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Overview: Alastir is a lush, wet land which occupies a peninsula to the south of Dagda and Gorias. The regionís unique features produce much unique flora and fauna, which allows the nation to support itself by providing rare and valuable trade goods to its neighbors. The country also boasts three prominent (and competing) magical colleges, and is run by a council of magocrats. Alastirians are known for a devil-may-care attitude toward the strange and unusual which might shock the countrymen of other nations.

Land: Alastir is warm, sunny, and wet, with a great deal of lush forests and coastal swamplands. In some parts of the country, rivers are the best way to get from place to place. Periodic flooding is a fact of life in Alastir, as are occasional plagues and problems caused by strange jungle beasts.

Culture: Many of the common people of Alastir, particularly the regionís few Ardra, are effectively run at the tribal level and are far removed from the Azar magocrats to whom they owe their allegiance and taxes. Alastirians are by nature resourceful, and the commoners shun academic learning in favor of the more practical skills that allow one to survive in times of trial and deprivation. The region is not terribly hazardous, but it is a simple fact of life for most Alastirians that they will have to deal with some major change or upset during their lifetime (often the loss of home and property due to flooding). Alastirians are not known for modesty or conservatism, and in times of plenty are positively hedonistic. Most of the people dress in simple, comfortable clothes including tunics and loincloths. The ruling class, in contrast to the common folk, is fond of both book-learning and of acquaintance with the finer things in life. The ideal Alastirian noble is educated in a variety of arts and sciences, including magic, academic studies, leisurely arts such as dancing and music, dueling, and more superficial knowledge, mainly the best way to acquire the highest-quality exotic goods, and how to enjoy them to their utmost. Language: Azar is the predominant language of the land with Vanileshti a distant second; human languages are rarely spoken here.

Races: Azar comprise much of the common people and nearly all of the ruling class in Alastir. A few migrant Moravani are also present, and the most prosperous coasts and waterways suffer attacks from Tyrvani pirate clans. The regionís Ardra are few, but notable for the antagonistic relationship they have with the ruling magocrats.

Religion: Verlain, Urifell, Sarketh, Hartaag, and Lesshua are the deities of the common people. The ruling class favors a variety of deities; generally, Rhelor, Verval, Athkar, and Hartaag are the patrons of the indolent and leisurely aristocrats, whereas the disciplined magocrats give their allegiance to Araad, Cannarak, Martel, and to a lesser extent, Ulroth and Lesshua.

Capitol: Libitina


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