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Professional nail kit


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Professional nail kit

What is the nail kit?

The nail kit is a must have for every woman.

The kit is a complete manicure/pedicure set that every woman can do at home for herself, saving time, hassle and a lot of costs.

What does the kit do?

Makes the nail healthier.

Makes the nail stronger Ė prevents splitting and breaking.

Makes the nail shiny and beautiful

What does the set include?


Cuticle oil Ė prevents dead skin around the nail.

Hand and body lotion.

Professional crystal filer.

*Also includes full instructions.

** When buying the kit you get two years guarantee for the buffer.

The buffer

The most important product in the kit. The buffer is rectangle shaped with four sides Ė two black/pink, one white and one grey.

Each colour works while rubbing horizontally the nail with the buffer.

Black side:

Made of: industrial diamond dust.

What does it do?: Removes ridges, lines, bumps and damage on the nail.

How often?: 5 -8 seconds once a month.

White side:

Made of: pure cotton.

What does it do?: Lifts up natural body oils from underneath the nail bringing more oxygen and calcium to the nail, helping it to grow faster and healthier.

How often?: 5-8 seconds once a month.

Grey side:

Made of: pure silk.

What does it do?: lifts up natural body oils from under the nail and gives it a natural shine that lasts 30 days, one month.

How often?: Once a month, that is the part that makes the nail shine, the more we want it to shine the more we use this side, up to 10-15 seconds.

Cuticle oil

Completes the buffer treatment by curing dry skin around the nail.

Contains: Aloe vera, vitamin A, vitamin E and sweet almonds oil.

In reaches and softens the cuticles.

Hand and body lotion:

Light cream, based on water, aloe vera and dead sea minerals.

The lotion, which can be used all over the body is very good for dry skin (hands, elbows, knees and especially heels).

The lotion absorbs quick into the skin because its natural and is based on water and not oil like most cosmetic lotions.

Crystal filer:

A professional, ever lasting filer (crystal made) which you can wash, to shape the top of the nail.



Explanation and Goal

Important to remember


We want the customer to stop and come to the unit.


Smile to the customer Ė helps lift your mood and hers.

Keep high energise and say the stopping sentence as if you are saying it for the first time.

Keep eye contact all the time.

Be polite!


Donít move far from the un it (Area managers space limit).

Donít stand in the middle of the customers way.

Donít annoy customers walking away and avoiding eye contact.

Making the NEED for the product

In this stage we want the customer to understand she has a problem that can be solved with a wonderful product. In this stage we make first curio city for the demonstration.

This stage starts when you get to the unit.

Very important in this stage to be confident and make the customer interested, in this small moment she can still decide she doesnít want the demonstration and walk away.

Buffer demonstration

In this stage we demonstrate the four sided buffer, up to the most important point when the customer sees her new beautiful shiny nail.

Explain about each side individually.

Show the customer (physically) all steps of the buffer.

Every stage get the customers approval that she is involved and listening.

We need to be excited with the customer about the bufferís final result (WOW!!!)

Cuticle oil demonstration

In this stage we find the problem with the ladies cubical and help her with it.

Here we show the customer our professionalism and our care for her hands by explaining that what she does today harms her hands like:

Cutting dry skin.

Eating the dry skin around the nail.

Hand and body lotion

In this stage we complete the treatment by letting the customer try our luxurious body lotion.

This is the first time we speak about the dead sea. Itís important the customer understands the lotion is very unique. We can massage the customers hand a bit to break ice and feel CLOSE to the customer.

Let the customer try

Here we show the customer how simple it is to use our product.

The customer does the treatment for himself and sees how simple it is.

While she is doing that we explain more about the product and use some humour to make the closing of the sale easier.

Information about the complete set

In this stage we explain to the customer about the product Ė our professional NAIL KIT.

Show the customer the complete set as it comes.

Make the customer understand that she is getting a full manicure/pedicure kit in an attractive price. Also the price needs to be shown in two stages Ė first the full normal price and than the special promotional price for today.

Choosing the lotion fragrance

In this stage we let the customer smell every one of our lotions and let her choose her favourite fragrance for her kit.

Important to hold each cream individually and let her smell it. While smelling the cream we can use different remarks about the different fragrances. After she smells them all she needs to choose her personal favourite.


At this stage we need to make the customer decide that she wants to buy a set, or more.

After the customer chose the fragrance she likes we show her the selected kit with her fragrance and use a closing sentence (Would you like to treat yourself) to take her to the till.

Up sale

The last stage is to check possibility to sell more products top the customer (Another set, scrub)

We need to tell the customers our offers for the second and third kit, and after the sale use a sentence to make sure the customer goes home with a good feeling about his purchase.



Excuse me mam, may I ask you a question?

Do you keep your nails natural most of the time?

Can I see your hand please?

(put your hands gently under the customers hand Ė donít hold and donít pull!)

Aha Ė I have got to show you something amazing for 10 seconds, come with me

(this stage we turn and start walking towards the unit)

Making the need for the product

(starts when you are with the customer on the unit)

Mam, you see the tiny lines and ridges on your nails?

When they reach the top thatís when the nail splits and break.

Now, Iím going to show you a natural way to prevent it.

Challenge me with your worst nail.

(always try to choose the thumb, the result is much clear and the customer can put one thumb against the other and see the before and after)

Buffer demonstration

(in this stage we hold the customers hand and with the other hand demonstrate the buffer)

This is a professional medical buffer. Three simple stages which we do once a month:

Starting with the black/pink side. This side removes all the ridges, lines and bumps. Also removes yellowing and the stains caused from smoking or wearing chemicals on the nail. Needs to be done once a month, 5-8 seconds.

(while speaking about the buffer we need to actually use it and demonstrate it on the nail at the same time, and look into the customers eye while doing it, not looking at the buffer, quite easy doing the buffer without actually looking at it.)

Next side is the white one, made of 100% cotton. The cotton stimulates the blood circulation under the nail and making it grow faster, stronger and much much more healthier, again 5-8 seconds once a month.

(when reaching the white side we smile and ask the customer:)

Can you feel your nail getting warm?

Great Ė that means you are still alive J

Did you know you have natural body oils all over your body?

Itís like when you donít wash your hair for a few days it becomes greasy? Ė Itís from that same reason.

(before using the grey side touch the customers hand with it so she feels the smoothness of the silk)

The last step is the grey, made of silk. The silk brings the natural oils that you have under your nail to the surface of the nail, and gives it a natural shine and a shield of protection.

Mam Ė Are you ready to be amazed?

Promise me no screaming and jumping?

Look at your new natural healthy nail!!! WOW!!!

(say with excitement, like itís the first time you see it and the result)


(let the customer look at the nail for a few seconds and then continue)

Now mam pay attention: This is your nail for the next month and it is going to stay like that no matter what you do: cooking, cleaning, dishes, gardening, join the army .. do whatever you want it stays like this because itís natural!!! Much healthier of course than using nail polish and strengtheners because it doesnít dry it, doesnít stain it and doesnít block the nail from breathing.

Cuticle oil demonstration

Now your nail is beautiful but we still have one problem left Ė your cuticles. When the cuticles are dry, the whole nail who obviously grows from the cuticle grows dry and brittle. Most people cut them, chew them, but donít do that. Cuticle is a bit like hair, when you cut them they just grow faster and messier.

(while saying that we put a drop of cuticle oil around the nail and push it back with a cotton ball)

If you want to get rid of them use one drop of the cuticle oil Ė this gives you moister so your skin around the nails wonít be dry, and you will lose the little skin bits at the side. Now look at your nail beautiful isnít it?

Cuticle oil demonstration

Mam, I want you to try it by yourself, and see how simple it is. Are you right handed or left handed?

(we give the buffer to the customers left or right hand according to what she answers and let her do another nail)

Start with the black side, the best thing about it is that you donít use it every day or every week only once a month. Only when your nails grow and you will see that you have new ridges Ė thatís when you know you need to do it again. Once a month, till then no splitting and no breaking.

Now move to the white, black, white, grey Ė just like Michael Jackson

Wow, you do it like a professional! You want to work with us?

Do you see how easy it is?

Information about the complete set

You like it?

It all comes in a gorgeous set, just like you.

(you hold the complete set in front of the customers eye.

Inside the kit you have the buffer Ė which lasts 24 treatments once a month which is two years.

The cuticle oil, crystal file to shape the nails.

You know whatís unique about the crystal ones? Ė They are ever lasting, they donít wear out and you can always wash them, dry them and use it again, instructions with everything I said, because I know I talk a lot, 2 years warranty so if anything happens you can always come back and we will replace it for a new one free of charge anytime in the next two years at anyone of our stands, and a dead sea hand and body lotion, all natural. This lotion is water based, not sticky and greasy like most cosmetic lotions, contains 23 unique minerals from the dead sea.

Heard about the dead sea?

The dead sea is the lowest place in the world, a lot of people flying from all over the world to get mineral treatment in the salt and mud baths, a lot of doctors recommend using the minerals for psoriasis, acne, eczema or very dry skin. Especially nice on the dry and cracked area of the heels.

(now we move to the price with full confidence, a look in her eye while saying the price and making her understand she gets a lot for a small price)

The whole set is on promotion here today for our blue cross sale so instead of 35 you can get a complete set for just 24.99 for two years with a warranty!

Choosing the lotion

Now every kit comes with a lotion that you choose, smell them tell me which one you like the most.

(in this stage we hold one cream at a time and let her smell it)

We have pomegranate(smell), exotic orchid (smell), and sensual musk (smell).

(if the customer canít decide tell her to close her eyes, when we close one sense the others work better, and then choose one, after the customer chooses a fragrance we say:)

Great choice thatís the most popular one!

(now take the cream she likes in the hand and say:)

Now to complete the treatment Iím going to use the lotion.

(put a bit of lotion in the hand)

This is a very light lotion based on the dead sea minerals.

(we can massage it into her skin)

You will not feel it greasy or sticky, and especially good for the dry areas.

Now touch your hand, feel it?


(after the customer chose her favourite fragrance, we take the kit with the lotion the customer liked, hold it in front of her and say:)


(this is a very important question, that closes the deal!)

How many would you like?

It doesnít have an expiry date on it, whoever you give it to can use it easy and fast because it has full instruction, Itís a great present for every sister, daughter, neighbour, friend, anyone with natural nails, could be a nice Christmas present!

(you can offer her a good price for the second one Ė 19.99 and the third one Ė 14.99 but donít say it straight away, maybe she will want another kit for 24.99)

Up sale and finish


(we need to try offer the customer one of our glittering sets which costs 35 but with our promotion can go down to a minimum of 29.99) Mam, if you like for the evenings, weddings special occasion, you like dancing? We have a special luxury kit with GLITTERING LOTION (put a bit on her hand and show her ) you can upgrade your kit to a glittering kit for just 5 pounds..

Must!, Not optional:

Everyone that buys a kit from us deserves to get a free spa treatment!

(than you show her the  salt after she already took the kit)

Follow me to my office (take her to the till and charge her for the products)

Thank you very much mam.

Donít forget to save the receipt, it will give you 10% discount next time you purchase our products, and itís a guarantee certificate for the buffer for two years. Mom have a great day and come back to show us your new shiny nails!

Dealing with rejections

I donít have the time

(ask a question:)

Mam do you watch telly?


Mam do you talk over the phone?


Mam do you drive a car?

(and then according to the question you asked:)

So, you can do it while watching telly, talking over the phone or even in the car Ė if you are not driving it by yourself. You donít need much time for doing it.

Let me think about it

Mam Ė obviously you like it right?

Let me help you.

What I can do, if you join our customers club Ė which is 100% free and all you need to do is give us your e-mail and date of birth you can get another 20% reduction and have the kit for just 19.99! It takes seconds (than we write her e-mail, name, date of birth on the paper provided on the unit by area manager and give her the set for 19.99)

I do my nails in a salon

Can I ask you how much are you paying for a visit?

And how long does it take you from the moment you leave home until you come back?

So for the price of only one visit you can get two years professional kit that will save you both time and money.

I donít need it I use nail polish/ nail strengtheners

Mam, do you know that even the clear nail polish/ nail strengthen contains a lot of chemicals that actually dry, and ruins the nail, blocks it from breathing and is the main cause for yellow stains?

Our product is 100% natural and makes your nail stronger, healthier and much more beautiful.

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