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Overview: Dagda is a fairly temperate land to the south of Bolshoi and Urlesh.

Land: Dagda is somewhat hilly, and bisected horizontally by a mountain range. The land is much more temperate and mild than its northern neighbors. The region also contains a great deal of forestland, though it is not especially dense. Dagda contains four wide rivers which all flow to the sea, allowing for a great deal of travel by water within the country.

Culture: Dagdans are mostly simple, honest folk who make their living through farming and animal husbandry; the land is well-known for being prosperous enough to produce a great deal of beef cattle as well as sheep and pigs. Aside from these, some Dagdans make their living as tradesmen, miners, or as navigators of the countrys waterways. Because Moravani comprise the majority of the population and the ruling class, much of Dagdan social life revolves around the temple; most of the countrys greatest leaders, warriors, and scholars are paladins, clerics, or otherwise members of the clergy, and the ruler is a divine monarch in control of a confessional state. Dagdas government displays the curious attitude of Moravani toward religion; the monarch is assumed to derive his authority from the entire pantheon of gods, and the high priest of each of the major temples of the capitol city have a seat on his advisory council, regardless of the alignment of their deity. Dagdans of both genders generally wear loose robes, sashes, and hoods with shoes or sandals; these vary wildly in style and design, and are often decorated with symbols of faith and sect.

Language: Dagdans speak well-articulated Vanileshti; some also speak Coda or Darkoan.

Races: Moravani make up the majority of Dagdans, along with some Tyrvani along the coastal regions, and a few humans. Only a few Krennik clans populate the mountains, and Ardra and Azar are largely unheard of. A few prominent communities of refugee Feykin, originally from Darganon, are present along the western border.

Religion: Although all the the deities have at least one temple in Dagda, several deities enjoy prominence in this most religious of nations. Mirmel, Lathos, and Melfora are very popular, and Benlak, Athkar, Hartaag, and Ulik, to a lesser degree. On the flip side, Verval and Ulroth also have a commanding presence in the region.

Capitol: Ataraxia

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Vizualizari: 1005
Importanta: rank

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