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Stylistic Differentiation of the Vocabulary
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The Adjective

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Infinitives or Gerunds? Use the correct form of the verb in Parentheses.

She enjoys __________ (swim).

I can't give up __________ (smoke).

Can he avoid __________ (make) mistakes?

Don't keep on __________ (ask) the same questions.

I can't resist __________ (eat) baklava.

It is not any use __________ (get) thinner if you like baklava.

Do you fancy __________ (play) football now?

I have got a terrible headache. Stop __________ (make) so much noise.

Have you finished __________ (read) the book?

I can't help __________ (eat) baklava.

I can't imagine John __________ (play) football.

I detest people __________ (ask) too many questions.

I appreciate your __________ (give) me a hand.

The windows must be open. I don't remember __________ (close) them.

If you don't like coca-cola, you can try __________ (drink) Pepsi.

I can't understand you _________ (want) _________ (buy) an old car.

Tom regrets __________ (eat) too much.

Did you admit __________ (break) the window?

She dislikes __________ (have to get up) early.

He mentioned __________ (have) an interview tomorrow.

I delayed __________ (do) the homework.

This book is not worth __________ (read).

She suggested __________ (have) dinner at a cafeteria.

They are interested in __________ (buy) a new house.

I am tired of __________ (study).

I am fond of __________ (listen) to music, but now I don't want __________ (listen) to anything.

They are looking forward to __________ (see) you.

I will get Helen __________ (clean) the house.

I will get Helen __________ (clean) the house.

When will you have your hair __________ (cut)?

I forgot __________ (do) my homework, so the teacher got angry with me.

I can't bear __________ (see) you __________ (cry).

He advised me __________ (study) harder.

I saw Muhammad Ali boxing. I will never forget __________ (see) him.

I caught the boy __________ (eat) the apples.

She found her husband __________ (do) the dishes.

I watched her __________ (play) tennis yesterday.

I noticed Ali __________ (fall).

I smelled the meat __________ (burn) in the kitchen.

She permitted me __________ (see) her daughter, but she said she wouldn't let Ali __________ (see)her.

If you don't ask Ali __________ (clean) the house, I will make you __________ (do) it.

I can't promise __________ (call) you tomorrow.

Do you intend __________ (buy) this old car?

She enjoys __________ (hear) a bit of scandal.

Would you mind __________ (open) the window?

You mustn't risk __________ (miss) the train?

Did the man deny __________ (steal) the watch?

Have you ever considered __________ (move) into the country?

Don't miss __________ (see) such a nice film.

Do you prefer __________ (ski) to __________ (dance)?

I don't understand you ________ (wanting) ________ (go) with him?

My wife loves __________ (take) photographs.

Peter dislikes __________ (wait) for people.

The window is stuck. I can't open it. Please try __________ (open) it for me.

Being a mother means __________ (be) busy all the time.

The baby must be awake. I have just heard him __________ (cry).

I had to ask the boys __________ (stop) __________ (play).

You shouldn't consider __________ (go) for a picnic before __________ (do) your homework.

I don't want you __________ (mention) my __________ (arrive) late.

I remember __________ (hear) him __________ (say) that the grass needed __________ (cut).

I've always loved __________ (act).

I'd love __________ (see) you __________ (wear) a cowboy suit.

The teacher didn't let us __________ (go) out.

I should like him __________ (start) __________ (take) more English lessons.

I couldn't resist __________ (ask) him why he was trying __________ (avoid) __________ (meet) me.

Ali's hair wants __________ (cut), but I can't imagine him __________ (spend) either time or money on __________ (get) it done.

His ideas are not worth __________ (listen to).

I must remember __________ (tell) Ali that his car needs __________ (clean).

I can see you __________ (smile); it is no use __________ (pretend) __________ (be) __________ (sleep).

She wants me __________ (wait) for her.

He was sorry __________ (hear) of your failure.

Do you mind __________ (speak) to John and __________ (ask) him to help us?

Thank you for __________ (lend) us the book. We shall enjoy __________ (read) it.

Our teacher won't like us __________ (come) late to school.

I can't help __________ (feel) anxious about her.

They caught him __________ (open) the letters.

I can smell fish __________ (cook).

Listen to him __________ (play) the piano.

I love __________ (eat) oranges, but I dislike __________ (peel) them.

My friend has given up __________ (smoke) and now prefers __________ (eat) fruits.

I dread __________ (take) examinations for fear of __________ (fail).

Don't keep on __________ (shout) like that; we must avoid __________ (annoy) our neighbors.

If you insist on __________ (eat) in the restaurant, you must agree __________ (pay) the bill.

We love __________ (leave) for vacation, but hate __________ (return) to work.

I suggested __________ (walk) to the station early; otherwise, we might miss __________ (meet) the train.

I forgot __________ (tell) my family that I would be home late.

I suggest you __________ (stop) before __________ (try) __________ (cross) this busy street.

They wanted __________ (make) us __________ (work) all day without __________ (give) us lunch.

Did you remember __________ (tell) John __________ (remind) us __________ (visit) him?

Did you forget __________ (tell) her __________ (write) to us?

__________ (See) is __________  (believe).

It is too early __________  (tell) when he will come.

You are old enough __________ (know) better.

Please don't ask me __________ (help) you.

He was more interested in __________ (eat) than anything else.

It was very kind of you __________ (invite) me to the party.

I saw the boy __________ (take) the candy and ________ (run) away.

I am not fond of __________ (study) English.

I made Albert __________ (promise) __________ (come).

My only wish is __________ (learn) English.

How long does it take you __________ (prepare) breakfast.

His favorite amusement is __________ (play) chess.

Is your plan __________ (buy) a pew house?

Some people can't stand __________ (listen) to political speeches.

You should have your car __________ (wash). It is very dirty.

Make someone __________ (clean) the table.

Tom helped us __________ (draw) the picture.

The loser managed __________ (smile).

He'll learn __________ (play) football.

I want you __________ (be) careful.

Her mother reminded him __________ (study) a lot.


It is easy __________ (give up) __________ (smoke).

It is no use __________ (cry) over spilt milk.

She wants you __________ (be) careful.

Your house is very dirty. You should have it __________ (clean).

I am very tired. My mother made me ________ (clean) all the house.

He got his secretary __________ (type) the letters.

Why do you keep on __________ (ask) these foolish questions?

I can't imagine Ali __________ (play) football. He is so fat!

I have a terrible stomachache. I regret __________ (eat) too much.

His lecture is not worth __________ (listen to).

May I suggest __________ (change) the topic?

I am looking forward to __________ (meet) you again.

I can only advise you __________ (study) harder.

Have you ever seen him __________ (box)?

The room is dirty again. She has forgotten __________ (clean) it.

We have no bread tonight. My husband has forgotten __________ (buy) the bread.

She can't bear __________ (see) her daughter __________ (cry).

They found her __________ (play) the piano.

They permit me __________ (use) their car, but I don't think they will let you __________ (use) it.

I intend __________ (write) another book this year.

If you see Ali, please tell him __________ (see) me tomorrow.

Everybody enjoys __________ (have) a good meal, but not many people can afford __________ (have) a dinner at tills restaurant.

Would you mind _______ (help) me ________ (lift) this heavy box?

Of course he would deny __________ (steal) the money; but I was determined to __________ (make) __________ him (confess).

Nobody should miss __________ (see) this film.

I can't understand her __________ (want) __________ (marry) such a poor man.

Being a student means __________ (work) hard.

I didn't mean __________ (hurt) your feelings.

I certainly remember __________ (hear) him say that his house needs __________ (paint).

He was trying __________ (open) the door; but the door refused __________ (open).

Thank you for __________ (let) me __________ (use) your new car.

I can't help __________ (feel) tired after this trip.

She dreads __________ (do) the dishes.

I suggest you __________ (wait) for some lime before __________ (decide) __________ (go) with him.

Did you remember __________ (buy) some envelopes? I want to write some letters tonight.

He can't play basketball; that's obvious. Why doesn't he try __________ (play) football?

__________ (Live) is __________ (sin).

__________ (Die) is __________ (stop) __________ (sin) suddenly.

I will make you __________ (promise) __________ (visit) us again.

His plan is __________ (buy) a new house.

I can't stand __________ (listen) to your foolish talk.

__________ (Be) a good writer is my ambition.

He has already learned __________ (repair) cars.

Everybody likes __________ (have) a good holiday and everybody hates __________ (go) back to work.

I lave you finished __________ (do) the dishes?


(infinitive with or without “to”, gerund or participle)

Miss Wade used __________ (drive) a car, but she is very old now.

You will soon get used to __________ (drive) on the other side of the road.

Don't forget __________ (bring) this book back on Monday.

You did not remember __________ (bring) my book back last time I lent you one.

Don't you remember __________ (meet) me in Naples two years ago?

Will it ever stop __________ (rain)?

From time to time we stopped __________ (look) at the flowers.

Remember __________ (put) the cat out before you go to bed.

You will soon get used to __________ (read) from right to left after a few lessons in Arabic.

I don't mind __________ (go) to bed early, but I don't like __________ (get) up early.

If you dislike __________ (peel) onions, try __________ (hold) them under water while __________ (do) so.

The boys like ________ (play) games but hate ________ (do) lessons.

Would you mind ________ (show) me how ________ (work) the lift?

Please go on __________ (write); I don't mind __________ (wait).

Try __________ (forget) it; it isn't worth __________ (worry) about.

Why do you keep __________ (look) back? Are you afraid of __________ (be) followed?

I'm very sorry for __________ (be) late. It was good of you __________ (wail) for me.

You'd better __________ (go) and get your hair __________ (cut).

He surprised us all by __________ (go) away without __________ (say) good bye.

Stop __________ (worry) about these verbs now. This is the last sentence.

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