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Kworld Mpeg TV Station - Intervideo WinDVR


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Kworld Mpeg TV Station - Intervideo WinDVR
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1.1 Package Contents. 2

1.2 System Requirements. 2

1.3 Hardware Installation. 2


2.1 Application Installation for Windows 98SE/2000/ME.. 3

2.2 Driver installation of Windows 98SE/2000/ME.. 4

2.3 Component Check - out 4


3.1 Running the Mpeg TV Station for the first time: 5

3.2 Utility Interface in TV/AV/SVHS mode for Win98 SE/2000/ME. 6

3.3 FM Function Mode. 8

3.4 Remote Control 9

3.5 Hot Keys Summary. 9


4.1 Installation of InterVideo WinDVR.. 10

4.2 Kworld Mini-Controller 10

4.3 Function of WinDVR.. 11


5.1 Install Video Studio. 13

5.2 Use Ulead Video Studio to make VCD.. 13



Kworld Mpeg TV Station

Welcome to the world of Kworld Meg TV Station. With this multimedia product, you can use it as a convenient tool for multiple purposes including video conferencing, video editing, class presentation, or even entertainment.

Intervideo WinDVR

The powerful WinDVR will allow you to save TV and Video as Mpeg1 & 2 file. And the scheduler can let you preset the recording time of your favorite TV show.

Ulead Video Studio

With the Ulead Video Studio, you can edit the captured mpeg file and save the video as VCD format.


Receive TV broadcasts: 125 channel cable/antenna-ready TV tuner

Receive and capture FM radio: Listen to the FM radio stations! (FM model only)

External inputs for video capture: AV and S-video inputs for external video resources like cameras and VCRs.

Video conference, video phone: MS NetMeeting for video conference

Wireless remote control included: Channels up/down, Volume up / down, Record and Play Video.

Full motion video capture: Save as AVI and Mpeg 1 & 2 (By the InterVideo WinDVR)

Still frame video capture: Capture to Image Buffer and save to different resolution and format (BMP, TIF and Jpeg)

External interface: 75 ohm IEC coaxial input (cable TV), FM radio antenna input, Composite (RCA) input, S-Video (SVHS) input, audio

input, and line audio output


1.1 Package Contents

Unpack your Mpeg TV Station and make sure that all items are intact. The following items should be included in your Mpeg TV Station package:

Kworld Mpeg UBS TV BOX

Audio cable

Remote controller (Optional)

FM Antenna (for FM model only)

Usert¦s Manual

CD of installation software

1.2 System Requirements

IBM PC or compatible

Intel Pentium III 500 MHz CPU or better processor

Minimum 64 MB memory

Minimum 100 MB hard disk space available

Universal Serial Bus (USB) Plug and Play compliant interface for easy, hassle-free installation.

VGA and with DirectDraw driver supporting 16 bit color or higher

Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/ME

TV antenna or cable from CATV

Sound card

Speakers for audio output

CD-ROM drive

1.3 Hardware Installation

To install the BSB TV BOX into your computer, follow the steps below:

Ø Connect the SVHS output device to SVHS-IN

Ø Connect the camera or video tape recordert¦s video output to AV-IN.

Ø Connect the video tape recordert¦s audio output to the AUD-IN.

Ø Connect the TV antenna or cable to the TV-IN connector.

Ø Connect the FM antenna to the FM-IN connector.

Ø Connect the audio cable from line-in of the sound card to the AUD-OUT


Your Mpeg TV Station package comes with complete Windows software utilities. These utilities can be found from the CD-ROM in this package. Prior to installation, it is highly recommended that all application programs should be disabled such as anti-virus software and system monitoring applications.

Note that there are two drivers required to be installed for each component.

Ø SPCA506A, WDM Video Capture

Ø SPCA506A, Sunplus USB Camera

2.1 Application Installation for Windows 98SE/2000/ME

1.      Please insert the Installation CD into the CD-ROM driver and the auto run page will pop up automatically.

2.      On the auto run page, please choose t§USB TV BOXt¨ and then click on the t§Mpeg TV Station/USB Applicationt¨ to start the installation.

3.      After the Application is finish installation, please click t§OKt¨ to reboot the Windows.

2.2 Driver installation of Windows 98SE/2000/ME

After the application were installed well, and reboot the PC. Please plug the USB connector of the USB TV BOX to the USB socket of your computer and windows will automatically detect a new USB device that is your USB TV BOX and the add new hardware wizard pops up. Click on next (IF the USB device is not detected by your system, please restart your system and it should be detected. Then you can run the application program.)

2.3 Component Check - out

Components check - out

Go to| Start | Setting | Control Panel | System | and double click System icon.

Go to Device Manager to check out if the driver has been installed.


3.1 Running the Mpeg TV Station for the first time:

Step1 Please click on the Start->Program->Mpeg TV Station USBTV->t¨Mpeg TV Station USBTVt¨ to run the TV application.

Step2 At the first time running, please choose your country and language as below:

Step3 Please select the TV input and click Scan

Step4 Then you would see the figure on the left telling you the channel are being



The Step2 and Step 3 are only for the first time. You dont¦t need to repeat the steps in the future. If you want reset, you can Go to | Start | Program | Mpeg TV Station | then double click t§Reset Mpeg TV Stationt§.

3.2 Utility Interface in TV/AV/SVHS mode for Win98 SE/2000/ME.

 Power: to terminate Mpeg TV-Station application.

 Minize: to minimize user panel.

 FM Mode: to switch to FM user panel.

 MPEG: to switch mpeg software.

 VIDEO SOURCE SELECTION: to switch Video source.

 Record: Click record button to start motion video capturing.

 Stop: Click this button stop capturing video.

 Playback: Click to playback the latest recorded file

TV Tuner


Select TV channel

2.Fine Tune

As you watch TV, you can use the

Find Tune to do adjustment.


3.Cable &Antenna

Select Cable or Antenna

4.All Freg Scan

   All the channels frequency scan

5.Auto Scan

Click the Auto Scan to seek the channels (If you never scan before)

Memory Channels

You can select memory channels

Channel Preview

You can configure your channel preview layout from this dialog box 

Select preview standard or customize

Standard -2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5.

Customize-you can set by your favorite.

Motion Capture

Video Format:

provides different types of video format and video size.

Capture Folder:

where your motion capture older esides

Capture File:

where your motion capture file resides. Capture Frame Rate:

provides you the selection of frame rate setting.

Enable Time Limit: you can predefine the capture time limitation.

Enable Compress:

Mpeg TV Station provides varies types of video codec you can use while doing motion capturing.



brightness, contrast, hue and saturation adjustment. Move the pointer of each scroll bars to see the effect.

Video System:

Although the TV tuner on your TV tuner capture card is fixed and you have to set up the TV system right after the first time you launch Mpeg TV Station, you still have the chance to use this product to display the varies standards of video system.

Display Mode:

If your graphic adaptor supports Overlay mode, you can enable Overlay Surface check bottom. Overlay surface support is a must to use CLOSED CAPTION function.

Window Style:

TV Frame: To have a frame to your video window.

4:3 Format: If you enable it, the aspect ratio will be fixed at 4:3.

3.3 FM Function Mode

1.      TV MODE, to switch to TV user panel

2.      Record / Play Audio, to record and play FM audio

3.      FM frequency shift

4.    Frequency scan bottom , you can perform fine tune and channel scan by click on this group of bottoms

3.4 Remote Control

1.      Power Off: Press this button to terminate the program.

2.      Zoom: Click this button to toggle the Video Window between full size and the previous size.

3.      Numeric Keypad: Select the desired channel directly.

4.      Channel Up/Down: Click this button to go to next/previous channel.

5.      Volume Up/Down: Click this button to increase/decrease the audio volume

6.      TV/FM: Click this button to toggle between TV or FM

7.      Recall: Jump to last selected TV channel.

8.      Source: Select Composite, SVHS, Antenna, and Cable.

9.      Mute: Press this button to mute the sound.

10.  Recode: Click this button to capture video file.

11.  Play: Click this button to playback.

12.  Freeze: Click this button to capture image.

13.  Function: Click this button to channel preview.

3.5 Hot Keys Summary

Keyboard Buttons Function Descriptions

Keyboard Buttons

Function Descriptions







Right Arrow

Left Arrow

Up Arrow

Down Arrow


Numeric Keys

Pop up this Online Help File

TV/FM mode switch

Mute/Un-Mute mode switch

Capture image flie

Minimize Window

TV on Window background

Volume up

Volume down

Channel up

Channel dowm

Power off

Used for channel selection


4.1 Installation of InterVideo WinDVR

1.      Start Windows and insert the Mpeg TV Station CD disk into the CD-ROM drive. The Kworld Installation Wizard will appear. Please select InterVideo WinDVR install Application.

2.      Install InterVideo WinDVR Application. You need key in The WinDVRt¦s Serial number (you can find on your CD package)

Click on Nextt¨ to continue

3.      This final window on the left would ask you to reboot the system.

Please click t§Finisht¨ to reboot your system.

4.2 Kworld Mini-Controller

The Kworld Mini-Controller is an assistant to assist WinDVR to do the functions as below:

1.       TV/AV/SVHS video source switch

2.       Scheduler

3.      TV Channel switch

4.      Volume control

4.3 Function of WinDVR

1.      Press the  button. WinDVR starts recording the video source currently showing in the display window.

2.      Press the  button to pause, the  button to stop recording. As you stop a recording, WinDVR prompts you to name the new recording. Type the name and press OK.

3.      Press the Timeshifting  button. If the control panel is not expanded at the time, the Timeshifting monitoring bar will appear. The Timeshifting feature allows you to 'hold' live view temporarily, without interrupting the ongoing recording session. Next you can replay or watch 'live' video with a delay. Timeshifting gives you absolute control over how you watch television. You can take a break watching a live show, and pick up where you left later. At any time, you can also instantly jump back to live view.

4.       You can use the capture icon  on the control panel, or press the 'P' key at any time to capture a BMP file of a moving or static image

5.       Open the online help file.

6.      You can use the Mpeg USB TV BOXt¦ s Mini-controller control the WinDVR.

7.      Record Properties

The Record page of the properties sheet allows you to set the recording quality for video and audio.

Video tV

Select the video capture/TV tuner card. Next select the video input signal source:

Composite tV

Video signal format that includes the complete visual waveform, including chromatic (color) and luminance (brightness) picture information, as well as control signals.


Antenna or Cable TV signal.

S-Video tV

Type of video signal used in a growing number of Hi8, S-VHS, and digital videotape formats. It transmits luminance (brightness) and chrominance (color) portions separately, using multiple wires, avoiding the NTSC encoding process and the resultant loss of picture quality. Also known as Y-C video.

Audio tV

Select the audio hardware device. Next select the audio input signal source:

CD Audio, Microphone, Line In.

7.Recommended system requirements:






Intel Pentium III


Intel Pentium III

700 MHZ

Intel Pentium III


Operating System

Windows 98SE, Windows2000, Windows Millennium

Input Device:

TV Tuner (PCI or USB) or display card with TV tuner capabilities

Input device must have Windows WDM capture driver support.


Sound card with one line-in jack


7200+rpm hard disk drive recommended If available, turn on DMA mode for hard disk drive (using your systemt¦s setup utility)


5.1 Install Video Studio

Start Windows and insert the Ulead Video Studio CD disk into the CD-ROM drive. The Ulead Video Studio Installation Wizard will appear. Please select Ulead Video Studio SE 4.0 install Application.

Then you would see the application program has been generated and just close the window of application program. This final window on the left would ask you to reboot the system.

Ulead Video Studio a consumer video editing software that lets users quickly and easily produce their own home videos complete with attractive titles, transitions, and sound. Unlike other software, Ulead Video Studio features an intuitive step-based interface that helps users get started right away.

By following the steps, from Start to finish, you will be creating video masterpieces before you know it. Once done with that, you can then choose to watch the playback from videotape, desktop, or stream it over the Internet.

5.2 Use Ulead Video Studio to make VCD

Please click on the Start->Program->Ulead Video Studio 4.0 SE->t¨ Ulead Video Studio 4.0 SEt¨ to run the TV application.

1.          Open the new project, select VCD format, then set the project name.

2.          Load video files

3.          Select Finish

4.          Select Make Movie

5.          Save as file as .mpg

6.          Select Options

7.          Compression: Select VCD format

8.          Then save the file, and Video Studio will automatically save the VCD format.


The Video Studio user, if you want make the VCD, please select the NTSC VCD or PAL VCD format.


Frame size: 352X240

Frame rate: 29.97 fps


Frame size: 352X288

Frame rate: 25fps

You have to use the VCD, which it provided the function for program, then this program will be record by mpeg file under Video Studio, after then it will be sNsýdone to VCD

The CD-R Software: WinOnCD, Nero-Burning Rom, Easy CD Creator 3.5tC

If you have any question, you can see the online help file.


For more information, please check our Website:

1.Kworld Website:




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