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Final Interview Tips


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Final Interview Tips

Před přijímacím pohovorem:

Get hold of a job description from the company.

Look at the job advert again.

Think of examples which show you’ve got those skills.

You can look at their website.

S nervozitou před pohovorem je možné bojovat, body language může pomoci navodit atmosféru souzvuku mezi kandidátem a členem přijímacího panelu:

Johna Courtise: The non-verbal signals which pass across a table, or pass between two people are actually more important than the verbal ones, and the people receiving the signal may not even know how important it is. So if you as the interviewee get the body language right, you lean towards the interviewer, you point your legs and arms toward them. You mimic the interviewer's body posture. All that implies that you're getting on with them.

One of the tricks that speakers use is, if you find that your hands were out of control, drop the hands down, rotate the hands loosely, flap them around just before the interview, and make sure that bit of the body is relaxed. It helps. Old trick for speakers, good trick for interviewees.

Co když před vámi sedí ne jeden člověk, ale panel čtyř lidí?

It's difficult isn't it, because if you've got 4 people lined up, and the one near the middle is asking you questions, the temptation is to simply look at them and have eye contact with them when you're giving the answer. Good practice would suggest that the other members of the panel would feel excluded if you do that. So it's good practice to look at the questioner and then in turn to have some eye contact with each of the other panel members. This makes them feel as if they're participating all the way through and not feeling left out.

Snažte se překonat přirozenou tendenci - dívat se do očí jenom člověku, který položil otázku - a snažte se neopomíjet ostatní členy panelu, aby si nepřipadali zbyteční. I oni jsou jen lidé, i oni mohou být nervozní.

Po absolvovaném pohovoru Merry shrnuje své závěrečné poznatky:

It's a very good idea to, after the interview, to just write down everything that they've asked, and also to call them up for the feedback, even though you maybe get rejected, and sometimes you just feel that, oh, I just don't want to remember any more what this interview was horrible; I don't want to have anything with it anymore, but you need to be …… to improve your interview skills and to learn from the mistakes that you have done in the interview.

Zpětná vazba vám pomůže do budoucna.

Good look and success in all your future job hunting!


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