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Removing and mounting cylinder head


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Removing and mounting cylinder head

Starting in position

Engine has been allowed to cool for approx. 20 min. after shutdown. Cooling water has been drained. Piston of respective cylinder is in ignition TDC.

Note: drain cooling water into a separate tank do not drain into bilge or sewage

Sequence of operation 1 (removing)

1. Take off cylinder head covers.

2. Disconnect all pipes (fuel injection pipe, tube bundle to injection valve, rocker arm lubrication, control air to starting valve, starting air, cooling water discharge).

3. Loosen connecting clamp of exhaust and charge air pipes.

4. Release cylinder head studs by use of hydraulic tools.

5. Attach suspension tool for cylinder head.

6. Cautiously lift cylinder head, keeping it clear of the push rods by use of the guide bar.

7. Lift cylinder head further and place it on wooden blocks.

8. Slip protection hoses over all 6 cylinder head studs.

Sequence of operation 2 (cleaning)

1. Clean exhaust ducts and the side facing the combustion space from carbon deposits, taking care not roughen the surface.

2. Inspect cooling water space for calcareous deposits, remove scale if necessary.

Sequence of operation 3 (mounting)

To mount cylinder head, reverse sequence of operations outlined above. Before tightening the cylinder head nuts, align cylinder head to charge air and exhaust manifolds. Note that the groove in he liner flange and the steel seal rings must be in clean condition.

Note: Should cylinder head be blowing although cylinder head bolts are correctly preloaded, it must again be removed and the steel seal ring corrected or, if necessary, replaced.

Sequence of operation 4 (checking clearance space)

Ascertaining the thickness of the steel seal ring

1. Glue 2 lumps of lead next to the valve recesses in the piston crown in parallel with the longitudinal engine axis (1 towards the engine drive end, the other towards the free end).

2. By turning the engine slowly through top dead center by means of the turning gear, the lead will be compressed and the height of the compression space can be accurately measured.

3. Correct, if necessary, compression space

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