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1.1. Lead-in

Consider the following questions:

1. Where can you find information about job vacancies?

2. What information do companies generally give when they advertise for vacancies?

3. What are the steps that one has to take in order to apply for a job?

4. What are your expectations when looking for a job?

5. Should people accept any employment conditions simply because they are unemployed? Why?


Henkel Cosmetics

Our Philosophy

Consumer orientation is the main philosophy of the Henkel cosmetics business. All our efforts serve to make peoples lives more attractive and comfortable by offering high quality cosmetics products that provide beauty and wellness to people all over the world. Our highly emotional and trend oriented cosmetics business is strongly marketing-driven and requires multicultural teams. Small but experienced competence centres with young and international marketing teams are fully responsible for brand development. The fascination and flair of the world of cosmetics can be felt in our working environment.

Task And Perspective

After university, you can start your career at Schwarzkopf and Henkel, e.g. as a marketing assistant, receiving training on the job and taking part in international exchange and development programmes to broaden your marketing and management skills. As a product manager with several years of successful experience you have full responsibility for products and brands while employing all modern marketing tools. Your target is to manage well-tailored market strategies and brand concepts leading to the achievement of an optimum market share and profit contribution for the specific brand at national or international level. Further career steps are group product manager, marketing or sales director, leading you to general management tasks in the international Henkel Group.


You have just graduated (preferably in business administration) at university level or you have already worked for several years at a consumer goods producer (cosmetics experience is beneficial). Obviously, your theoretical knowledge and practical experience is excellent. Your professional orientation and your personality profile is clearly international. In addition, you possess very good knowledge of and practical experience in English and at least one other foreign language. Beyond your organisational and analytical skills, you should have an especially high level of creativity and conceptual thinking. If you are at the same time socially competent, highly motivated, mobile and flexible, your perspectives in the Henkel cosmetics business are almost unlimited.


1.3. Vocabulary development

1.3.1. Match the following words and phrases from the text with their right definitions:

  1. market share
  1. type of product or trade mark
  1. well-tailored
  1. intuition
  1. brand
  1. best suited, most suitable
  1. obviously
  1. having healthy or profitable effects, results
  1. beneficial
  1. evidently
  1. optimum
  1. targeted audience (public, customers)
  1. flexible
  1. set of characteristics
  1. perspective
  1. prospect, expected outcome
  1. profile
  1. adaptable, multipurpose
  1. flair
  1. suited, appropriately adapted

1.3.2. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences using a suitable word derived from the word given at the end of each sentence:

1. If you are looking for a job you should carefully read the page of newspapers.


2. Generally companies decide to advertise their job in a newspaper.


3. If you decide to apply for a job you must be sure that you meet the specified in the job description.


4. You should send your CV and a letter of application at the address in the advertisement.


5. Your letter of application should your suitability for the job you are applying for.


6. After reading the CVs and the letters sent by the , the company will draw a shortlist of candidates, who are invited to attend an interview.


7. Henkel needs young candidates for position in teams.


8. The company offers a salary and generous benefits.


9. count as much as work experience.


10. It is useful to have recommendations from two or three (e.g. former employers, teachers, etc. ).


1.3.2. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the required preposition.

  1. Our company finally decided to advertise their newly launched products.
  2. As Mr. Jones retired, Peter decided to apply the position of senior production manager.
  3. Should you need further information, apply our PR assistant.
  4. If you want this job you should be ready to work pressure.
  5. You will be responsible all aspects of production if you want this position.
  6. Our employees are very committed our companys goals.
  7. Try not to be envious Johns success! You know he deserves a promotion.
  8. My letter comes reply to your advertisement for the position of operations officer.
  9. Mr. Jackson is not really interested the position of customer services assistant.
  10. This position involves looking very young children.

1.4. Language focus: The tense system: Present Perfect Simple

1.4.1. The tense system: Present Perfect Simple

The verbs in bold in the following sentence are in the Present Perfect tense.

You have just graduated (preferably in business administration) at university level or you have already worked for several years at a consumer goods producer (cosmetics experience is beneficial).

Form: to have (in the present) + the Past Participle

I have seen her. /Have I seen her?/ Yes, I have. No, I havent.

It indicates:

action begun in the past that continues in the present: I have known him for two years.

Specific adverbs: for, (ever) since, all day, often, seldom, ever, never always, yet

past action with results in the present: He has broken his leg.

Specific adverbs: already, recently, lately, so far, till now, up to now, up to the present,

just finished action: He has just entered. Have you seen him yet?

Specific adverbs: just, yet, already

an action that has been completed: They have repaired the fax.

1.4.2. Choose the correct tense (Past Simple, Present Perfect Simple) of the verbs given in brackets to fill in the blanks in the following sentences:

  1. Our company (to buy) ten new computers last month.
  2. They (not hear) from their business partner since last summer.
  3. Jane (attend) a seminar on recruitment techniques yesterday.
  4. It is the first time that we (find) the right person for the job.
  5. She (work) as a marketing assistant for twenty years, that is between 1960 and 1990.
  6. He already (send) three letters of application to three different companies.
  7. How many times you (apply) for a job?
  8. When (come) the new manager to this factory?
  9. Until recently nobody (know) how to operate the new security system in the office.
  10. When the executive (arrive) we (feel) very confident of the companys success.

Pair work

A. Each of you should choose one of the four positions below (not the same, of course). Try to persuade your partner that your choice is better than theirs.

personal assistant accountant human resources manager salesperson

B. Imagine that you are speaking to a group of students from another university who are interested in applying for a research project in your particular field of study. Discuss the different job opportunities in this field.

Writing. Describe your favourite job in approximately 300 words. Give reasons in support of your choice.

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