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Overview: Bolshoi is a harsh, frigid land which lays claim to the northernmost territories of Tirith; its precise size is uncertain because its upper reaches have yet to be charted. Its residents are known for their strength, perseverance, and sense of community and good cheer in the face of highly adverse conditions. Conditions in the region have improved since the scions of the three most powerful (and distantly interrelated) noble houses signed a contract forming a triumvirate government, which works with the de facto merchant oligarchies to improve the flow of exports from the region.

Land: Bolshoi is a hilly and mountainous land with short, mild summers and long, freezing winters. The terrain and climate make passage through the region difficult, and transport of trade goods is impossible during certain parts of the year. Although arable land and favorable weather conditions are not in great supply, Bolshoi contains great mineral wealth. In addition to providing ore, the mountains combine with the climate to form a natural barrier against invasion.

Culture: Because travel is difficult for the Bolshoiam even during the best of times, the people tend to be provincial and ignorant of the affairs of the world outside their nearest town. In spite of this, however, the Bolshoiam are fairly open-minded. Because the environment is so harsh, they are not quick to criticize anyone elseís way of life; anyone capable of surviving deserves to do so. On the other hand, the Bolshoiam do not feel much sense of common cause with the other nations of Tirith; from the short-sighted viewpoint of the Goblin Horde, the region had very little worth taking, and was relatively untouched by the Goblin Wars. The peasant class struggles to provide enough food to sustain the region without relying on foreign imports; meanwhile, the economy of the region depends largely on its mineral wealth. Bolshoi exports a great deal of both ore and finished metalwork, and control over mining resources is the main point of contention between feuding nobles and merchant oligarchs. When they are not busy with their labors, Bolshoi culture revolves around stories told over food and fire; the average Bolshoiam is well-versed in a blend of history and mythology. Both sexes favor heavy robes, cloaks, breeches, and boots during most of the year.

Language: The human population of Bolshoi speaks Coda; several dialects of Vanileshti are also in usage. The regionís Ardra are likely to speak Giant as well as their own language.

Races: Humans, Krennik, Moravani, and Ardra make up almost all of the population of Bolshoi. The Krennik control the mineral-rich mountain range which forms the western border with Urlesh, making Bolshoi one of the few nations where they regularly interact regularly with the rest of the population and wield a great deal of political power. The Ardra exist apart from the triumvirate government and are organized at the tribal level; this continues mainly because they are the only ones hardy (or foolhardy) enough to populate the Northern Wastes, and they control no resources which any lord or merchant guild thinks worthwhile to try and take from them.

Religion: Karog enjoys greater popularity in Bolshoi than anywhere else; he is not only the primary deity of the regionís Krennik but of many humans and Moravani, as well. Some other Krennik, a few of other races, worship Arghast. Maanlua, Cannarak, and Sarketh also command respect, while the Ardra of the Northern Wastes primarily worship Maanlua and Verlain.

Capitol: Horatii

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Vizualizari: 775
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