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ColorCross80 Software Manual


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ColorCross80 Software Manual


1.    Software system composing

2.    ColorCross80 software introduction

3.    Edit Cross Animation software introduction

4.    How to edit a complete program file (*.blst)

5.      How to edit an animation(*.cani)

6.      How to edit and display a text message

7.    How to make CROSS in the correct communicating status

8.      How to set up the USB wireless transmitter and how to use it

9.      How to set up CROSS auto brightness function

10. How to set up CROSS auto Open/Close function

11. About CROSS display ID Code

1.    Software system composing

ColorCross80 software system composing as below:

CrossEdit_clr.exe      The main program of software system, is to set the Cross Display parameters, edit program and send data to Cross Display.

CrossEdit.ini          The parameters configuration file, is to save parameter configuration of the software system.

Animation              The file in which the edited *.cani animations and *.blst program files are saved.

NewAnimation       The file in which new animation editing software is saved.

RF_USB_driver       The file in which the driver for USB wireless transmitter is saved(for Win98/2000/XP).

2.    ColorCross80 software introduction

ColorCross80 is main program of the software system. After opening it, user will see:

Rectangular Callout: Animation preview buttonRectangular Callout: Animations Display setting areaRectangular Callout: Show data sending progress Rectangular Callout: Program files listRectangular Callout: Animations memoryRectangular Callout: PreviewWhen click , user will see :

Rectangular Callout: Animation previewRectangular Callout: Animation list in memory

t˝ Main tools buttons introductionús

   The first button is t░New Play Projectt▒, to create new program file, which will be composed by *.Cani animations and the corresponding display parameters(for example: the parameters to display temperature, time and date, to repeat animations, etc.)

   The second button is t░Open Play Projectt▒, to open the existing program files.

   The third button is t░Save Play Projectt▒, to save the edited program files.

   The fourth button is t░COM Settingt▒, to set the COM port, Baud rate and LED address of the CROSS. Attention: these parameters must be set according to CROSS display, otherwise communication will fail between CROSS and software. Usually the Baud rate should be t░9600t▒ when use wireless transmitter, while it should be t░15200t▒ when use wire communication. The setting of COM port and LED address will be specified later.

   The fifth button is t░Sendingt▒, click it to send the ready program files to CROSS display, and user will see sending progress in the t░Show data sending progresst▒ area.

   The sixth button is t░Sync Timet▒, click it to synchronize CROSS time with your PC.

   The seventh button is t░Set Brightt▒, to set auto brightness at predetermined time. The setting specification will be found in Part 7.

   The eighth button is t░Open/Closet▒, to set up auto t░Open/Closet▒ CROSS. The setting specification will be found in Part 8.

t˝Program files list shows the pointed animations and animation display setting area(to display temperature or time or datetş, and to set the loop time of animations):

Rectangular Callout: Preview buttonRectangular Callout: The selected *.cani animation fileRectangular Callout: Select one message to display with the animationRectangular Callout: Input the loops timesRectangular Callout: Select color of the message

3.    Edit Cross Animation software introduction

Edit Cross Animation software is the tool to create or re-program an animation. By this software, user can transform the existing *.gif animations into *.cani animations; user can create and draw a new *.cani file and insert word messages in this animation.

Rectangular Callout: Click t«Filet» of t░Cross Edit and Sendt▒ and find t░New Animationt▒ button

Click t░New Animationt▒ to enter t░Edit Cross Animationt▒ software as below:

Rectangular Callout: Main menu

Rectangular Callout: Delay time of each pageRectangular Callout: Each page of animationRectangular Callout: Page of graphic drawingRectangular Callout: Drawing colorsRectangular Callout: Drawing tools 

Rectangular Callout: Animation preview button
Rectangular Callout: Program tools area

4.    How to edit a complete program file (*.blst)

 Program file is composed by animation files, and is programmed by ColorCross80. Before edit the program file, user should prepare the animation files.

 Prepare animation filesús

Click t░Animationt▒, animations in memory will be listed.

If an animation exists in t░Animationt▒, it will be automatically loaded and listed in animation memory when open the ColorCross80:

Rectangular Callout: *.cani animation files list

If an animation doesnt»t exist in the t░Animationt▒, it can be added into the memory by.

User can double-click the *.cani in list to preview the animation.

Edit a program file

A program file contains several *.cani animations and display setting(to  display the temperature, time, date, etc.) for these *.cani:

Rectangular Callout: Select the color of messageRectangular Callout: Select to display date, time, centigrade or Fahrenheit.Rectangular Callout: PreviewRectangular Callout: Play listRectangular Callout: Button to show animations in memoryRectangular Callout: Buttons to add or delete a program fileRectangular Callout: *.cani in the program file

      Click to create a new program file, select and click to add new program file t░NO*Playt▒ and select the *.cani animations (clickbutton to delete file).

      After add the play lists, open the program page set up window to set *.cani of every program page and other parameters by clicking any t░NO* Playt▒.

      Select one of the *.cani:

      Input the animation loops time

      Select to display temperature, time or date, choose the display color.

       Select t░NULLt▒ to not display date, time, centigrade or Fahrenheit.

      After finish editing the program file, click to see the animation preview (not include the preview of temperature, time and date).

      When all the t░NO* Playt▒ are edited, a complete program file (*.blst) is finished. Itt»s better to save the finished program file in t░Animationt▒.

5.    How to edit an animation(*.cani)

An animation file(*.cani) is programmed by t░Edit Cross Animationt▒, there is 2 ways to program it:

A. Get animation from existing *.gif format flash:

Prepare the *.gif flash in your PC(there are numerous GIF files on the internet).

Click t░Opent▒ and find the GIF flash from your PC.

Open it and see t░Get Animation From Video Filet▒ as below:

There are 3 options:

Full: display the GIF on full screen of the CROSS.

       Horizontal: compress to display horizontally and centrally.

Vertical: compress to display vertically and centrally.

    Preview of these options can be shown for usert»s reference.

Click to transform the GIF, click t░OKt▒ when progress shows   finishing and exit.

User will see all pages of the transformed animation in t░Edit Cross Animationt▒(user can set delay time of all the pages and preview the animation).

User can input the delay time(unit: millisecond) under each page, or set delay time of all pages via t░Delayt▒ button:

      Before modify a page, user must select the page. When frame of the page becomes red, user can modify or redraw graphics via the drawing tools in the left column and the drawing colors in right column.

      The software contains tools as below to edit one of the pages;

   select to reverse the display colors.

      Save the animation in your PC under file t░Animationt▒ after finish editing.

B. By using t░Edit Cross Animationt▒.

User needs to create a new animation and draw the graphics on each page:

    Enter into t░New Cross Animationt▒, click t░Newt▒ to create a new *.cani.

    Use the drawing tools and drawing colors to draw graphics on the dot matrix page.

      The software contains tools as below to edit one of the pages:

   select to reverse the display colors.

      Save the animation in your PC under file t░Animationt▒ after finish editing.

6.    How to edit and display a text message

The software must convert the text message into (*.cani) to display itúČuser can edit text messages in same software t░Edit Cross Animationt▒.

      Enter into t░Edit Cross Animationt▒

      Click t░Newt▒ to create a new (*.cani)

      If the text message needs to display with animation background, user can transform an existing (*.cani) or *.gif file.

      Click and input words as illustrated following:

Rectangular Callout: Words to be displayed verticallyRectangular Callout: Words to be displayed horizontally 

      Select the font set and size of words, choose the desirable background color, and select to move out the words.

      Adjust display position of the words by setting.

      When words scroll in horizontal and vertical at same time, user needs to choose horizontal preferred or vertical preferred:

      After all the above are finished, click t░OKt▒ to get *.cani files of the words; itt»s better to set the delay time t░200mst▒.

      Save the *.cani file to t░Animationt▒.

      There are 5 existing *cani files in menu t░Templatet▒, user can select one of them as the background animation for the words:

7.    How to make CROSS in the correct communicating status

To get a correct communication for the CROSS, user must keep in mind the below 4 tips:

      The COM port of software must be correctly set.

      The Baud rate of software must be set exactly same as the inside device of CROSS.

      LED address of software must be set exactly same as the inside device of CROSS.

      The Baud rate of software and the inside device of CROSS must be 9600, if use wireless transmitter.

When running the software, it will automatically search CROSS and get Baud rate, COM port and LED address:


The system parameters of a new CROSS are defaulted as:

Communication mode: wire

Baud rate: 115200



These communication parameters will be shown at bottom of the software. User can also get them by using t░Searcht▒ and t░Crosst▒ in main menu as below:

Attention: when use wire communication, user can modify the Baud rate and LED address of CROSS by entering into t░Cross Parametert▒ under the main menu t░Controlt▒ as following:

Select a Baud rate and LED address user needs and click t░Sett▒ to confirm.


1, If the setting is successfully sent, CROSS will display messages from the first program file.

2, User must use wire communication to modify the communication setting.

If the wire communication is correct, user can modify the communication mode to wireless as following:

Select the Baud rate 9600:

Open the control box of CROSS, take off the connection of wire communication and insert connection of wireless communication into control card.

Set the COM port, Baud rate and LED address of the CROSS.

User can send messages under the wireless communication (specification will be found in Part 8).

Usually wireless transmitting speed is 5 to 10 times slower than wire communication.

If the wireless transmitting is correct, user can modify the communication mode to wire communication as following:

Open the control box of CROSS, take off the connection of wireless transmitter and insert connection of wire communication into control card.

Set the COM port, Baud rate and LED address of the CROSS(set the parameters for wireless as before ):

Modify the Baud rate to 115200(if the wire is too long, it can be 57600:

After above setting, user can send messages under the wire communication mode.

8.      How to set up the USB wireless transmitter & how to use it

USB wireless transmitter specifications:

      Transmitting distance 200m; FSK, GFSK modulate mode

      Frequency 433 MHz, ISM frequency

      8 channel

      Interface speed: 9600bps

      Channel speed: 19200bps

      USB interface: it supplies power and transfers data, user can connect it to PC or laptop USB.

USB driver of the CROSS is under file t░RF_USB_drivert▒, which supports Win98/2000/XP.

        User can install the driver by running cn_f_37.exe directly.

User can also use Windows auto set up this driver.

After installing the driver, user can find in Windows t░Device Managert▒ the new device as below:

Rectangular Callout: USB transmitter

Remember the serial port number (COM5), and select it in the windows of t░COM Settingt▒, which is found in main menu of t░CrossEditt▒.

9.    How to set up CROSS auto brightness function

t░Set brightt▒ is to set the brightness level of the CROSS, which can be found in the main menu t░Controlt▒ of t░CrossEditt▒:


The software contains 4 levels of brightness setting: brightness of CROSS becomes higher from1rate to 4 rate, which means 4 rate is the brightest level.

Generally speaking, itt»s better to use 1 rate in the night, 4 rate from noon to the afternoon, 2 rate or 3 rate in the morning and evening.

1.      Brightness Setting

    When it is set FROM  93 H  39 M, the brightness will always be 4 rate in 24 hours of the day.

    User can refer to below setting for reference:

    Explanation of the above setting:

From 19:00 to 07:00, use 1 rate brightness.

From 07:00 to 11:00, use 2 rate

From 11:00 to 17:00, use 4 rate

From 17:00 to 19:00, use 3 rate.

  Click t░Sett▒ button to send the setting to CROSS, then brightness of the CROSS will be adjusted according to this timetable every day.

10.     How to set up CROSS auto Open/Close function

t░Open/Closet▒ is to turn on/off the CROSS automatically at predetermined time.

When the setting is as above picture, the CROSS will work all day long.

User can set the CROSS to work and close at 2 predetermined times.

Click t░Sett▒ to confirm the setting.


It is strongly suggested not to use this function, as it only cuts off the power supply for LEDs, the rest device still work. Too often or long time use this function will impact the lifespan of CROSS, it is strongly suggested to turn off the power when not use CROSS.

11.     About CROSS display ID Code

To avoid incorrectly receiving between 2 neighbour CROSSES in data sending, the system will define the ID code of CROSS. Only when the LED address of t░CrossEditt▒ is same as CROSS, new data can be received by the CROSS.

LED address of t░CrossEditt▒ can be defined by using t░Sett▒ tool:



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