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Using the MovieCD Remote Control (Version 4.0)


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Using the MovieCD Remote Control (Version 4.0)

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Using the MovieCD Remote Control (Version 4.0)

The Motion Pixels MovieCD Player automatically loads this configuration on the Windows desktop. The

following is a description of the virtual remote control and its related functions. Please note that specific

Remote Control functions, such as rewind, fast-forward, slow-motion, and frame advance only work with

the windowed video. Most functions have related hotkeys. Please consult the Hotkey Section of this

documentation for more information about hotkey functions.

Play (CTRL+P) - Plays the windowed video forward at normal speed.

Stop (ESC) - Halts current windowed video playback. A single video frame

will appear in the window.

Rewind (CTRL+<--) - Plays the windowed video backwards. Video rewind

speed and audio mute can be selected via the Options menu.

Fast Forward (CTRL+-->) - Plays the windowed video forward as fast as

possible without skipping frames. Video fast-forward speed can be accessed

through the Options menu. Audio mute is also available.

Minus One Frame (<--) - This button reverses the still video image one frame

at a time.

Plus One Frame (-->) - Advances the still video image one frame at a time.

Slow Motion (CTRL+S) - Plays the video forward at 1/4 normal speed. Audio

can be disabled from the Options menu.

Go To (CTRL+G) - The Go To function allows the user to type in a time in

hours, minutes and seconds up to the total length of the movie. The video will

advance to the choosen time. Click on 'Ok' to continue.

Replay (CTRL+R ) - This option features an automatic looping function with user-definable start and end points. Works with either the windowed or fullscreen video modes.

Options - The Options menu contains several different options for video

playback. Click any of the check boxes to select the desired option.

The Rewind/Fast Forward Speed can be adjusted to play as fast as possible without skipping frames.

The other speed options are ratios of normal playback speed.

Check the Mute Audio During REW/FF to silence the audio during fast-forward or rewind.

Also, check the Mute audio to silence the audio during slow-motion. Audio mute is automatically

enabled when 'As Fast As Possible Without Skipping Frames' is selected.

Replay (loop) Video constantly loops the current video from beginning to end. Enabled by default.

Always On Top (when windowed) keeps the video window overlaid on top of other open applications,

such as Notepad or Calculator.

Boost Priority allocates most of the system resources to video playback when other applications are

open. Please note that the Remote Control may not immediately respond to user input with this option


Power (ALT+F4) - This closes the video window and the remote control


Min/Max (CTRL+M) - Displays the video window and the remote control on

top of the existing Windows desktop. Clicking this button will toggle between

this mode and hiding the desktop. Only the video window and remote are


Full Screen (CTRL+F) - Plays the video full screen according to the specified

Fullscreen Enlargement style selected. See the Playback Style dialog box for

more information.

Playback Style (CTRL+L) - Motion Pixels offers up to 13 different resizing

options for video playback in a window or full screen. 5 screen resolutions are

also available as well as video chipset detection. Please consult the 'Using

Aware' documentation for more information about Motion Pixels resizing


Other Functions

Hide Remote Control (CTRL+H) - Right-click while the mouse cursor is over the Remote Control. To

restore the Remote Control, right-click on the video window.

Minimize All Applications (SPACEBAR) - Pressing the SPACEBAR while the video window is active will reduce the Remote Control and Video Window to icons. Video playback will halt. To restore, double-click with left mouse button on the minimized video icon.

Mute Audio (/ or SHIFT+?) - Press the forward slash (/) to mute the audio during playback. Hold down

the SHIFT key and press the forward slash (/) to enable the audio once again.

Hardware Scaling - Enabling this option allows the video window to be 'stretched' or reduced to any

size on the windows desktop. To restore the original video window size, uncheck the Use Hardware

Scaling option.

Progress Bar - The gray bar above the Play and Stop buttons on the Remote Control changes to a red

indicator as the video time advances. This indicates the total length of the video files, even if they span

more than one CD-ROM.

LED Display - The abbreviated video title is displayed as well as the current time in hours, minutes, and

seconds and track markers.

The Remote Control may display a sequence of track numbers. Clicking on any of these will advance the

video to a pre-programmed track segment. The Hours:Minutes:Seconds display will also change. This

function operates if the windowed video is playing or not.

Jump To Track (CTRL+K) -  Hold down CTRL+ K to bring up the Track Selection dialog box. Select the desired Track Name, then click 'OK', the video will advance to the marked track selection

Previous Track (CTRL+PgUp) - Regresses to the video segment prior to the currently marked track number.

Next Track (CTRL+PgDn) -  Advances to the next video segment in front of the currently marked track number.

Hotkeys and Related Functions


Brightness Decrease

Brightness Increase

Brightness Reset

Gamma Increase

Gamma Reset

Mute Audio

Unmute Audio

<  Volume Decrease

>  Volume Increase

<-- (LEFT ARROW) Minus One Frame

--> (RIGHT ARROW) Advance One Frame

ALT+C  Control Menu

ALT+E  Effects Menu

ALT+F  File Menu

ALT+F4  Exit Program

ALT+H  Help Menu

CTRL+<-- (LEFT ARROW) Rewind

CTRL+--> (RIGHT ARROW) Fast Forward

CTRL+1  No Fullscreen Enlargement

CTRL+2  4X Enlargement Styles

CTRL+3  9X Enlargement Styles

CTRL+F  Play Fullscreen


CTRL+H  Hide/Show Remote Control

CTRL+I  Show Video List (if available)

CTRL+K  Jump To Track (if available)

CTRL+L  Playback Style

CTRL+M  Minimize/Maximize

CTRL+O  Open Video

CTRL+P  Play In Window

CTRL+R  Replay

CTRL+S  Slow-Motion

CTRL+T  Player Options

CTRL+PgUp  Previous Track (if available)

CTRL+PgDn  Next Track (if available)


CTRL+HOME  Go To Beginning

ESC  Stop

PgUp  Minus 1 Second

PgDn  Advance 1 Second

SPACEBAR  Minimize All Applications

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