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Overview: Marishen is the only nation in the western half of Tirith which is firmly dominated by the Azar, who have ruled the nation since an invasion from the east centuries ago. The nation’s security is ensured by the sorcerous might of the ruling class, its vitality as a center of trade, and the exotic goods it produces. Meanwhile, the squabbling and intrigues of that same aristocracy ensure that it will not form a united threat to its neighbors. Marishen is ruled by a hereditary emperor who maintains friendly relations with the surrounding territories and spends much of the time quelling his avaricious underlings.

Land: From north to south, Marishen ranges from temperate to tropical; it also contains Tirith’s only desert. Rainfall can be generous, but tends to come all at once. Most of the land is fairly flat and easily navigable plains and grasslands, with wet forest land in the south.

Culture: Greater disparity between rich and poor exists in Marishen than in most other nations. The average Marisheni is a poor peasant struggling to keep his family fed while paying the taxes which support a highly cultured and extravagant overclass of magocrats and merchant princes. Fine craftsmanship, artwork, beauty, learning, magical scholarship and exquisite delights of all kinds are available in Marishen, but the vast majority of these are out of the reach of most of its people. The common people are a broad mixture that enjoy few luxuries and dress in a variety of rough, simple, often tattered clothes, whereas the ruling class favor elaborate, often jeweled robes, cloaks, and dresses which are the sign of those unused to hard labor.

Language: The poor classes speak colloquial dialects of Vanileshti and Darkoan, while the leisured wealthy converse in a variety of high languages, including Azar, Draconic, and the languages which Azar gain from their Deviltongue ability.

Races: Azar form the ruling class of the nation, but the peasantry and merchant class also contains a mix of Moravani, Tyrvani, and humans. Marishen’s coastline is an especially important center of trade and often sees traveling (or raiding) Tyrvani clans.

Religion: Olpharan, Recmin, Verval, and Hartaag are the favored gods of the leisurely ruling class, while those from affluent sorcerous lineages prefer Athkar, Cannarak, Araad, and Martel. Benlak, Karroth, and Orobos are popular among the peasantry, as is Lesshua in the coastal regions.

Capitol: Quidam

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Vizualizari: 851
Importanta: rank

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