and Moravani; the ruling dynasty is Tyrvani. Opportunities for trade have brought humans, Krennik, and Azar into the region, thought the tensions between Tolathta and Marishen means that the Azar rarely find themselves welcome. Contact between Tolathta and Davalwyn has produced surprisingly few Feykin, and there is little in the region to attract any but a few adventurous Ardra.

Religion: Sarketh and Lesshua command the respect of all those who rely on safe passage by sea to make their living, while the vast amounts of travel through the region makes Miralorn a very popular deity. The region’s martial traditions and history make Orlak, Benlak, and Karroth important to the people’s religious life, while the high volume of trade ensures the place of Olpharan as well as Recmin and Verval. Melfora is the patron of the region’s agricultural workers.

Capitol: Zadera

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Vizualizari: 956
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