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Project Management

Visual studio

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Customizing Visual Studio 2005 Team System Using Process Templates
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System
Tools for Project Managers
Tools for Testers
Starting a New Project
Challenges of Designing Enterprise Systems
Tools for Developers
MSF for Agile Software Development

Project Management

Different disciplines in a software project use different tools.

Visual Studio Team System recognizes this, so it provides integration into tools like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project.

Letís assume the role of a project manager at AdventureWorks.

As project managers, we can get the best of both worlds. We can use Excel, a tool we are already comfortable with, yet pull in data from Visual Studio Team System.

This data is shared with the rest of our team Ė any changes I make to this plan will be instantly seen by the rest of my team.

Key Messages

  1. Visual Studio Team System makes you productive by letting you use the tools youíre comfortable with.
  1. Microsoft Project and Excel are integrated parts of Visual Studio Team System

Lets first set up excel to integrate with Team Foundation Server

Open Microsoft Excel

Press the New List button to create a new list of Team Foundation Server work items.

In the resulting dialog box, choose the AdventureWorks Team Project, Click OK

In the resulting dialog box (under Query List), choose the All Work Items query from the drop down and press OK

Now letís add a new scenario for our current application to be developed

Add this Scenario: (by selecting the blank cell under the title column)

o       Title

Add Search functionality to AdventureWorks

o       Type


o       Assigned to


You screen should look like this:

Press the Publish button

Excel is great for managing high level requirements, but Microsoft Project really helps me manage all the details associated with my project.

Key Points

  1. Visual Studio Team System helps make you productive by giving you a central place to store data (work items) about your project
  2. Work items are accessible through a number of tools
  3. Work flow is transparent because of the integration across Visual Studio Team System

Using Project, lets create some further work items to partner the scenario we just added.

Open Microsoft Project

Press the Choose Team Project button

In the resulting dialog box, choose the AdventureWorks Team Project and click OK.

Click GetWorkItems button

In the Saved query selection, choose the All Work Items query

Click Find and press OK

Under the Add Search functionality to AdventureWorks (Work Item ID 16) task, add the following tasks (click on Work Item ID 2, Set up: Set Permissions. Choose Insert, New Task, 3 times.) Set the properties of the tasks as follows (you may need to scroll to the right to see all the fields):


Resource Names

Work Item Type

Create backend search logic



Create user interface component for search



Add search user interface to the default page



Make these tasks sub-tasks of the scenario you added earlier (by right clicking on each of the three new tasks and choosing Indent.)

Press the Publish button

As the project manager, I also want to ensure that all my staff update work items with the current work they are doing Ė by setting a policy to ensure all users track changes against work items this allows me to track the progress of the development project better.

From the desktop shortcut, open to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (Team System)

From Recent Projects, choose AdventureWorks

Click on the Team Explorer Windows (next to solution explorer)

Highlight AdventureWorks

Right click, and select Team Project Settings, and click on Source Control

By setting policies you can ensure that certain procedures are adhered to from testing code, work item association, and even custom tasks!

Select the Check-in Policy tab

Click the Add button

Highlight Work Items and Click OK, and OK again.

This shows how you can ensure that any changes in the solution must be attached to work items.

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