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Questions & Answers 

Při psan průvodnho dopisu vyvstanou dal otzky, jako napřklad:

Merry:   I'm writing a covering letter. Is it better to type or hand-write it?

Mike McDodd: You should always type your covering letters for applications in

the U.K. - in fact that applies to most countries in Europe. The only country that still uses graphology (which is analysing peoples' handwriting) is France, where you have to hand-write your letter.

Průvodn dopis by měl bt vdy psan na stroji, s vjimkou Francie. To je jedin země, kde jetě uvaj grafologa.

Emma: How do you respond to the volume of international applicants that write to

you and they naturally may make mistakes in their letters because they're  not as fluent as perhaps they would like to be. How do you respond? Do you

judge them all the same or do you make allowances?

John Courtis neposuzuje chyby cizinců přsně. Poslechněte si, jak vysvětluje, kdy chyby podle něj nejčastěji vznikaj:

You must make allowances because in many cases they will have seen someone else's bad letter and copied it, just because it's there - or they've read a book

which suggests you should write in a stilted form of English and they just copy

that. I always go on and see if I can find something that's really them. When I

do I'm delighted.

Podle Johna Courtise vznikaj chyby nejčastěji tm, e uchazeči opisuj dopisy ze zastaralch učebnic, kde je angličtina poněkud roubovan - stilted, a takov dopis potom zn nepřirozeně. Dal otzkou je tn dopisu, napřklad: je dobr vychvalovat firmu, ve kter chcete pracovat?

Poslechněte si, před čm Mike McDodd varuje:

Well you have to be careful because - bearing in mind people working

in that company still look forward at the end of the day to going home - and

they question your motivation if you seem adoring of the company and so keen

to join it for no other reason than that it's a company working in a certain

domain. Keep it business like and avoid the words 'love' or 'would really

really like to' or over-stressing. Like is a very effective word which sums it

up nicely - which is also, it's personal but can be business like as well.

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