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Preparing for Your Interview


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Preparing for Your Interview
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Preparing for Your Interview

Merry dostala pozvání pozvání na interview, má pochopitelně radost, ale je z toho taky nervozní:

Hi, This is Merry again. It's regarding my journey to get a better job. So now I have got my CV, I've got my covering letter, and I've sent them to the company that I want to work with - and actually I've managed to get an interview with them. This is so exciting but it's kind of a very scary experience - but anyway I'll prepare my best for my first interview.

John Courtis, autor knihy Getting a Better Job, v rozhlasovém interview radí

Emma: John – what can Merry expect when she goes for her interview? And

how best can she prepare?

John: There are two answers to that. First to do things like getting hold of a job

description, second, do lots of research about the company: find out anything,

possibly going round shops and looking at their products - possibly looking at

the press, the financial press.

Also if she can, if there's been an ad, looking at what the company appears to

want. Usually if there is an ad of any kind, they say what they want, what

competencies, what personal skills, what personal characteristics, what

background, languages - lots of things that, if they're any good, they will have

told the candidate beforehand.

Emma: And what kind of questions might she be asked? I mean is there some kind of

structure to the questioning procedure?

John: Well I'd hope that first the interviewer would say: 'This is what the interview

is all about. A good interview means that the interviewer will tell the

candidate what the company, the organisation wants to get out of it.  They

aren't interested in what the candidate wants to get out of it – they just want

to get something out of it for their organisation, and if they'll tell the victim

that, it's marvellous, it gives you a better focus. Merry will be better equipped

to present herself properly.

Emma: And the other thing I was going to ask about was clothing. I mean, it's

I think particularly difficult for women to choose. What kind of things should a

woman dress in?

John: Bit of research necessary there. If the organisation belongs to a particular

sector, or a particular dress code is appropriate, it may be that just standing

outside the building the previous day, and seeing what the staff wear

Emma: 'Oh, what a good idea, what a good idea!'

John: If you've got time. Because there's a dramatic difference between places

where everybody's in suits and places where everybody's looking scruffy.

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