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Visual studio

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Challenges of Designing Enterprise Systems
Visual Studio 2005 Team System for Architects
Customizing Visual Studio 2005 Team System Using Process Templates
Introduction: Understanding Application Life-Cycle Pain Points
Tools for Testers


Company Overview: AVIcode, a software development company, produces application fault management software. AVIcode’s products are designed to protect software investments by simplifying application maintenance and troubleshooting, dramatically reducing defect resolution time. AVIcode’s flagship product, Intercept Studio, detects crashes and performance degradations of production applications running on Microsoft’s .NET platform.


Product Description – AVIcode Intercept Studio:

Management Infrastructure enables operations personnel to monitor application health within data center management consoles.

Visual Studio Integration enables developers to design application health models, to build MOM management packs, and correlate operational event information with application code and infrastructure configuration.

Visual Studio Team Foundation Integration enables IT team to reduce the cost associated with application maintenance and support by quickly identifying the root cause of operational problems.

Describe your extensibility of Visual Studio 2005 Team System (which part, features, etc.):

Visual Studio Team Architect Integration

Tools for architects to customize & prioritize application health information

Automatic creation of MOM 2005 management packs for custom designed applications

Allows developers to provide operations personnel with application health monitoring capabilities

Visual Studio Team Foundation Integration

Automatic creation of new work items for issues detected in production environment

Correlation of root cause diagnostic information with related application code and SDM models

Streamlines application support and provides a foundation for effective incident management process

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