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Installing Access Manager for Windows


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Installing Access Manager for Windows

You may install Access Manager for Windows from a folder or CD-ROM. During the installation

You may have to reboot your computer multiple times.

Installing Access Manager for Windows from a folder or CD:

To install Access Manager for Windows from a folder or CD-ROM, complete the following


1. Place the CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive.

Result: The CD-ROM will start automatically when the CD-ROM door closes.

2. Follow the prompts. Or double click on SETUP.EXE in installation folder. 

3. Dialog box will pop up containing the next five steps.

4. Click Next.

5. Click Next

6. Click Install

7. Click Finish

8. Reboot the PC

9. Connect your computer to a LAN, telephone line or DSL.

10. Right-click on the Access Manager icon in your toolbar in the lower right corner

of your screen.

11. Left-click on Show me all my saved connections

12. Select a connection type. If you choose Home or Hotel, you will need to select a

Country or city and enter an area code and exchange.

13. Enter your user name and password, given by the administrator only, in the format:

14. Click Connect

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