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Extended Championship Lode Runner Tips & Tricks


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TERMENI importanti pentru acest document

Extended Championship Lode Runner Tips & Tricks

On disk 1A you can find short instructions, a list of all keys used

in this game. Here now a few hints and cheats for all levels, which were written in summer 1985, while we´ve listened to a lot

of music from New Order and Tears for Fears:

(Much fun wishes Browny, may 1997)

Please excuse my bad english, school-time is long ago and I didn´t even get good marks!

Level 1: Pah-easy  Track/Sector 0300

Author: 808

This beginner-level doesn´t need any hints anyway, because

It´s very easy to play. You have to find the right height on the ladder beside the `T´ and you should get rid of your opponents


Level 2: Clairvoyant  T/S 0301

Author: 808

Walk above the opponents to one of the left platforms, wait and

look out for the pitfalls, wich, I must confess are placed a bit mean.

Level 3: Nothing about  T/S 0302

Author: 808

From the opponent jump onto the upper `E´, dig and wait until the opponents stand still. You have to take care that none of them has got a piece of gold yet, before you decoy them into the

`H´ and walk into the right part of the scene; otherwise it will

really get hard to solve this level!

Level 4: Lets go crazy  T/S 0303

Author: Prince

Decoy the opponent until he falls into the `R´, but don´t forget to

Get the gold from him before!

Level 5: Half a Browny  T/S 0304

Author: Browny

Try to shake off the opponents: either you have to stay on the ladder that they walk to the right or decoy one of them into the


Level 6: Yeah - Victory  T/S 0305

Authors: Browny & Prince

First take the two pieces of gold in the middle, if that works decoy one opponent exactly there instantly. Then decoy the

Other opponents into the belowest holes.

For the big digging of the walls on left and right from the `V´ you

Must unconditional begin with the utmost left stone in each case!

Level 7: Time is Live  T/S 0306

Authors: 808 & Browny

Go a bit downstairs first. For the walls beside the starting-ladder

the following proceedure is valid:

At first (of course) dig the upper stone, wait a little while and dig

the stones under the upper one. Then you can walk over the

meanwhile regenerated stone.

The belowest opponent should be killed at last.

Level 8: Fall Guy  T/S 0307

Authors: 808 & Browny

With a little trick you can decoy the opponent staying in the right below area into the left pit whilst you let yourself fall into the right

pit, but (of course) not without to dig yourself a way to escape.

The goldpieces in the middle of the scene are allowed to pick up

only at the end, otherwise

Level 9: Guided Ladders T/S 0308

Author: Browny

The opponents only jump off the ladders if you leave goldpieces

on the outer left or right side.

Level 10: Los Paul  T/S 0309

Authors: 808 & Browny & Prince

Decoy the opponents into the upper right pitfall, so you can fall

down again, while staying on them.

Level 11: Digger Barnes  T/S 030A

Authors: 808 & Browny & Prince

The opponent with the gold mustn´t fall to the right side.

Below you have to dig verrry fast, otherwise you´ll get captured.

You have to make the opponents fetch the gold from above (kill

them and find the right position for yourself).

Level 12: Confusion  T/S 030B

Author: 808

You have to decoy the opponents into the center of the scene.

There is the only possibility for them to fall and to lay down the gold. They will only do that, if they don´t climb to the end of the

Ladder, to the ground.

Everything else depends on your own self-control resp. Your

ability to control the keyboard resp. Joystick.

Level 13: The Decoy  T/S 030C

Author: Browny

The gold in the middle of the playground lies below a pitfall.

You must convince an opponent to go exactly there, to make him take that gold. Then you can kill him and you know, that

then the gold becomes automatically yours.

You have to complete the left half of the scene before you enter

the right half!

Level 14: All killed  T/S 030D

Author: 808

Immediately to the right and the ladder downstairs. Dig on the left side of the ladder and fall down. There: Wait!

Fall further and walk left, circa two stones.

Deliver the right opponent and kill him. Deliver and kill the upper left opponents successively. Kill the below opponent, but get his

gold first!!

Level 15: U took 3.06 min  T/S 030E

Author: Prince

Push the trigger down immediately!

The rest is the usual dig, decoy and shoo away game.

(The right hole below fits better to an opponent than to you –


Level 16: Face to Face  T/S 030F

Authors: 808 & Browny & Prince

Walk upon the opponents to the right and clean the „mouth“.

Climb to the upper ladder of the right „eye“, dig right and when a

single opponent comes walk upon him and shake off the other


Deliver the so catched opponent and get the gold, so to speak,

over him.

Do not jump off, deliver the opponent first and so on

Level 17: Blockrunner  0400

Author: Browny

Decoy the left opponent into the hole on the right side of the gold by climbing the ladders completely down, after you´ve

stolen the opponents gold.

Level 18: Insert Disk  T/S 0401

Author: Prince

This level should be solveable without any tips.

Level 19: Tomb of Gold  T/S 0402

Authors: Browny & Prince

The right opponent must fall into the lowest right hole without the gold!

Left walls: Dig 2 down, above dig 2, dig 2 down, climb up and

Let yourself fall down

Left opponent: Open the wall, wait on the little piece of ladder,

tidy up and whoosh – ready!

Level 20: (B)eat it  T/S 0403

Authors: Browny & Prince

Well, who has done it until this level makes himself ridiculous

If he needs tips. Ramba Zamba Zazotti.

Level 21: Pitfall Harry  T/S 0404

Author: Browny

Take the upper left gold before you kill an opponent.

Outer right wall: Dig until the last but one stone, go up again, dig

the two upper stones, climb down again and dig the last but one stone, climb up again and let yourself, bathed in perspiration, fall. Gasp!

Level 22: Golden Gate  T/S 0405

Author: Browny

Press CTRL R (PC Keyboard: Strg R), to change digging direction.

Level 23: Dont look back  T/S 0406

Authors: 808 & Browny

Take the gold beside the ladders first in order to prevent the gold taken from the opponents.

Solve the left side of the scene first.

You´re able to get the gold on the „leg“ whilst you decoy an opponent onto the „head“ and let him fall into a digged hole, then you can walk upon him. The oppponent will follow you:

If he falls onto the two hanging pieces of ladder, wait until he is

Underneath you, then you can walk over the (now falling) oppo-nent onto the „leg“.

Level 24: Perfect - but   T/S 0407

Authors: Browny & 808 & Prince

Run the the right ladder directly (as fast as you can). It´s very close but you´ll reach the ladder sooner than the opponent.

For the first „diggingthru“ you must take care very strict, not to do something wrong and catch yourself. The actual highlight in

this level is the second „diggingthru“ thru the `funnel´.

The time is measured so close, that you can only reach the bottom if you don´t dig in front of you but behind you. So you`ve

to use the CTRL D (Strg D) key again.

You can pass by the last opponent if he is just falling.

Obviously one of the hardest levels.

Level 25: Clean Antenna  T/S 0408

Author: 808

Decoy the opponents piece by piece (both, left and right) down.

At the end you must get the opponents gold by killing them (below)

Level 26: Hektik  T/S 0409

Author: Browny

At first: Climb directly to the eighth pole (counted from below).

From this position you must decoy an opponent without gold into

the hole down below.

After that, without wasting time, you must fetch the two gold-pieces on the outer right side of the scene.

At the end: Dig the stones immediate beside the opponent who is captured in the hole (it´s not easy – I know) and run, by using

the notorious eighth pole, to the „laddertunnel“ (middle-right-below). Stay there on the lowest position – the opponent should

therefor „commit suicide“ and the gold is yours.

Attention if it doesn´t work: The opponents mustn´t move to far

to the right side!!!!!!

One of the hardest, may be the hardest level of Extended

Championship Lode Runner.

You may be proud if you managed this level. I even didn´t manage this level without beeing in trouble.

Level 27: Serpents Star  T/S 040A

Author: Browny

Deliver one of the left opponents. Climb the ladder down to decoy him in one of the upper holes.

The last opponent: You must be decoyed by him by climbing on the same ladder.

The opponent who stays within the serpentine at the beginning,

should be decoyed to the right (as far as you can).

On the way back you can pass the opponent best in the upper


Level 28: Hi Operator  T/S 040B

Authors: 808 & Prince

Dig directly two holes as far right as possible and walk right.

Stay on the ladder so that the opponents move left.

You can get the gold within the „sand-glas“ whilst you stay on

the ladder there so that all opponents go to the right and stand


Level 29: Nothing new  T/S 040C

Author: Browny

Just don´t get nervous.

Level 30: CTRL-D  T/S 040D

Autoren: 808 & Browny & Prince

Because this was (of that time) in our opinion the absolut hardest level, now some hopefully revealing tips:

Concentrate on whose taking pieces of gold.

Decoy two opponents (one after the other) into the left part of the scene to get them into the left hole to take the last gold.

T you must find the right position on the ladder).

Nothing goes without changing the digging direction. You´ll know when the time has come to use the CTRL D – key.

First upper right: Let the right brown opponent move one step to the right, fetch the gold.

Fetch all opponents carrying gold up and pull them with you onto

The ladder, then either decoy them in one of the three upper holes or decoy them into the left part of the scene.

To get the last gold lying within the left part of the scene, all oponents have to stay in that part alone. You have to stay on the concrete-block (the stone you cannot dig)!

Did you understand everything?! – I didn´t.

Level 31: Demo Detlef  T/S 040E

Authors: Prince & (Browny & 808)

Sly Lode Runner surely recognized immediately: „Man, this is the Championship Lode Runner demo-scene!“

Right observed, but this level is not so easy to mange as the demo wants us to suggest:

Dig directly right and walk upon the opponents to the ladder on the right.

Kill the opponents and decoy them into the upper right holes.

Dig two stones at the slope with the gold-pieces and take one opponent with you down, then you´ve to find the right position on the right ladder, that makes the opponent walk to the other direction. In doing so he should lay down his gold, then you can kill him.

Level 32: Stonebreaker  040F

Authors: Browny & Prince

The time in this level is measured very close (exactly).

If you hesitate a little, break off your try and start again.

Because there exist some mean pitfalls in the right part of the scene you must drill off the wall upon the little piece of ladder,

jump on the ladder, because left beside is a pitfall, take the two

gold-pieces (get the one left above first!) and over the little ladder-piece fall onto the remaining gold.

The rest is easy.

Level 33: Paris Chase  T/S 0500

Authors: Browny & Prince (& 808)

Get the gold, on the right ground, directly and collect all gold-pieces of the right side. Kill the opponents, so that they stick

up right. The gold underneath the Eifeltower is available when

you play a bit with the there resident oppponent.

On the left side you can make him fall onto the gold, on the right

side you can kill him.

Level 34: Killing Joke  T/S 0501

Author: Prince

Don´t take the gold that´s hanging in the air, an opponent should

walk there, that you need afterwards to get to the both left gold-

pieces. Three opponents let themselves decoy below: Dig four

stones below right.

Level 35: Inverter 

T/S 0502

Author: Browny

Go up the right ladder directly und kill the opponents there.

Level 36: Geometrics  T/S 0503

Author: 808

Decoy the opponents into the holes; ther must fall an opponent

Into the outest left hole.

Use the opponent that has fallen into the right hole to get to the

upper left side (walk above him, when he is just falling), then you´re able to get the left gold-pieces about the ladder.

Level 37: Ant-Hill  T/S 0504

Author: 808

The tricky thing of this level is, that ladders and opponents have

got the same colour and that you cannot dig anywhere!

The scene is so difficult to survey that I can´t give you any tips.

So the motto is: Just start to play and hopefully with enough lives in your hand.

Level 38: Playground  T/S 0505

Author: 808

Catch the black opponent down left. That he should not call a

gold his own is clear, isn´t it?

The red opponent must stay on the left side too!

You get the other opponents by killing them on the left side.

Level 39: Haarausfall  T/S 0506

Author: Spider

Dig right directly and kill the opponents. About the left ladder you can kill the remaining opponents. At the end kill the opponents on the outer right side one after another.


Level 40: You need them  T/S 0507

Author: Prince

To get an opponent into the left side you have to dig exactly

seven stones, decoy the opponent to the left rapidly, very fast you must dig one stone again and decoy him further to the left.

You mustn´t take the upper gold, so that the opponents jump into the hole again and again.

Level 41: Buddhas Riddle  T/S 0508

Author: Browny

Take care that none of the opponents jumps into the „scale“.

Level 42: A.E. Neumann  T/S 0509

Author: Spider

Kill two or three opponents, then decoy them into the right „ear“.

Level 43: Nur ein Traum  T/S 050A

Authors: Spider (& 808)

Dig directly right, so do with two stones further right and dig to

The ground.

Decoy only one opponent! The other one has to stay at the outer

Right ladder.

Level 44: Musenruessel  T/S 050B

Author: Spider

First let the left opponent come down. Then you have to be at the top before the other two opponents are, that means you´re

Not allowed to waste the slightest piece of time. Decoy these opponents up, walk above them and decoy trhem into the „labyrinth“.

Level 45: Mad Rounds  T/S 050C

Author: Spider

No tip. The A-Team rules!

Level 46: Stereo Play  T/S 050D

Author: 808

Even without tip to handle - you´re a professional meanwhile.

Level 47: Monsterhunt  T/S 050E

Author: Prince

There are black opponents in the four holes. But difficult is to get the gold left beside the white opponent. If you kill him, he automatically falls into the hole with the gold. If you dig the both

Right stones and climb directly up you can dig a hole right beside the opponent and kill him, but not before the end.

Actually this level doesn´t need a tip.

Level 48: Buddhas Temple  T/S 050F

Authors: 808 & Browny

Close to the end again a very easy level to take a rest.

Level 49: Einen noch  T/S 0600

Authors: Browny & Prince

Kill the opponent on the left ladder and hope that he arises new

On the left side. You should hang on the pole above the gold before.

Unfortunately the opponent not always arises on the left side, so

that you can loose some lives without your own fault: a worse

accident-level – sorry!

Level 50: Keep cool  T/S 0601

Authors: Browny & 808 & Prince

As the name of the level says you should play! It´s not very hard

to play, you´ve just to stay cool.

Now you can contact The A-Team and get your Extended Champpionship Lode Runner certificate.

You are allowed to be proud that you´ve achieved something

really useful for the first time in your life!


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