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Zak McCracken and the Alien Mindbenders


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Zak McCracken and the Alien Mindbenders

Hi all. I know there are already walkthrough for this game, but since this was my first point and click adventure and the one that really got me hooked on the other such games, I decided to write another walkthrough.

You can skip cut scenes with either ESCAPE, or the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON.

To switch people you control you can use the function keys:

F1 – ZAK; F2 – Annie; F3 – Melissa; F4 – Leslie

To save or load a game press F5 (save game files will have * next to them).

To quit pres control+c.

First off: there are many things you can do, but are not needed for the game to be completed so I will only write the shortest way to save the Earth (about an hour of game play). Here goes:

You wake up in your room:

  1. pick up Sushi (your goldfish)
  2. pick up torn wallpaper (off the wall at the door)
  3. use torn wallpaper on plastic card (under the desk drawer)
  4. open desk drawer
  5. pick up kazoo
  6. open door
  7. walk to door

Now you’re in the living room (and won’t have to return to the bedroom ever again):

  1. pick up seat cushion (it’s between the TV and the couch) – wait for the cut scene
  2. use power outlet with power cord (they’re where the seat cushion was before)
  3. pick up seat cushion (the left one on the couch)
  4. pick up remote control
  5. use remote control (you have to be close enough to the TV) – another cut scene
  6. use the remote control (turn off TV)
  7. go to the far right open door and exit the apartment

You’re standing on the street now:

  1. walk left (to the door of the bakery)
  2. push doorbell – a short cut scene
  3. push doorbell
  4. push doorbell (the baker throws some stale bread at you)
  5. pick up stale bread
  6. walk to the far right (so you’re standing in front of the bus)
  7. walk to the 14th avenue (the sign near the top of the screen)
  8. walk right (to the Lou’s Loans)
  9. open door (go in)
  10. buy golf club
  11. buy tool kit
  12. buy wet suit
  13. exit (through the door on the far right)
  14. open tool kit
  15. go to the far right (to the Bob E. Pintz Hair Saloon)
  16. use wire cutters on Bobby pin sign
  17. go to the far left (so you can see the bus)
  18. go back to your apartment (walk up the stairs)

The living room (for the last time – if you don’t wonder off on your own):

  1. open fridge
  2. pick up egg
  3. close fridge
  4. open cabinet (under the sink)
  5. pick up box of crayons
  6. use yellow crayon on torn wallpaper
  7. use stale bread in sink
  8. turn on switch (it’s on the wall above the stove - wait for the bread to disappear)
  9. turn off the switch
  10. use monkey wrench on pipe (under the sink in the cabinet)
  11. pick up bread crumbs
  12. use Sushi in sink (now you have an empty fish bowl)
  13. go outside again

On the street again:

  1. walk to the bus
  2. use kazoo
  3. when the door opens use cash card in cash card reader (next to the driver)

At the airport:

  1. give cash card to the devotee (what he does with in I don’t wanna know!!! He’ll give you a book)
  2. walk to the gates to the plane

Aboard the airplane:

  1. walk to the far right (to the toilet)
  2. open door
  3. use toilet paper in sink
  4. turn on sink
  5. wait for the water to run over push call button
  6. walk to the far right (to the microwave next to the airplane door)
  7. open microwave (only after the stewardess starts complaining about the mess in the toilet – otherwise she’ll sent you back to your seat)
  8. use egg in microwave
  9. turn on microwave
  10. walk to the seat (the first empty one – the first on the left from the door)
  11. pick up cushion (only if the stewardess is still in the toilet – otherwise wait for her to start cleaning the microwave)
  12. pick up the lighter (it fell on the floor)
  13. open bin (above the seat)
  14. pick up the oxygen tank (you must open all bins – the tank in always in the last one you open)
  15. wait for the flight to end (or cut the scene)

In Seattle:

  1. exit the airport through the door on the right
  2. pick up tree branch
  3. give peanut (you got them for lunch on the plane) to the two headed squirrel
  4. use tree branch on loose dirt
  5. walk inside the cave
  6. it’s dark, so you best use the what is command (this let’s you scroll over objects and says where is something) and find the bird nest
  7. use tree branch with bird nest
  8. use tree branch with fire pit (find the fire pit like you did the nest)
  9. use the bird nest in the fire pit
  10. use lighter on the bird nest (finally light)
  11. use yellow crayon on the strange markings (yellow dots on the wall to your right)
  12. go to the secret room
  13. use remote control
  14. pick up blue crystal
  15. go back to the airport
  16. use reservation terminal
  17. buy a ticket for Miami

In Miami:

  1. give cash card to the bum
  2. give book to the bum
  3. use reservation terminal
  4. buy a ticket for San Francisco

Meeting the girl from your dream:

  1. walk to 14th avenue
  2. walk to the red door (to the right of the load shop)
  3. use drop slot with blue crystal (a cut scene)
  4. now you have a new command – SWITCH
  5. give whiskey to Annie (it’s not what you think – you’re not Larry)
  6. give wire cutters to Annie
  7. walk back to the bus
  8. switch to Annie
  9. A: (back in the room) pick up blotter
  10. A: pick up cash card
  11. A: walk to the bus
  12. switch back to Zak
  13. use kazoo
  14. use cash card in cash card reader
  15. (quick) switch back to Annie
  16. A: use cash card in cash card reader

Back at the airport:

  1. A: use reservation terminal
  2. A: buy a ticket for London – refer to the EXIT VISA CODES at the end of the file!!!
  3. A: walk to the gates of the planes

In England:

  1. A: walk outside (through the door on the far right)
  2. A: give whiskey to the guard
  3. A: switch of the fence (the switch is in the little hut)
  4. A: use wire cutters on fence
  5. A: walk to the Stonehenge (wait there)
  6. A: switch to Zak

At the San Francisco airport:

  1. use reservation terminal
  2. buy a ticket for London
  3. go to the gates of the planes

In London (just a quick stop on the way):

  1. use reservation terminal
  2. buy a ticket for Katmandu

In Nepal:

  1. exit the airport (to the right)
  2. walk to the right
  3. give the book to the guard
  1. enter the house (and go to the far right – cut scene)
  2. exit the house
  3. go to the far right (until you see some hey behind the house)
  4. use lighter with hey (cut – scene, wait for the policeman to exit his office)
  5. You’ll have to act quick enough now, otherwise it’s the slammer for you!
  6. go left (until you see the open door of the police station)
  7. pick up flag pole
  8. walk to Yak
  9. use cash card in Yak (where that furry animal has a cash card reader you can only guess – but I rather won’t)
  10. use reservation terminal
  11. buy a ticket for Kinshasa

In Zaire:

  1. exit the airport
  2. I’m not really sure if the jungle has a certain pattern or not, so just keep walking until you come to a little village
  3. go to the doctor’s office (to the far left)
  4. give golf club to shaman
  5. Now they’ll perform a ritual dance!!! Be careful, I was stuck with this for an eternity!!! Write down the order in which the dancers bow down (left – middle – right) after the shaman lights the fire. You’ll need this sequence (and it’s different every time you play the game).
  6. switch to Leslie

On Mars:

  1. L: open door (of your van)
  2. L: open glove compartment
  3. L: pick up cash cards
  4. L: pick up fuse
  5. L: exit the van
  6. L: read cash card (so you’ll which is yours and which Melissa’s)
  7. L: give Melissa her cash card
  8. L: go left – past the hostel to the monolith
  9. L: use cash card in monolith (COOL an all galactic VISA) – you get a token
  10. L: go to the hostel
  11. L: enter

The Mars Hostel:

  1. L: use token on metal plate (next to the door
  2. L: pick up fuse
  3. L: use fuse with metal plate
  4. L: push button (next to the right door)
  5. L: walk through the door
  6. L: pick up vinyl tape (from the locker)
  7. L: open locker (the one on the right)
  8. L: pick up flashlight
  9. L: pull covers (on the bed)
  10. L: just wait until Leslie finally remover the cover and sees an alien
  11. L: pick up broom-stick like alien
  12. L: go to the far right and get the ladder
  13. L: exit hostel

The mystery of Mars:

  1. L: use the broom alien on sand (on the panels outside the hostel)
  2. L: walk back to the van
  3. L: give vinyl tape to Melissa
  4. L: walk to the far right (past the van) to the huge face
  5. L: use ladder on door
  6. L: now push the buttons on the door in the right sequence (the one you saw when they were dancing).
  7. L: enter the great chamber
  8. L: switch to Melissa
  9. M: walk to the van
  10. M: pick up boom-box
  11. M: pick up the Data Audible Tape (it’s the yellow thing in the car radio)
  12. M: go to the huge head
  13. M: pick up ladder
  14. M: enter the grat chamber

The Great Chamber on Mars:

  1. M: use vinyl tape on DAT
  2. M: use DAT in Boom-box
  3. M: go to the first door (the wall behind you)
  4. M: use ladder with pedestal (of the crystal)
  5. M: turn on boom-box – RECORD
  6. M: push crystal orb
  7. M: go back to the great chamber
  8. M: go to door number two
  9. M: turn on boom-box – PLAY
  10. M: return to the great chamber
  11. M: go to door number three
  12. M: turn on boom-box – PLAY
  13. M: return to the great chamber
  14. M: go to the right statue (with strange markings on it)
  15. M: read the markings (write down the pattern)
  16. M: switch to Leslie
  17. L: go to door one
  18. L: enter the maze
  19. L: turn on flashlight
  20. L: go through the purple door
  21. L: go through the blue door
  22. L: go through the purple door again

The Atmosphere machine:

  1. L: Turn both switches on
  2. when they reach green it’s safe to take off the helmet
  3. L: take off the helmet
  4. L: back to the maze
  5. L: go through the blue door on the left
  6. L: go to the far right
  7. L: read the markings under the Sphings
  8. L: return to the great chamber (far left, far right, far right, far left)

Back in the great chamber:

  1. L: go to the second door
  2. L: enter
  3. L: go to the room
  4. L: pick up the ankh
  5. L: return to the great chamber
  6. L: go to door number three
  7. L: enter
  8. L: use ankh with the ankh like shape on the wall
  9. L: pick up the golden key
  10. L: return to the great chamber
  11. L. switch to Melissa
  12. M: take off helmet
  13. M: switch to Zak

Back on Earth:

  1. walk back through the jungle
  2. use reservation terminal
  3. buy a ticket for Cairo
  4. go to gates to the planes
  5. use reservation terminal
  6. buy a ticket for London
  7. go to the gates to the planes
  8. use reservation terminal
  9. buy a ticket for Mexico
  10. go to the gates to the planes (my, this brings many regular flyer points)

In Mexico:

  1. exit the airport
  2. jungle again – just go through
  3. when you come to the Mayan temple go to the top of it and enter there
  4. in dark use the what is command to find torches
  5. use the lighter on a torch
  6. go through the door closest to the torch
  7. use lighter on torch
  8. go through the first door you’ll see on the right
  9. use lighter on torch
  10. go through the doorway (not the one on the wall behind you)
  11. use lighter on torch
  12. go through the right door on the wall in the back
  13. here you have a statue with the second part of the yellow crystal
  14. use yellow crayon on strange markings
  15. enter the pattern from the Mars statue (the ones Melissa read)
  16. pick up the other part of the yellow crystal and make your way back to the airport
  17. use reservation terminal
  18. buy a ticket for Lima
  19. walk to the gate to the planes

In Peru:

  1. exit the airport
  2. again make your way through the jungle
  3. use the bread crumbs in bird feeder
  4. (wait for the bird to land) use blue crystal on bird
  5. Now you’ve done it BIRDBRAIN (be careful, the alarm went off and they’ll come looking for you, so be careful)
  6. Fly to the right – to the huge statue on the other side of the river
  7. fly to the eye (don’t know if it’s always the same) with the scroll inside
  8. pick up scroll
  9. fly back to the bird feeder
  10. give scroll to Zak
  11. switch back to Zak
  12. go to jungle fast
  13. make your way back to the airport
  14. use reservation terminal (over and over again) until you reach London

In England:

  1. exit the airport
  2. go to the Stonehenge
  3. use flag pole in altar stone
  4. use crystal shard on altar stone
  5. use the other crystal shard on the altar stone
  6. give scroll to Annie
  7. give yellow crayon to Annie
  8. switch to Annie
  9. A: read scroll
  10. A: go to airport
  11. A: use reservation terminal
  12. A: buy a ticket for Cairo
  13. A: fly to Cairo
  14. A: switch back to Zak
  15. pick up yellow crystal
  16. go to airport
  17. use reservation terminal
  18. buy a ticket for Cairo
  19. go to plane
  20. use terminal
  21. buy ticket for Kinshasa
  22. get on plane

Back in Africa:

  1. find you way through the jungle again
  2. go to the Shaman’s hut
  3. give yellow crystal to Shaman
  4. use yellow crystal

Crystal power:

  1. go to the dot on the lower left side of the map (it’s Lima in South America)
  2. pick up candelabra
  3. use yellow crystal
  4. go to Seattle
  5. exit the cave
  6. go to the airport
  7. use terminal
  8. buy a ticket for Miami
  9. go to plane
  10. use terminal
  11. buy a ticket for Bermuda
  12. get on plane
  13. use parachute (if nothing else to escape pilots bad jokes)
  14. use Kazoo
  15. use blue crystal on dolphin


  1. swim underwater
  2. pick up seaweed (there are three bushes – the object you need is usually under the last one, no mater where you start)
  3. pick up glowing object
  4. swim back to surface
  5. give glowing object to Zak
  6. switch to Zak
  7. use yellow crystal (go to Egypt the dot most to the right)

The secret of Egypt:

  1. go to the wall on your left and move the small switch (opening the stairs)
  2. walk down the stairs
  3. there is a torch far to the right (but you don’t really need it)
  4. go through the doorway to the far right
  5. go to far left
  6. go to the desert
  7. go to the Sphinx
  8. go to the first leg (doesn’t matter which one, what you need is always on the second leg).
  9. go to the other leg
  10. use yellow crayon with strange markings
  11. draw what Leslie found in the map room on Mars
  12. switch to Annie
  13. A: exit the airport
  14. A: go to the Sphinx
  15. A: switch to Zak
  16. give yellow crayon to Annie
  17. give map to Annie
  18. switch to Annie
  19. A: enter the Sphinx
  20. A: go through the doors (only through those that have the Sun and one person drawn above them – remember which way you came in, so you won’t get lost on the way back!!!)
  21. A: you get to the doorway with two eyes – enter
  22. A: read the hieroglyphs
  23. A: push the buttons like the hieroglyphs said you should
  24. A: use yellow crayon on map (adding the Mars map)
  25. A: read the markings next to the Mars pyramid (YES – remember the pattern!!!)
  26. A: exit the sphinx
  27. A: give the map and the crayon back to Zak
  28. A: go to the pyramid
  29. A: enter the pyramid (go to the room Zak came out off)
  30. A: push the switch (for the stairs)
  31. A: wait here – switch to Zak

First man on Mars:

  1. use yellow crystal (go to huge face on Mars).
  2. use yellow crayon on markings
  3. go through the centre door
  4. walk to the doorway on the far right end wall
  5. walk to the doorway on the far left end wall
  6. put on wet suit
  7. put on oxygen tank
  8. use duck tape with fish bowl
  9. put on fish bowl
  10. exit the pyramid
  11. go to the monolith (behind the hostel)
  12. use cash card in monolith
  13. switch to Leslie
  14. L: put on helmet
  15. L: exit pyramid
  16. L: go to the tram
  17. L: switch to Melissa
  18. M: put on helmet
  19. M: go to the tram
  20. M: use cash card in monolith
  21. M: use token in tram
  22. M: switch to Zak
  23. use token in tram
  24. switch to Leslie
  25. L: use token in tram

The pyramids of Mars:

  1. L: go to the pyramid
  2. L: use broom alien with sand
  3. L: switch to Zak
  4. go to the pyramid
  5. use bobby pin in key hole
  6. switch to Melissa
  7. M: go to the pyramid
  8. M: enter
  9. M: go through the doorway
  10. M: push sarcophagus feet
  11. M: switch to Leslie
  12. L: enter the pyramid
  13. L: go through the doorway
  14. L: climb the stairs at the far left of the chamber
  15. L: use golden key with the box (on the right)
  16. L: switch to Zak
  17. go to the room where Leslie is waiting for you
  18. stand in front of the white crystal
  19. switch to Leslie
  20. L: push button
  21. L: switch to Zak
  22. quick! grab the crystal
  23. use yellow crystal
  24. go to Egypt

Saving the Earth from stupidity:

  1. take off fish bowl
  2. take off wet suit
  3. take off oxygen tank
  4. use glowing object on the base
  5. use candelabra on the glowing object
  6. use all three crystals in candelabra
  7. push right switch
  8. NOTHING?!?!?! – Oh right, Zak’s a gentleman and will let Annie save the earth.
  9. switch to Annie
  10. A: push switch


If you get caught in Katmandu trying to steal the flag pole:

  1. switch to Annie
  2. A: go to Nepal
  3. A: go to jail
  4. A: switch to Zak
  5. give Annie the lighter
  6. switch to Annie
  7. A: go and set the hay on fire
  8. A: return to jail and get the key
  9. A: let Zak out of the jail
  10. switch Zak
  11. open closet (should get the stuff back

If you’re caught using the blue crystal:

  1. when you’re free you must wait until all your commands return (it takes a while)
  2. go back to your bedroom
  3. pick up the corner of the rug
  4. use wire cutters on floor (you’ll need to get them back from Annie first)
  5. use rope on hole
  6. use rope
  7. open closet on the left (there’s the crystal)
  8. now be quick and escape with the crystal up the rope! If you bought nose-glasses and a hat at Lou’s Loans put them on and walk out the door

If you’re caught missing the exit visa a few times:


Where can I find these codes?


OK, this is taken from the original manual that came with the game!

Might not be the best scaning job you've ever seen, but I had to do it in a hurry at work!

Just for fun, you might wanna use the false code and see what happenes!!!


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