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Overview: Urlesh is a broad, flat country to the northeast of Breghild and Darganon. The country is not as mild and forgiving as some, but the nation survives largely through the exportation of grain, meat, and cheese. Urlesh is marked by frequent fighting between feudal lords, and the rise and fall of leaders and factions has made mercenaries, bandits, and other dispossessed warriors another of the regionís noted exports. Some of the more forward-thinking among the ambitious warring nobles have attempted to civilize Urlesh by bringing in foreign artists, thinkers, and mages. These attempts may prove successful. Despite the regionís reputation as an unstable and war-torn land, the current monarch, Jarkus Styrian-Braeger, is the latest in a dynastic line that has managed to hold onto power since the Goblin Wars were still raging.

Land: Urlesh is a fairly flat country with occasional hills and dales, and practically no mountains-the mountains that exist along its border belong to Bolshoi. The winters are long and chilly, though not terribly severe. The only dense forests in the region are at its most northwestern edge, along the border with Breghild.

Culture: The Urleshti value simplicity, conformity, honesty, and hard work. The regionís relative instability means that keeping your head down and following the prescribed path to survival and prosperity is usually the best way to avoid the misfortunes that are common in a conflict-filled land. On the other hand, the few who break this pattern to take up the life of a leader, crusader, or adventurer are looked upon with great admiration-unless, as often happens, they blunder their way into death or poverty. Because the peopleís most reliable means of support, agriculture, is fairly simple and straightforward, the Urleshti tend to be suspicious and scornful of bizarre inventions, innovations, and foreign exoticisms.

Language: Vanileshti is easily the universal language of Urlesh. Some Coda and Darkoan is also spoken.

Races: Moravani and Tyrvani make up the vast majority of Urleshti. The geographical features of the land means that their is little which attracts Ardra, Krennik, or Azar. The talented foreigners brought into the country by Urleshti nobles are generally human, who are much more willing than the Krennik to tolerate the regionís instability for the sake of prominence and profit. A few Azar number among these, as well, though they abhor the stolidity of the natives.

Religion: Mirmel, Lathos, Armela, and Urifell are the favored deities of those who till the soil and tend the livestock. The many warriors of the region variously worship Benlak, Orlak, Maanlua, and Ulroth. The more privileged noblemen, merchants, and artists favor Rhelor, Athkar, and Recmin.

Capitol: Mizar

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Vizualizari: 882
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