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Circular Letters

Circular letters are frequently used to offer the same information to different people. These kind of letters are used when sales campaigns are developing, when there are important developments in business such as extensions, re organizations, changes of addresses etc. A circular letter is written once, then it is duplicated in order to be distributed to the customers. It may get some more information such as names, addresses and individual salutations so it gets a more personal character.

Circulars are sent to many people, it is important to suggest an interest in the recipient by giving a personal touch. The next rules are to be taken into consideration:

it must be brief - no one has time to read long stories

make the letters as personal as they can be (address each letter to a particular person, indicating the name if you know it

create the impression of personal interest by using you never our clients, customers, all customers, everyone. Address yourself directly to someone using formulas such as:

You will appreciate

We are pleased to inform you..

You will be interested to learn

If you visit our new showroom you will see

If some changes take place in your business, you have to inform your customers about them. The content is already written but you have to introduce the name of your customer in order to give the personal touch to the letter. Expansion of business takes place in your company, announce it to everybody, so write a circular.

Dear Mr. Xt

To meet the growing demand for hardware and general store in this area, we have decided to extend our business by opening a new department.

Our new department will carry an extensive range of hardware and other domestic goods at prices which compare very favorably with those charged by other suppliers.

We would like to demonstrate our new merchandise to you, and are therefore arranging a special window display during the week beginning 3 June. The official opening of our new department will take place on the following Monday, 10 June.We hope you will visit our new department during opening week and give us the opportunity to show you that it maintains the reputation enjoyed by our other departments for giving sound value for money.

Opening a new business you have to let the others know about it:

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new retail store at the above mentioned address on Monday 1 September. Mrs Victoria Chadwick has been appointed Manager, and with her experience of the trade, we are sure that the goods supplied will be of sound quality and reasonably priced.

Our new store will open at 8 am on Monday 1 September, and a special celebration offer of 10% discount will be allowed on all purchases made by the first 50 customers.

We hope we may look forward to your being one of them.

You are to have a new branch in another town (or country). Inform everybody about it:

Owing to a large increase in the volume of our trade with the Kingdom of Jordan, -we have decided to open a branch in Amman, with Mr. X.

Although we hope we have provided you with an efficient service in thepast, this new branch in your country will result in your orders and enquiries being dealt with more promptly.

This new branch will open on I May, and from that date all orders and enquiries should be sent to:



Tyler & Co Ltd

18 Hussein Avenue Amman

We take the opportunity to express our thanks for your custom in the past, and hope these new arrangements will lead to even higher standards in the service we provide.

Because of different reasons you are supposed to change the address of your offices, write a circular indicating the new address, possibilities of arriving there.l

The steady growth of our business has made necessary an early move to| new and larger premises. We have been fortunate in acquiring a good site on the new industrial estate at Chorley, and from 1 March our new address will be the following:

Unit 15 Chorley Industrial Stale

Grange Road Chorley

Lines CH 2 4W

Phone 3521689 Fax 3421768

This new site is served by excellent transport facilities both by road and rail, enabling deliveries to be made promptly. It also provides scope for higher methods of production which will increase output and also improve

even further the quality of our goods.

We have much appreciated your custom in the past and confidently expect to be able to offer you improvements in service when the new factory moves into full production.

We look forward to a continuing good business relationship with you.

You already know that circulars are used to announce the changes that take place in the membership of a partnership, suppliers and customers. For a retiring partner, this is particularly important since they remain liable not only for debts contracted by the firm during membership, but also for debts contracted with old creditors in retirement. The correct signature on such letters is that of the name of the firm, without the addition of any partner's name.

Retirement of a partner is announced like this:

Dear X,

We regret to inform you that our senior partner, Mr. Harold West, has decided to retire on 31 May due to recent extended ill-health.

The withdrawal of West's capital will be made by contributions from the remaining partners, and the amount of the firm's capital will therefore remain unchanged We will continue to trade under the name of West, Webb & Co, and there will be no change in policy.

We trust that the confidence you have shown in our company in the past will continue and that we may rely on your continued custom .We shall certainly do everything possible to ensure that our present standards of service are


All the other changes are to be announced to the partners you have.

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