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Gender in Television Drama: Prison Break


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Gender in Television Drama: Prison Break
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Gender in Television Drama:

Prison Break

Plot summary:

The company sends someone to get L.J., veronica and nick. Michael needs to get his stolen watch back so he can make a timer to record the amount of time they have to get from the infirmary to the wall, he realizes one has to go.



Character info

Lincoln Burrows

Dominic Purcell,

Lincoln Burrows was framed for the murder of Terrance Steadman and has been sentenced to death.

Michael Scofeild

Wentworth Miller

Michael is the younger brother of Lincoln. He is an engineer.

Veronica Donovan

Robin Tunney,

Veronica is the lawyer of Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofeild, she is also Lincolns ex girlfriend

John Abruzzi

Peter Stormare

John Abruzzi is a former mob boss. He is in prison for 120, for ordering two fellow mobsters to shoot dead two men

Fernando Sucre

Amaury Nolasco

Fernando Sucre is of Puerto Rican decent. He was put in prison for robbing a general store so he could buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend.

L. J. Burrows

Marshall Allman

Lincoln Junior Burrows is a troubled boy. His father and uncle are in prison and he’s been frames for the double homicide of his mum and stepfather.

Brad Bellick

Wade Williams

Brad Bellick is a crooked security guard and correctional officer at fox river state penitentiary. He is cruel to all prisoners but the warden doesn’t no.

Theodore 'T-Bag' Bagwell

Robert Knepper

T-Bag is psycho. He is in prison for killing six children. He has a huge vocabulary but is gay.

Paul Kellerman

Paul Adelstein

Paul Kellerman works for the secret service, he helped set up framing Lincoln burrows, he is now trying to kidnap veronica and nick

Franklin Benjamin Miles 'C-Note'

Rockmond Dunbar

Franklin is in prison fro driving a truck filled with stolen goods, because he had trouble finding a jog after being dishonorably discharged from the army.


Michael Gaston,

The company has assigned him to track down L.J., Veronica and nick

Every episode something new is reviled about Michael Scofeild’s grand escape plan or the about the past’s of the main characters.

Conflict: Guards Vs prisoners External conflict for power, verbal

Michael Vs time external conflict leads him to close shave’s

Veronica, L.J., Nick Vs Secret service external and internal conflict, fear and danger for lives.

Power: Brad Bellick correctional officer. After the governor and the warden he has the most power there-then it goes down to the cons own social system within the prison.

John Abruzzi a mobster is at the top with his gang-then the black guys and whoever there leader is.


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