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Software Update for a Viper Computer


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Software Update for a Viper

This Description will explain in different Steps how to update a Viper Computer with a new Software

Before you start please make sure that the Birds will have sufficient Air for the Time that it take to modify the Computer

Save the Data on the Flashcard

A.    When you have received the new Software with Mail by a Zip File

Please unzip the File direct to the new Flashcard .

B. You remove the old Flashcard carefully from the Computer and

plug the new Card in. But during this Process leave the Power

on don’t switch the Computer off .

C. Than you have to go to the following Menu Service to save

all Data and Settings on the Flashcard .

Select a new Name and press OK and all Settings a copied to the Flashcard .

Write down where the Hardware is connect and what Batchday is active at the Moment .

To make sure that nothing changes on the Wiring & Hardware we recommend to write down where the In-and outputs a used for. Normally nothing changes – this is only a second protection !

Check the In - and Outputs and write down where they a used for

Write down what Batch –Day is today

Upload the new Software

When all Customer Settings a on the Card you can upload the new Version from the Flashcard with the following Menu .

The Computer will show now the actual Version that is on the Flashcard .


Select it and press Enter -- than the upload starts

When the Upload is made

Go to the Main screen from Viper and Press 0 “Zero” - than the Computer will show you what Program is active .

It should show you Version 5_4_1dev002_EN

Load the Customer Settings back

To Make sure that all Settings a the same as before you must upload the saved settings back into the Controller .

Select the previously made Backup and upload the settings back into the Viper .

Final check

Check that the Batch –Day is set correctly

Check your I/O List that all In and Outputs a the same as before .

Turn the Viper to manual

Make a Test by starting all Outputs to see that everything is working again .

After this Test turn the Viper back to Auto-matic and make the next Step .

Calibration for all Winch Motors

Since you have upload the new Software the Computer must have new

Calibration Figures from the Feedback-Potentiometer ,therefore it is important that you make for all Motors a new calibration Run .

If all Positions from the List a made you can leave the Manuals for the Viper on Side and all Functions will run now automatically .

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