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LED screen controller system


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LED screen

controller system

Technology brochure

Nanjing doublestar science & technology CO.t疞TD

Nanjing doublestar electronic &technology CO.t疞TD




Part one

multi-media program player brochure

Chapter ONE  software installation.

l         System requirement..

l         Install step.

l         Open interface ..

Chapter TWO  Menu and tool bar introduction..

l      Menu introduction..

l      Toolbar introduction.

Chapter three  playbill manufacture

Screen type and program window type

 [LED screen]introduction


[child-playbill] introduction


add program materials..

materials attribution introduction..


enclosure .

Part two

 DBT-2007full color controller system installation

Chapter ONE  Hardware acknowledge

System requirement.

Main controller card introduce.

Switch board introduce

Outside main controller card introduce

Chapter TWO hardware installation steps

Chpater three  parameter adjustment guide..

Open interface.

Main controller parameter setting

LED Screen parameter setting..

Receiving card parameter setting

PART three


Chpater One Display Card Setting.

ATI series display card setting.

NVIDIA series display card setting..

ATI driver program installation and problem solutions

Chapter two  network line manufacture

  Straight line of flux manufacture.

  Coordinated line manufacture


Chapter three   07system adjustment procedure..



                                              Part one

Multi-media programming player

DBSTAR multimedia programming player is the LED controller software ,which has formidable function ,easy to operate  ,.May play MS  Excel document, MS Word document, the sound document, the Flash document, the Windows media player, the specific text, simulates the clock, the video input, the digital clock, the picture document, the text document ,the DBSTAR software has combined the synchronous and the asynchronous controller card ,as well .allow kinds of display body settings. the software can adapt module insert .you can update or add new functions according to you requirements

Chapter one

software installation

System requirement

  t HDno less than 100M spare space

  t Memoryno less than 32M

  t operating environmentWindows95/98/NT/2000/XPt

Installation steps

1tnew a new catalogue on the computer hard disk, Such as C\LEDtCopy the five documents (InstMsiA.exe InstMsiW.exe Setup.exe Setup.ini XMPlayer.exe)to the new foldert癈\LEDttRun or double click t癝etup.exett

2.the screen will pop the following message             

3.presst癗exttit will pop the following dialogue  

selectt癊veryonet眔rt癑ust met according to your needand then press tNextttThen go to next step to install.

4twhen pop the following dialogue ,the desktop will show coping document dialoguepresst癈loset眛o complete  installt


Note:<1>.some computers operation system may pop the following dialogue :

Please press  button  to finish install.

<2>.some computers may have installed Anti-virus software, please set it ast allowingt

<3>.it may all  English version when you install them

5.after finished install, the screen may produce  icon automatically

Interface introduction

Double click  icon ,the computer  may find the main card automatically ,such as the following picture :

if the computer find one or more main card(one PC may control more DB2007 main card ) ,it may enter the operation system automatically  such as the following picture :

Note:if the computer have not connected Main card ,the software may  work 30minutes ,and the main card control setting function may be closed .

chapter two

Menu bar and Tool bar 

Menu bar

t     Document menu

newuses new a new playbill may work when you finished build a new LED screen ,such as the following picture.

t皌opt t發eftt mean that the build LED screen may display at the top of your computert,t眞idtht and t癶eightt mean that the width and height  of you screen, the height ,may be the same as  your screen

If you choose t癆RM9t it may just to ARM9 system, after finished edited ,you should send them to ARM9, it may work after you sending ,if you bind the LED controller ,the playbill which you edit may smaller than the controller  control. when you press: t癘Kt the screen may pop the following picture :

openuses open edited playbill documentst

closeuses close currently playbill document

saveuses for save currently playbill document

Save asuses for save a new LED PLAYER document

Save all: the player may support many screens and many playbills  at the same time

Issue: when the system connect so many Asyn controller cards ,it may send playbill to all systems, if the PC have not find Asyn  controller cards ,it may not work

languageuses for choose language ,such as English ,simple Chinese. what we designed are all module way of design, if you want to choose that you want language ,you can input it into the module. the three smile face icon are the language connection

   Notesuch as :if you choose Windows XP as operation system, if you choose Traditional Chinese, the software on the menu and all the Chinese characters may come into a hash . find  those phenomenon, please tick  in the system 'control panel', 'Regional and Language Options' to the 'preferences' panel 'standards and formats,' selected as the 'Chinese (Taiwan).' And the 'Advanced' panel 'non-Unicode language ' selected as the 'Chinese (Taiwan)' then Click 'OK'  restart the system may ok. other languages are all the same way. In the course of conversion, if installed procedure is not copy, please clear the  document directory where the Chinese name, or not ,the system does not recognize Chinese characters, will cause can not run the software.

exitexit to LED play studio

noteplease save the doc which you editing when you exit, the software may not save present status when exit,just can open or build .

 Edit menu

adduses for add program to make up item.

deleteuses for delete currently program or follower contents.

cutuses for cut currently program item and follower contents

copyuses for copy currently program item and follower contents

pasteuses for paste currently program item and follower contents

move frontuses for move front currently program item and follower contents, click one time may exchange with the front same degree program one time .such as ;if you have selected some programs (not the first program )click t癿ove frontt the playbill may exchange the position with the front program ;if you have selected sub-window in the sub-playbills (not the first sub-windows)click t癿ove frontt the sub-window may exchange the position with the front sub-window; it may also suit to all items ;playbills ,LED screen ,program, sub-program, sub-windows.

Move backuses for move back currently program item and follower contents, click one time may exchange one with the same degree items.

Hidden edited content: uses for hide  the editing program

Display:the edited content may display in the top of the  desktop

t     Play menu

Playplay the selected programt

Pausepause the playing programt

Stopstop playing program.

Mutemute playing programt

t     Control Menu

Controller configurecan set parameter in the LED administrate

Remote controllermay add remote facility IP address(main use in ARM9.0)t

Asyn sendingWhen you select ARM9.0 special program,

the asynchronous sending may available, click may sending

parameter to ARM9.0

Open screenuses for sending parameter to open LED screen t

Screen stillnesswhen player playing ,the screen stillness

may change into can option itemWhen click it the screen may

stillness, the same as pause function

testclick may send parameter to the screen to testing

auto-adjustment:when the main card connect the  brightness sensor, it can adjust LED  bright

optionclickt皁ptiontmay set the player automatically starts, along with the computer ,when load playbills ,start change the position of mouse delete /exit ,you need  confirm. When close playbill menu ,it may hint that save record play /system diary ,save diary t

t     Tool Menu

Play PowerPoint documentmay play edited PowerPoint Document beforehand

PowerPoint bitmapmay change PowerPoint doc into bitmap format

Word bitmapmay change Word doc into bitmap format, play

DVDVCD or CDmay play already prepared DVDVCD or CDneed

DVDVCD playert

New Word documentmay new a new Word format t

Playbill menu:when editing many  LED screens at the same time, it may display LED screen order so that easy to editing  

t     Help Menu

Aboutdemonstrate software name  and  company information if  the customer requirement ,may realize demonstrate customer company LOGO.

Tool bar

t  software editing sate as follows:

t  software playing state as follows

The above Tool bar functions are the same as Menu bar 

Chapter three

Playbill manufacture

Select screen type and program window type

Adds file by right clickit may pop the dialogue t癱hoice the screen modelt眃ialoguewe can set just according to the screen, if your system aim at  ARM9,you should chooset癆RM9 programtor nottAfter finished setting ,click t癘KttFor example: we can choose width:320pixels,height:128 pixels


Left: mean the left of your computer display

Top: mean  the top of your computer display

Height: mean player windows height

Width: player windows width

ARM9 program :when you choose ARM9 system ,you can click it ,the software may  supply  related ARM9 system interface and function

Bind controller: mean the size of main controller card have defaulted ,you can not change any more.

Then it may pop the dialogue t癱hoice program stylet it contains 7 kinds of display module for your choice .you can choose the style ,or design it by yourself.

For example , we can  choose range(2*2) style, and then click t癘Kt


In the software interface we can seethe program window model may have four child windows, right click each child windows may add  program  materials, or move dashed line to adjust the size of the child-windows. meanwhile we can see the left t皃rojectt may produce a playbill menu, and the first child window icon may display grey shading, in the right t皃ropertyt frame also produce correspondence child windows  property. others may display red color .

 You can default name so that easy to remember , otherwise , right click playbill  may add LED screen .

[LED screen ] introduce

Click [LED screen]

In the t皃ropertyt眂an define LED screen nametthe background color of the screen and so ontThe screen demonstration coordinates position as well as the width and do not have to modify highly generally. The control card binding establishment may cause each t癓ED screent through the control card binding, realized  simultaneously controlled many display monitors functions

[program bill]introduction

Click item [program bill]

In the property fence can default program names, click blue arrowhead button, may choose way of play ,and way of finish and times setting /time The broadcast way has sequence broadcast, fixed time broadcasts, the overall situation broadcast, the manual broadcast and the emergency broadcast

Order play according to its edition successively to playt

Schedule playchoice schedule play, schedule setting  option may be available choose, Clicks on its right side blue color arrow button to jump out the following window, according to needs to establish the parameter, then the click to add the parameter which will establish , include the program time, click t癘Kt;

Global play: if you choose global play, the program may play all the time

Manual play: if the program set as manual play, it may play till you click it ,

times and timing  value are the seconds respectively .ending way is base on play times and play timing

Insert play: in the process of playing ,you can choose the item if you want to insert other programs ,the play program may work when playing programs.

[Child-program] introduce

Click item [child-window] as the following picture

In t皃ropertyt眆ence can default program names, click blue arrow may choose end way and set times /timing

[Child-window] introduce


In the t皃ropertyt may set child window  grid style, color and fill color ,such as sub-window demonstration coordinates position. The width and the height generally does not change .Sub-window transparency from 0 to 100 level of gradation strengthen gradually, may set according to the customer use

[Add program materials]

Click [child-window] to add program materials, or add program materials in the program windows or right click to add

Each child-windows may contain many kinds form of materials, such as :insert file, flash, MSword file, MS Excel, Realplayer ,single line text ,digital clock and so on

Materials property introduce

Rounded Rectangular Callout: Click the button to find materials<1>.MS Excel property

At present ,we have 53 kinds of stunts ,meanwhile we are developing others continuously ,the following table for your reference:










Scan1 corner3vertical


Mosaic 1slender




Scan1 corner4vertical


Radar CCW


Push up


Close horizontal


 Dual  Radar CCW


Push down


Open horizontal


Quad radar CCW


move left


Close vertical


Radar CW


Move right


Open vertical


Dual  Radar CW


Move corner 1


Close corner1


Quad radar CW


Move corner 2


Close corner 2


Check board


Move corner 3


Open corner1


Random line


Move corner 4


Open corner 2


Quad to center


Scan up


Across vertical


center to quad


Scan down


Across horizontal


Quadto center(cross)


Scan left


Blind vertical


Centerto quad(cross)


Scan right


Blind horizontal




Scan corner1oblique


Zoom corner



Scan corner2oblique


Zoom corner 1



Scan corner3oblique


Zoom corner 2



Scan corner4oblique


Zoom corner 3



Scan1 corner1vertical


Zoom corner 4



Scan1 corner2vertical




Entrance time complete  times which the stunts needfrom enters the stadium to enter the pause condition to the graphic display integritytValue range:0-10000each number stands for 0.1per second.

Stop timefrom the graphic display integrity to enters the stage time. The unit for reality second.

Display  modelthe overall zoom, display Excel graphic completely according to the size of the screen

Column  firsttSif the graphic is  bigmay  display column completely first. such as the following pictures .picturet

Row  firsttSif the graphic is bigmay  display row completely first portrait demonstration integrity first, such as picturet










<2> MS Word materials property

Entrance stuntstentrance timetstop time  are the same as Excel material propertyt

Background colormay choose the font background color(pay attention to the

differences  between font color and background color in generally  the color of  Word

font are black, at the same time ,the screen background are black too, which may

cause black screen )t

Color transferMay choose the writing color invariably, the black whitening, black and white counter-, the counter-color

<3> Realplayer material

mutemay set mute model for Realplayer document.

cyclemay set cycle playing for realplayerif you choose cycle playing it may playing the doc ceaseless.

<4> Flash material property

Cycle: may set cycle play flash

Automation: mean flash can play automatically

<5> windows media player material property

Cyclemay set cycle playing for windows playerif you choose cycle playing it may playing the doc ceaseless

3 kinds of display modelvideoVisualization effectno displayt

7 kinds of Visualization affection imaginary, the atmosphere, the stripe and the wave, the group, particle, multi-angles of view, laser beam.

<6> single line text material property

Background pictureclick the right blue arrowhead may add bitmap so as to the background, when add bitmap ,you should set t皌ransparence t眛o t癗Ot

Background colormay set the color for single text backgroundpay attention to font color and background color

transparencesingle text can remove background color setting just display windows content

move speedthe time which a picture element needs. the bigger values walks, the slower the speed

staticwhen the character static displayt

positionthe position of single text.

topthe single text located in the top of child window.

center: the single text located in the middle of child window.

bottomthe single text located in the bottom of child window.

<7>Analog Clock material property

When you choose simulate clock format materials ,it may display a clock in the screen window, you can adjust and set parameter by yourself

Clock captionmay input area or users needed character ,display in clock desktop.

Caption fontset the clock caption font.

Clock face stylesquarerectangleroundellipsetDefault as roundt

Hour mark colorhour mark color in the clock face, default as white

Hour mark stylehour mark style in the clock face, may have square, round, default as round

Hour mark sizehour mark size in the clock face,value range 0tS30000default 3pay attention that the size too big may display abnormal

Minute mark colorminute mark color in the clock facetDefault white

Minute mark styleminute mark style in the clock facesquare and round default round.

Minute mark sizeminute mark size in the clock facevalue range0tS30000default 3pay attention that the size too big may display abnormal

Hour hand colormay choose the color of hour hand, default red.

Minute hand colormay choose the color of minute hand, default red

Second hand colormay choose second hand color, default Red

Data fontmay choose data font in the clock face.

Data formatmay revise data format,%y4.m2.d2

Month twoday twotWhen revise ,may choose even.

Week fontmay choose week font in the clock face.

Week formatMay revise week format.

transparenceclock may delete background display.

Background colormay set the background color, default grey.

Second adjustmentsecond)may revise second according to local time

Minute adjustmentminute)may revise minute according to local time

Hour adjustmenthour)may revise hour according to local time

Day adjustmentday)may revise data according to local time

<8> digital clock materials property

Time modeclocktStSdisplay  system offered  timet

Count downtStSset global data and time, demonstrated the current time and  the goal time  differencet

 TimertStSDemonstration the time starting to playthe format:0000.00.00//00:00:00Y.M.D//H:M:S

Global Datathe global data of count down

Global Timethe global time of count down.

Other property parameter please read (8) simulate clock.

<9> picture materials property

Property parameter you can read (1) MS Excel material property

<10>.text materials property

Entrance time: mean entrance program according to setting  time

 Line Spacethe space between line and line, value range:0tS30000t

Show zonemay choose all showline show or char show

Edition: may edit according to your own requirements

Other properties please read(2) MS Word material property and7single text material property.


for example: we may play a multimedia player program ,choice t癷nsert filet in the child-program , it may pop  a dialogue t皁pent to look for your computer goal documents, otherwise click the blue button in the t皃ropertyt ,you may find or revise goaled document, Or right click project [child window] iconclick t癱hoice material tmay also reach the goal of adding document.

Choose what you want to play, and then open it ,may pop multimedia player dialogue,

You can default program name by yourself in the t皃ropertyt. you also can adjust by your own needs, mute ,cycle display model, visualization stunt ,long distance URL setting

Especially declaration

When you choose t癿utet or t癱yclet as t癘Kt. you should set t癮djustmentt as t癘Kt at the same time .

Add program to each child windows in turn. click move front in the  menut癳ditt眒ay exchange the selected child window program content  with the front child window and program contentat the same waymove back mean that exchange the child window with next child window.

After finished , click t皃layt in the tool bar. or press shift F9,It may display the document in the desktop coordinates position. different child window  content may display Simultaneously in one screen  ,if you set different child windows in the same position ,the current child window may cover the front child window content. the content in the grid is the same as the content in the  LED screen .

The software support multi play windows player , editing at the same time, may never affect others.

Enclosure introduction

One program may contain so many LED screens ,each screen may have one or two main controller card, but it can realize play simultaneously .one LED screen may contain so many programs ,the program can set play style ,the program may be played according to related setting, default way of play as play in turn ,one set of program may have so many child programs. the child program may play according to the order of edition. the child program may also play according to sequence playing.

PART two

DBT-Q2007full color synchronous controller system installation

Chapter one . hardware cognition

System requirement

一tinner controller installation

t Host computer1 vacancy PCI slot

1 usable USB connection

  t HDno less than 100M space after finished installation 

  t Memoryno less than 32M

  t software environmentWindows95/98/NT/2000/XPt

秚toutside controller installation

t Host computer1 usable USB connection

  t HDno less than 100M space after finished installation

  t Memoryno less than 32M

  t software environmentWindows95/98/NT/2000/XPt

remarkoutside controller may be controlled by  the DVI output Notebook computer

main controller card introduction

07 Main controller sending card

Picture introduce

B1---PCI slot ,Uses for inserting the computer  PCI slot, our main card contain three way of connections: PCI connection, USB connection,RS232 connection. generally speaking , our outside controller adopt USB communication connection

J201----DVI connectionDVI connection ,connected the computer display card DVI connection with the necessary DVI line ,There are four lights nearing to RJ45 output connector(2 green,2 yellow),only one yellow light blink when connect with display card ,you should open the second output of the video card.2 green light bright and 1 yellow light which is in the middle of the RJ45 is slow blink, but one of yellow light in the side of RJ45 may blink quickly .how to open video card second output you can read Part 3. chapter 1 video card setting

J501---Two RJ45 data outputs: main controller card signals outputs. nearing to the

USB connection is the first output. and then the second output, connecting HUB card

input port by a standard cat 5e cable .one transfer output can  driver 640 lines

data (detail about how many lines drive may according to your screen)

RJ45 and DVI graphic introduce

Baffle introduce light: long time bright ,the main card work ,the first RJ45 have the signal output, or not

NO2.yellow light: twinkle  mean that FPGA process work fine light: long time bright ,the main card work ,the first RJ45 have the signal output, or not

NO4.yellow light: twinkle ,mean DVI output to main card work fine ,if the video card output have not opened ,or main card work abnormal, the light may not bright

Standard USB connection :connecting computer USB connection by necessary USB lineafter connected D601green light will be bright, it means that USB connection work  fineor not,when main card slot in PC ,it have through PCI communication, the main card still can work without USB line.

JP602---- USB-B slot ,it uses for computer communicate with main card, when use USB-B ,the main card can work without USB line.

D601----green indicator light,after connect the USB line with the PC ,the D601 light may bright ,or not

D102----red indicator light,it it may bright when main card slot in PC or power J102 .if not ,please check the reason carefully !attention :before you have not found reasons ,please not going on the next step in case break the main card.

J102----power input mouth ,NO1 and NO3 should connect +5V,NO2 and NO4 connect GND. when main can slot in PC ,may not power on, because it have power through PCI

 HUB board (receiving card ) introduce

DBT-Q2007 HUB(receiving card)

J1---Power connection ,5V---+5V,GND

J2tSPower slot,NO1 connect +5V,NO2,NO3 connect GND

J4--- procedure input mouth,  finished input procedure ,NO2,NO4 feet must be short circuit  ,such as the picture.

J6----two RJ45 signal , connecting HUB card output  port by a standard cat 5e cable

J7,J8,J9----data output mouth,J7,J8 is the 50PIN cable line jack, connecting kinds of screen in the market by a 50pin flat cable line, each 50pin cable line can output 8  data line,J9 is our company professional design ,which used for add more 8 data line ,(24 data signal output ,may connect different screens by our different switch boards),J8 is the first output mouth  ,when connect it ,please make sure GND to GND ,there is double arrow mark is the first PIN feet.

JP1---OE switch ,ON is work normal

SW1----display self-testing button, under the condition of no main card ,you can press the button ,it may realize self-testing(RGB),once you connect net line ,it may end self-testing.

Switch board introduce

一,2007 standard switch board (DBSTAR-HUB-37)

JP1---50pin flat cable line, connecting HUB with switch board by 50pin COM, Attention: the arrow mark is the first pin feet, which is correspondence with HUB 50PIN

J1-J8--- there are eight 20pin COMs, connecting LED screen data input ,when connect please pay attention to GND to GND

LED----is red indicator light, the switch board need not connect power line, attention: make sure right connect.

秚,24PIN data output switch board

Switch board(DBSTAR-HUB-37(24PIN)

DPD1----50pin flat cable line, connecting HUB with switch board by 50pin COM, Attention: the arrow mark is the first pin feet, which is correspondence with HUB 50PIN

JP1-JP12--- there are twenty 20pin COM, connecting LED screen data input ,when connect please pay attention to GND to GND

LED----is red indicator light, the switch board need not connect power line, Attention make sure right connect.

P1---10pin flat connector plugs, you can divide HUB board JP9(20PIN flat cable line)into two parts from middle, one of 20pin flat cable connect JP9,another head using two 10pin flat cable line connect 24pin switch board JP1 respectively

The first 10pin NO1 feet to 20pin NO1,the second 10pin NO1 to 20pin NO11

The 24pin mean that the switch board have 24 data lines output.

三,Outside controller introduce light: long time bright ,the main card work ,the first RJ45 have the signal output, or not

NO2.yellow light: blink mean that FPGA process work fine light: long time bright ,the main card work ,the first RJ45 have the signal output, or not

NO4.yellow light: blink ,mean DVI output to main card work fine ,if the video card output have not opened ,or main card work abnormal, the light may not bright

Standard USB connection :connecting computer USB connection by necessary USB lineafter connected D601green light will be bright, it means that USB connection work  fineor not, when main card slot in PC ,it have through PCI communication, the main card still can work without USB line.

DVI connection: connect with video card DVI ,when the video card second output open,NO1.NO3 green light,NO4 yellow light may bright at the same time ,NO2 and NO4 yellow light may twinkle continually

Power: 220V

Chapter  two

hardware installation

hardware installation steps

1t Turn down the Power Supply of computer and open computer box

2t install DVI connection(inserting correspondence slot)and fasten it with screws

3t select a vacancy PCI slot, loosen the screw and take the baffle down , and then insert the DB2007main controller in the PCI slot, fasten it with screw, when main controller card insert the  PC ,the +5V Power Supply  jack(J102)in the card need not connect Power Supply .

4t connect the display card DVI and full color controller card DVI by DVI transmission line.

5tconnecting true color control cardt痵 any one of data transmission RJ45ports and HUB scan board RJ45 by a standard cat 5e cable ,the longest network line from control card to HUB is 170M,at the same time ,the distance between each HUB connect with each other is 170M.

6tConnecting main control cardt USB port and PCt痵 USB port by USB line. because some computers USB port have not output, so please insert it directly in the host board output of the computer ,moreover ,because of computer or operate system ,you need insert USB line after finished installing driver. please follow introduction .

7tConnecting HUB scan board data output network port (J8 the first output port)and switch boards data input port, pay attention to interface definition  correspondence

8. Connecting switch board data output port and LED display data input port by Correspond flat cable .and according to display data output port definition(may make switch board according to different connection definition ).

9.put out network line, power on LED screen ,if it has bright dot or bright line,mean the card connection abnormal ;if black screen mean OK.

9. Confirm the connection correction ,Power on .and go to next step you can read

Part 3 chapter .1 video card setting (when use DVI connection)after finished setting

You can enter LED player

Chapter three

      parameter adjustment guide

一.    open interface

1.      double click software icon open t癓ED player programt then click menu t癱ontrolt item and then click t甿ain controller settingt it may pop the following picture:

You can click t皃arameter sett and then input password   

the password: DBSTARLED    

Attention: our company led player program software password is:DBSTARLED, before you enter the setting interface ,please make sure you are familiar with your screen ,or it may make your screen display abnormal.

The sending interface as the following picture :

秚,LED control software setting introduce

Zone 1: control list

1.      Sending card demonstration : display LED controller  card

2.      Insert: add new item ,special for adding  ARM9

3.      modify: when you use ARM9 ,the item may modify ,it uses for modify IP address

4.      delete: delete main card and related parameter

5.      refresh: refresh control list

6.      import/export: import set parameter for using next time

7.      connect port: way of connection (PCI,COM)

8.      Identification: sending card version

9.      type:main card work status (real pixel, virtual pixel double color and so on)you can choose just according to your screen

10.  Try to connect : try to connect main card, when you use ARM9 it can work

11.  No display unactive main card: may not display the unactive main card in the control list

Zone 2.position of picture output

1.     position of left(X)position of top(Y): Picture display in the PCt痵 position

2.     number of column /row : the range of one main card can driver.

3.     video card output refresh: 1024*768

4.     the position of second output: when you choose t皊ame as the first outputt mean the picture displayed from  two network mouths in the main card may same .when you select t皍nder the first outputt mean displayed picture content from t皌he second outputt is the t皌he first outputt shows that the content of the image below.

5.     detect window:  show the position of image in the computer

6.     sending : send parameter to main card

screen display

1.      Brightness: adjust RGB ,generally speaking, we can set more bright in the day

2.      auto-adjustment: set brightness when you use brightness sensor

3.      setup: it may work when you open auto-adjustment, adjust brightness and COM

screen rotation

there are four screen rotations :0,90,180, may apply to special strip screens

1.      schedule command: you can set time according to your need

2.      close screen: close LED screen

3.      power manager:  power switch manage

Zone 3.Screen options

In the area ,such as data clock frequency ,data clock duty cycle ,latch signal pulse width and de-shadow time are all default value .you can not revise .

de-shadow time :when your screen appear dark bright ,you can improve de-shadow time .if still have the problem ,please check OE ,meanwhile adjust de-shadow time may apply to scan screen

level of grey: generally speaking ,the best affection for double color screen is:256 ,indoor full color screen:4096 level. outdoor full color screen :16384 level

the higher the level of grey ,the better the picture

sending :send the  parameter in the screen options to the screen

send all: send all parameter to the screen

Zone 4 Receiving card array (LED screen)

1.    add: add one group of receiving card array (scan HUB )

2.      modify: revise scan board (HUB) array and some parameters

3.      delete: delete one group of receiving card array

4.      sending : send the parameters which have set

5.      sketch window: show the position

enclosure parameters:

wizard: help

send all: send all parameters to the LED screen

exit: exit to the manager process


Now we are set an static screen 4lie4zhe 128*128 full color screen as an example.

First you open software and then click wizard , Then you can go to next step set the parameter such as: level of grey, de-shadow time .when you have adjusted ,please send parameter again !

at lastclick the  buttonmay save the entire receiver card parameter .when you use it next time just click button may pop the saved doc in your PC. then click t皊endingt

as the following picture


Click correspondent color cell by mouse according to display color, then click t癘Kt

 Click correspondent cell, brightness lines according to the  order of brightness lines. then t癘Ktt


Click correspondent color cell by mouse according to display color, then click t癘Kt


when go to this step ,the screen may be bright ,but the content displayed in the screen  may the same in the different screen modules. if you want to show what you want to ,you need go the receiving card list to set the array, such as the following picture:

click  icon ,may easy to check the position of  coordination .right click may check the level of grey or scan lines, after test then exit .


Part three accessory     

Chapter one .video card setting

ATI vedio card setting

Click the desktop ,choose the t皃ropertiest to click, and choose t皊ettingt option ,then click the t癮dvancedt button, click the t癲isplayt button, set t癋DPt button to be green, then click t癮pplyt

Line Callout 2: Make it green


Especially declarationsometime you need adjust you computer resolution high, for example:1280*1024,at the time you need make sure the FPD  display resolution, if it  is 1024*768 as wellmean that the display just support 1024*768 resolution only.

Choose the t癿onitort option ,set the monitor refresh:60HZ.t 

if you want to play video, click t皁verlayt button, then click t癈lone mode options..t button, choose t皊ame on allt  and then click t癆pplytt


NVIDIA display card setting

Right click on the desktop, may pop setting menu, as following picture:

Click t皃ropertyt, may pop the following dialogue

Click t皊ettingt and then click t癮dvancet button, as the following picture

Click t癎eForce4t璽眒ay pop the menuand then click nView, as following picture    

In the nView model ,choose copy and then click t癮pplyttIf you want to play video, please click t癶elpt眎n the advance,or t癴unctiont .

Set the hardware accelerate to be base accelerate or NO hardware accelerate, then click t癆pplyt.

ATI driver program installation and problem resolution

ATI public version driver may test the manufacturer ID when you install them ,if INFdoc not contain ID number,it may hit that t癱an not find or unavailablet眎nformation .which may not install driver
how to install orign ATI display card driver under NIVAD display ?

Please operate following the steps
(such as radeon7500
s+XP OS+wxp_radeon_6_13_10_6015.exe
tDownload driver programwxp_radeon_6_13_10_6015.exe
tzip to some cataloguet#D:wxp_radeon_6_13_10_6015
tlook for ATIDRIVE child catalogueD:wxp_radeon_6_13_10_6015R6xpAtidrive
t  list all info doc  under  child ATIDRIVEgenerally speaking
   xp inf doc
   win9x inf doc
   w2k inf doc
   (xp doc mean atiixpag. inf)
tin the atiixpag.inf doc look for ati.mfg or mfg
   you can find radeon7000,radeon7200,radoen7500,radoen8500 and so
tfind 'RADEON 7500' = ati2mtag_RV200,      

delete'&SUBSYS_013A1002 '
and then save doctThen you can install driver now

Chapter two. Network line manufacture 

Direct line manufacture

t     Removing the 3mm skin of the twisted pair wire as the figure1(the color order is orange ,green, blue and brown)

Picture 1

t     Connecting the wires, the connection standard is EIA/TIA T568B.1.2 is a pair of twisted wires:3,6 is a pair of twisted wires;4,5 is a pair of twisted wires ;7,8is a pair of twisted wires ;either the end of the line is connected according to the standard T568B.the pairs of wires are arranged

According to the colors (as the figure2;white-orange;2orange;3,white-green ;4, blue ;5,white-blue;6,green 7, white-brown;8, brown)

t     NoteThe green wire should be placed  across the blue pairs, it is easy to make mistake that putting the white –green and the green wire together ,that will arise the disturbing and lessen the transmission efficient.t

picture 2

t馻fter connecting the wires well, keeping the twisted-pair in order ,and then cutting the bare twisted –pair down with special purpose pliers. remaining approximately the 15mm length ,and putting every twisted-pair wires into the pin of RJ45ts  port .the wire in white orange should be put into the first  pin, then the others should be put in accordance with the color order . 

Picture three

t馻fter ensuring the correction of the connection ,to jointtheRJ45 port by the RJ45 pressing pliers, such as the following picture .

Picture four

t駎he connection of the other end of RJ45 port pin is as the same as the above-man tioned  method .both the end of RJ45 port connection must be completely consistent ,finally ,using the tester to test,

NOTEDirect line may used in DBT-Q2007 controller system.

Reciprocity line (intersect line)

t   intersect line manufacture and standard net line manufacture are the same. the only difference lies in the both sides color streak.standard direct line both side use T568B while  reciprocity line one side use T568D another side use T568A.

T568A Order

tttt1  2   3  4   5   6   7   8

Green white green orangewhite blue blue and white orange  brown and white brown

T568B order

tttt  1  2   3  4   5   6   7   8

Orange and white orange green and white blue blue and white green brown and white brown

Direct line and  coordinate line use situation

tLED controller connect computer

Twisted-pair is intersect line connection.

tLED controller connect local net

Twisted-pair is direct line connection.

Chapter three

DB2007system testing procedure

Step 1finish the hardware installation accord with chapter two introduction ,the main controller card (D601) light may bright ,it mean that USB line connect fine .

Step 2power on, the LED1 (red light indicator) in the switchboard  may bright ,if not ,it indicate that the flat cable line may not connect fine ,the LED1(green indicator) in the HUB board may blink,LED2(red indicator) may bright, if not ,it maybe the power connection problem .The D102(red indicator) on the main card may bright, the green indicator in the output port may blink, the yellow indicator may bright ,if the yellow indicator not bright ,may check whether the  DVI line OK, and then operate accord with chapter  three display setting till the yellow indicator bright ;meanwhile it may other possibility reasons such as :The power connect counter, the power have not output, less than or more than 5V .

Step 3checking the networkline  manufacture, connection  whether sturdily, or length whether too longt

Step 4 checking the display screen is bright or not ,if not back to step 3,and check switch board definition is matched with the LED screen interface ,the connection is corresponded one by one ,turn on the power and test it again .



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