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Music Maker 1.0.0 Manual


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Music Maker 1.0.0


Table of contents

I - About

II - ‘Make Music’

III - Adding Libraries

IV - Removing Libraries

V - Trouble Shooting

VI - Library Trouble Shooting

VII - Bugs/Feedback reporting

I – About

Music Maker is a Music/Audio Synthesizer. Music Maker uses libraries to play song samples. Libraries can be made by anyone. Music maker can also add effects to a sound sample (not currently available in GUI version, but available in v0.8.8), and can adjust the volume/fade of a sound sample (not currently available in GUI version, but available in v0.8.8).

Here are some of the new features added in v1.0.0:

- Library checking: when Music Maker loads it will automatically validate

all libraries registered.

- Improved Library Adding: before you had to enter in the entire file path for a library to register it with Music Maker, now all you have to do is enter in the filename (and extension), plus you can use a GUI.

- Improved Library Removal: Now click on ‘Rev. Lib.’ And click on the library that you want to remove.

- Easy Mode Switching: Now change the playback mode within a couple of clicks.

- Easy Library Switching: Switch between a Bongo Library and a Bass Library quick and easy within a few clicks.

NOTE: Please make sure that you have the .NET framework from Microsoft installed on your computer. If the .NET framework is not installed the program will not run.

This is what the main menu of the Music Maker GUI looks like.

II – ‘Make Music’

Before you can make any music, you must first select a music library from the list of libraries. First click on the ‘Library’ button and then select a library from the list:

The names in this list are:

BongoLib-1 - A library of Bongo Samples

IndustrialLib-1 - A library of Industrial/Random Samples

GuitarLib-1 - A library of Guitar Samples

BassLib-1 - A library of Bass samples

Music Maker has the ability to remember up to 13 libraries.

Once a library is selected, all you have to do is to press one of the home row keys (a,s,d,f,g,h,j,k,l) and Music Maker will play the sample.

One thing about Music Maker is the ability to allow you to use either audio libraries, or the computers system beep. If you want to use the computers system beep click on the ‘Mode’ button and select either ‘Speaker Sound’ or ‘System Beep’:

The same rules apply on how to make music if you are in ‘System Beep’ mode. Once you exit the program, Music Maker will reset to the Speaker Sound.

V - Adding Libraries

Adding Libraries has changed, for the better. To add (or register) a library so Music Maker will remember it, click on the ‘Add Lib.’ button:

then click on the box below the ‘Library Mask Name:’ text and type the name of the

Mask Name (The ‘Library Mask Name’ is the name that Music Maker will display the library as [for example, ‘BongoLib-1’] in the ‘Library’ box):

Repeat the process for the ‘Library Filename:’ text. Please make sure that all library files are in the /libs directory inside the Music Maker folder. For the filename, enter just the filename and extension.

VI – Removing Libraries

If you want Music Maker to forget a library (or un-register it) for some reason, click on the ‘Rev. Lib’ button:

then select the library you wish to remove. Simples as that; note though that music maker does not erase to library file itself or it dependent files, it only forgets about it.

VIII - Trouble Shooting

Being Compiled.

For now, please be sure the following files are in the Music Maker Base Directory Folder:








IX - Library Trouble Shooting

Being Compiled

X - Bugs/Feedback reporting

To report a bug or give feedback please go to:

Politica de confidentialitate



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