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FUTURE TENSE - Exercises with the English Verb


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Future tense presents an action or a state that will take place after the moment of speech:

I know he will help you.

She tells me she will come in time.

It is formed of the auxiliary verb will and the short Infinitive of the verb which is conjugated.

I will go; you will come; she will translate; he will work;

it will play

we will cut; you will eat; they will understand

Being a compound tense, the interrogative form is built by placing the subject between the two verb components:

Will I go? Will you come? Will she translate? Will he work? Will it play?

Will we cut? Will you eat? Will they understand?

and the negative one, by introducing the negative word NO between the two verbs:

I will not go; you will not come; he will not work; she will not translate; it will not play

we will not cut; you will not eat; they will not understand

It is used for expressing:

(A)  a future action or state towards a present moment:

I will work on Saturday.

They will come here next week.

(B)  probability of an action or state in the present or in the past:

That will be Saint Paul’s cathedral, please stop!

If any of you has eaten the cakes, that will be Peter!

Exercises with the English Verb

I Supply the suitable question tags for the following sentences:

You look horrible in these shorts, ____

He knows where she lives, __ ?

She never drinks wine , __ ?

My boss plays tennis very well, _

They usually have lunch at one o'clock ___?

He doesn't hire foreigners, __ ?

I think I'm the right person for this job,

This book belongs to you, _

You realize how much it costs, _

It seems to me he isn't very rich, _

I'm sure you know who sings that song,

You're not a certified accountant , __ ?

They hardly ever talk to strangers, __

She thinks we are very rude, _

The police never catch any thieves, __

They say she wears a wig, _

Inflation appears to be rising again, __

We still have a lot of time, _

He has to work rather hard, _

You must think I'm a fool, _

Il,Write questions to the following statements:

The Browns usually have breakfast at 7 a.m.
What time ..?

2. She visits her sister’s family at least twice a week.
How often. . . . .?

3. They live together because she loves him. Why..?

4. He sells second-hand computers and hi-fi equipment.


5. We normally spend our weekends in the mountains Where..?

6. He earns his living by playing the violin in the town square. .

7. We want to settle down in Canada.


8. His mother still washes his shirts.

Who ..

9. This bottle contains some kind of beverage..


III Use the Present Continuous where possible and translatre :

1. He teaches English and German

2. Do you watch satellite television?

3. The porters carry heavy bags.

4. The gardener mows the grass.

5. She agrees with you.

6. Do you recognize that man?

7. Do you believe in reincarnation?

8. Why do we always hurry to work?

9. He dances very well.

10. They only shoot birds.

11. I hate this meat . It smells.

12. I'm afraid the child lies.

13. Why do you drive so fast?

14. That music sounds good to me.

15. I suppose she wants a new opportunity .

16. My husband prefers to live in the country..

17. Our aunt bakes delicious cookies.

18. We have lunch at two o'clock.

19. The boys are very quiet. I wonder what's wrong.

20. I think you remember them very well. , '

IV. Write questions to the following statements:

1. Mary is coming to see us on Sunday.

a. When..? b. Who..?

2. The boys are bringing some wine and cookies.

a. What..? b. Who..?

3. I think the Vienna orchestra is playing Mozart now. '
a. What..?b. Which..?

4. I'm meeting the new sales manager at the 10 o’clock meeting.

a. Where..? b. What time..?

5. The players are moving slowly today because of the heat
a. Why..? b. How..?


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